1. I don’t know if you addressed this and maybe I just missed it, but didn’t the doctor refer you to a physical or occupational therapist for exercises? And what happens after the steroid treatments wear off? You can’t keep taking steroids. Ugh, this sounds so awful.

  2. Hope you are feeling a bit better and can enjoy the beauty of the falling snow.
    Read about cortisone flare.
    An occupational therapist is the correct person to see . Ask your doctor or PA for a referral.

  3. Several years ago my husband got a cortisone shot and experienced severe pain. He went from there to visit his mother in a nursing home. The doctor happened to be there, and said, “ Didn’t he tell you to take aspirin?” That helped.

  4. Glad you used Shipt as it is one less chore your hands have to deal with. Ivy looks like a princess on her tower regarding her kingdom. The snow is beautiful and the apartment looks so cozy and a sweet place to hibernate in for awhile. I hope your medical team can help you with your fingers and hands. I’m glad the steroids are brining you a measure of relief. Do only what you gave to and take care of yourself. Try to stay well & be safe.

  5. We got some downbursts of the big wet heavy snow flakes here in SE Wisconsin yesterday, but nothing accumulated in my area other than some frozen over roofs when the temperatures dropped below freezing last night. We got rain. As the front passed through my region it did not move far enough to the north to bring any significant snow and cold. For now. Winter is just beginning here, and since it’s “late” around here this year I sure hope that doesn’t mean it will be dragging into mid to late April before the ground starts to melt like what happened a few years ago. I hope the steroids and maybe some PT work to solve your finger issues quickly.

  6. Wishing lots of healing thoughts for the pain in your fingers. I’m sorry you’re struggling. Ugh!
    Your large and fluffy snowflakes are beautiful. Sitting inside your warm and cozy home is the best place to be.

  7. Glad to hear that your fingers are feeling a little better from the steroid medication! I hope they continue to improve so you won’t need anymore shots! Beautiful pictures today with the snow!

  8. So sorry that you are having a bad time with your hands Brenda. I do hope you will be able to get some relief with exercises. Those injections sound awful.
    Surprised to hear that you have snow. Here in Southern Ontario we have only had one snow fall and the weather was warm and sunny on Friday which was a nice surprise. This is not usual weather though for this time of year.
    Give Charlie and Ivy a hug from me.

  9. Your snow is beautiful. 64 degrees here today so no chance for snow. I just look at me tree and the fireplace on my TV and pretend it is cold and snowy outside. Once Christmas has passed I will be happy for milder weather. xo Laura

  10. Brenda, I have had trigger thumb a couple of times…the shot worked immediately the first time and I was referred to my hand doctor’s occupational therapist (they are the ones who deal with hands and fingers), but I went to a physical therapist and they didn’t really know what to do. So after a while, my thumb triggered again and I went back to my hand doctor, got the shot…it didn’t immediately help but also was able to see the occupational therapist and I went a couple of times to see her—she was marvelous and taught me some exercises when my thumb starts clicking, and these exercises work for me. Trigger fingers/thumbs really hurt and I feel for your pain. Good luck getting past this. Regards,
    Charlotte Hutcheson

  11. So sorry about the trouble and pain in your fingers. Have you considered activating voice controls on your devices? That way you could type much less. There are also adaptive devices for people with paralysis that might help you type without using your fingers. The snow is beautiful – I’m jealous! Have a peaceful Sunday.

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