1. Hello Brenda, don’t be discouraged about Gracie being deaf. That’s not always the case. I have a white cat with blue eyes and he is perfectly fine. He was also a rescue stray. He is just really stubborn and don’t want to listen sometimes. I love to hear your stories about your kitties. I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope you also enjoy your new home.

  2. It sure looked pretty before Grace got into it. Maybe seeing all the cartons piled up, that has her on edge, as she senses something that she doesn’t understand. Plus, maybe she’s just at “that age” – where she’s mischievous. Moving is hard on everyone, but you’ll all get the in one piece!

  3. Please don’t squirt Gracie with a water bottle, as some suggested. It’s rather cruel. Instead, use canned air. You don’t have to aim it at her, just near her. The noise should be enough to “alarm” her and jump away from any naughty thing she’s doing. I use it when my cats jump up on the kitchen table.

    Her behavior is normal for a kitten. My friend down the street recently adopted two kittens – sisters – and they’re seven months old and into absolutely everything! When I go to her house, they attack the tassel on my purse and the strings on my hoodie if I’m wearing one. They are flying all over the house, into things and knocking things over. I remember when Monkey was like this as a kitten. He was constantly knocking plants over and breaking pots and scattering dirt everywhere! Cats don’t settle down until they’re about two years old.

    And yes, there’s a possibility that Gracie could be deaf since she’s a white cat with blue eyes. Does she not ever respond when you call her name or talk to her? How about when you walk into the house after running errands – does she hear you enter?

    Your Christmas vignettes are very pretty!

  4. Gracie is just probably testing her boundaries and isn’t deaf. However, if she is hearing impaired, maybe this will help. My grandmother said someone who lived in her house had a long-haired white cat with blue eyes and that cat was deaf. They used to call it by stamping a foot on the floor to create vibrations the cat could feel! Your new neighbors, and your current ones, may not be fans of that, though!

  5. I have a puppy who gets the “zoomies” which I learned about from an 11 year old neighbor when she told me about her puppy. I thought it was just some made up word of hers but when I Googled it I found out it’s an actual “condition”. I just Googled “cats and zoomies” and cats can exhibit similar behaviors. It may be worth checking out???

  6. I’ve had many cats throughout my life, and the spray bottle filled with tap water has worked for all. Only takes few times of a quick squirt & scold… after that, merely the sight of the spray bottle will curb their behavior. Works wonders, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll not need the squirt bottle.
    I agree with several others… blue-eyed white cats are often deaf, BUT Gracie isn’t completely white as she has a few tan markings.
    Watch Gracie and how she responds to you loudly clapping your hands while she is facing away from you. A check by your vet is also a good idea. Remember… Gracie’s still quite young and her recent antics & behavior may simply be part of the “terrible twos”. Living with a deaf cat isn’t really that hard… you’ll just have to adapt to using visual clues, vibration clues (stomping on the floor to get the attention of a deaf cat), and above all, continue playing with her, loving her and ensuring she feels safe.
    Have a safe & pleasant weekend!

  7. Sorry, but I too was laughing about Gracie. My first year with my half feral kitten, I put up a tree with lights. That’s it. The rest was just some “red stuff.” The cat got used to the tree because (I think) it wasn’t attractive enough. But yes a good water stream does good for reprimanding cats and kittens! And she’s probably not deaf. Just a (defiant) kitten. LOL.

  8. The spray bottle of water sounds like a good “training” tool to use. I don’t know if there are tests that can be done on animals for deafness, but your vet would know. I was admiring the little lamb with the red “Santa” hat on in the display you’d put together. I’m sorry you decided it was safer to put it away again but better to be safe than sorry. I hope you’ll be able to glue the ear back on the lamb.

  9. Hi Brenda,
    Sorry, I was laughing reading Gracie’s antics. Been there. I know it’s not funny while it’s happening to you. It is possible that Gracie is deaf. It is also possible she is not and is ignoring you. I know a lot of white, blue eyed cats are deaf, but my Buffy was a white, long haired, blue eyed cat and she was not. Start watching Gracie closely. When her back is to you and you’re speaking to her – or yelling at her for being naughty, are her ears moving? Does her tail start swishing? That’s what Simon does when he’s up to mischief and I’m calling him out on it. He won’t turn his head, but his ears start moving back and around and his tail starts swishing back and forth and I know darn well he can hear me. Cats are like kids, they’re all different with what works as discipline. I know a lot of people will disagree, but with Simon the only thing that worked with him was a squirt of water in the butt from a small water bottle. It only took a few times and that was all it took. After that, I only had to say SIMON!!! and show it to him and he’d stop whatever it was he was starting to get into. Margie

  10. Loved this, Brenda.
    And what is there about little Christmas sheep? I really love ‘em, too.

    I wish you’d show us some of your disarray, because, as you know, I am in the midst of packing, too. All the mess is unsettling to say the least. It would feel better to see I am not only one having to live through a huge mess at Christmas. I do have a tiny tree with twinkle lights and a couple of other red things just to boost my spirits.
    Carry on, Brenda.

  11. Hey Benda

    Kitten are fun aren’t they. I wouldn’t use a spray bottle. They have something called bitter apple. I always used it for all my kittens. Just spray the bitter apple on the stuff you dont want Gracie in. They stay away from it hate the taste and smell. Hope this helps.

  12. Brenda, I read what Becky wrote and I was thinking the same thing. White coat, blue eyed animals are often deaf. I would have your vet check her. BTW, your vignette is adorable. Merry Christmas 🎄

  13. Oh it’s Gracie’s first Christmas! They can be such scamps.

    And I agree with you that you must have red for Christmas.

    My daughter decorated a small tree for me the other night with cookie cutters and some kitchen things and adorned it with fairy lights. It sits on my counter now and I love it.

    I hope you can fix your little sheep.

  14. I have used a squirt bottle and or shake a soda can filled with pennies to teach my dogs and cats over the years. They have worked for me. My basset girl, Hazel, just has to hear “you want a squirt?”
    and she stops misbehaving. She has not been squirted in years, lol! They learn quickly.

  15. Hi Brenda, It is likely that Gracie is deaf as white cats often are, especially if they have blue eyes. You can, of course, read about it online. Perhaps the fact that Gracie was a stray also makes it likely she is deaf. I hope this helps and is not discouraging to you. My daughter has a white Australian shepherd who is deaf. She communicates with her with sign language. Perhaps you can learn some sign language with Gracie, but of course yelling at her to stop doing something isn’t going to work. Maybe your vet can verify this for you and give you some suggestions. Becky

    1. I was yelling because I was terrified she was going to bring the whole Christmas tree down on herself. It was a reflex. I bet you’re right!

  16. Brenda~
    there comes a time to teach Gracie the rules of the house.
    I trained all the cats i’ve ever loved and housed with a simple method.
    a spray bottle.. yes a spray bottle filled with plain tap water.
    the bottle is always near..all i have to do now is simply pick it up!
    One shake, and they immediately KNOW to stop whatever they are doing!
    in the beginning, i did resort to actually spraying them..
    took a few times to teach them..but now they know i mean business.
    Just say her name, shake the bottle and spray a stream, not mist!
    works every time!
    and no cat will be harmed..just loved! <3

    1. And then I was putting some of the breakables back in the closet and dropped something and it sliced off the ear of my sweet little ceramic sheep. Don’t know if I can get it glued back on there and painted over as it’s so small. That just about made me sick. I love that little sheep!

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