1. I dumped a lot of my pots this weekend as we had temps heading into the upper 20's again. I did attempt to overwinter all the geraniums, which I may do a post on, if I get the time!

  2. I just love those black petunias! I had some last year but couldn't find any this year. Of course, I didn't get a chance to look as many places as I usually do without my car and all. I think I saved some seeds from last year tho' and I'll plant them early next year and see if they are still good.

    Poor Abi must think you are never coming back if she lets you out the door. How does she behave when she is going with you? Like to the vet. Does that upset her too?

    I took my dog to the Halloween parade that our neighborhood has for the kids every year. He didn't have a costume, just a fall neckerchief. He gets quite excited to see all the kids. There were a couple men dressed in these cockroach costumes with long antennae on their heads and Tavi did not like them at all! He barked at them! Its always fun to see all of the children, especially the little ones dressed in their costumes. My daughter took our boys trick-or -treating and I stayed home and handed out treats. I asked one boy a little older than most of the kids what trick he'd tho't up if I didn't give him a treat? He just looked at me with a puzzled expression and then grinned and said, "I don't know!" We laughed together and he went on his way. I always talk to the kids when they come to the door; it's more fun that way instead of just handing them the treats. Sometimes I get a costume together but this year I just wore my skeleton and spider earrings and my orange shirt that says "Boo!" Didn't have the energy for more.

    All my flowers are gone now. There was even a small skiff of snow on the ground this morning when I got up. I brought some starts of some of the flowers in to see if I could get them to blossom over the winter inside. We'll see.

    I hope you will feel better soon, Brenda. Take care.

  3. Hopefully your doctor's appointment will turn out well and you'll be on the mend. My plants outside finally gave up the ghost. Too many cold nights. I pulled them up and cleaned out my pots. I bring my Geraniums inside during the winter and put them back out in spring. They do very well that way.

  4. I hope you are okay, Brenda. Let us know what the doctor says. I brought everything in to overwinter today that I want to save for another year. Geraniums,shamrock and jade plant. We have a hard freeze coming last night and stuff got a bit 'touched' by frost last night so I ended up cutting things back. Hope you had a good appointment and that you are okay. xo Diana

  5. Trick or treat Brenda! Hope your feeling better by this evening. Where has this year gone? It is hard to believe that it is the end of October already. Stay cozy!!

  6. Happy Halloween, Brenda. I hope that you are feeling better and the nurse was able to give you something to make you feel better.

    1. I am feeling better. I hate taking anti biotics, but didn't feel I had much choice at this point.

  7. HAPPY HALLOWEEN Brenda Abi and Charlie!! I agree- can not believe it is the end of October. I'm catching up on blogs tonight … (watching a repeat of a halloween sit-com LOL). We had a frost on Monday morning, so Fall is at our door. Have a great evening 🙂

  8. Brenda, I'm working on sitting down at my vanity and combing my hair every day instead of just running my fingers through it the way I do when I'm just staying home. My dog Ava has learned to expect either a walk or a car ride every time I try to make myself presentable, hangs her head on my leg while I'm sitting and when I get up I can barely take a step because she fears I'll make a run for it. I see no reason to start looking better now, since I'm sure the neighbors who see me out in the yard must already call me the crazy old woman on the corner, but maybe it will keep my girl more calm. I love how they learn our routines and what they mean. I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Be good to yourself today!

  9. I hope you feel better! My Molly has a fit whenever I leave the house without her (she thinks she should go everywhere with me). Happy Halloween! Carol

    1. Abi puts on quite a show. She seems to instinctively know when I'm going out before there's any sign.

  10. oh no! was hoping things would just settle down now for you.
    you have definitely had some major stuff to deal with this year.
    I hope you can feel better soon! these pictures are beautiful.

  11. Oh Brenda, pardon me please,
    I wanted to say I hope whatever is bothering you, I hope the Dr. Finds it immediately.
    Feel Better

  12. The black Petunias are beautiful, and mysteriously perfect for Halloween.
    I hope your doctor visit is quick. The pupsters will love you up when you return. I'm saying a little prayer that you are feeling better by this afternoon.

  13. Happy Halloween Brenda.
    Love your Flowers,I don't hear Ducks I hear a Rooster, a strange little guy as he crows all throughout the day. He makes me smile when I hear him so it's all good.
    Have a Wonderful November
    [email protected]

  14. Hope you feel better soon Brenda. Abi loves her mommy so much. Charlie does too but he's a big boy and not a silly baby like Abi. *snickers*

    1. I guess in previous years I cut my plants back before November. Now I'll wait because I'm still enjoying the garden.

  15. I hope you feel better! My dogs (3 of them) do ok when I leave, unless I am taking just one of them with me. (grooming, vet, etc) Then the other two sit at the door and howl while we are getting in the car. They are usually sleeping when I get back home, so I don't know how long they howl after we leave. lol

  16. Hope you feel better soon!
    In winter, I munch on pickled garlic cloves. They are delicious and crunchy, not as hot as straight garlic. Supposedly they ward off germs (and vampires). Are they available in the U.S.?

  17. Maybe you can drive through your apartment complex and look for the ducks, to find out if they are mallards or some other variety. You could snap a photo or two! Ducks can be so entertaining. Hope you soon feel better.

    1. I'd like to do that. Every time I hear them, I seem to be in the middle of something or not dressed yet.

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