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  1. I love cardinals too. I’ve always heard they are your loved ones and always found that to be a comforting thought. Your stained glass cardinals are so pretty. I can imagine how nice it looks backlit by the sunlight streaming in the window!

  2. This is so pretty! I love cardinals. We have a lot of them here in northern IL. I have two bird feeders – one in my back yard and one in a side yard. Love seeing them at the feeders.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Lovely thrift shop find!! We used to have a lot of cardinals among the birds we fed when we lived a little farther south in N. Carolina than we do now. They raise several batches of babies a year and are such good parents!! We miss seeing them here. Maybe it has to do with living among primarily pines? Here there is mostly deciduous trees. We love the mocking birds too for their super beautiful singing. One used to come and stay close when my hubby worked on our car. Hubby put on music to listen to and that bird loved it. Some music he was quiet and others he sang to beat the band. He would whistle back and forth with my husband too and Hubby taught him some new tunes that way. Birds are fun to have nearby!!

  4. That is a very pretty glass wall hanging. I would love one like it for my home.

  5. That is a beautiful cardinal stained glass piece for your kitchen. I love bird and bee decor. Just getting something small and pretty can really lift your spirits. Enjoy!

  6. Who doesn’t love a cardinal? I beloved bird. Your stained glass looks beautiful!

  7. Linda Rivera says:

    Brenda, I found you by accident. I love your blog. In hawaii cardinals are white. I couldnt find my picture to show you. I have a collection of birds and if I didn’t have five dogs I’d have a real aqua my favorite color bird. Have a great day.

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