Sunday Relaxing & Online Ordering

I’m yearning to get out there and clean up the patio from the dust and tree chips. But I’ll have to wait until I can take the chicken wire fence down. 

And that will have to be after the maintenance man puts up the remainder of the fence. He promised he would not leave until he finished Friday, but I guess it got dark and he gave up.

It is times like this that I wish I knew a good handy man.

I will have to get accustomed to more sun out there. Taking two large trees out of the picture sure makes a big difference. 

And it also makes for a lighter apartment due to a few windows that are no longer shaded.

Next spring when planning the patio garden I’ll have to take into account a much sunnier patio. 

I’ve gardened here for three and a half years now, and have grown accustomed to the shade trees in my planning phase. I’ll plant more vegetables and herbs for sure.

The poor birds seem confused, as well as the squirrels. Where did their wonderful tree branches go? At least there is a tree in another yard that has branches extending over my patio. 

Meanwhile I’m enjoying my bowl of Johnny Jump Ups. I go out and deadhead the spent blooms and that is a relaxing endeavor. 

Nothing like something affiliated with gardening to quickly calm me. 

And rain. But I don’t think rain is in the forecast. However cooler weather is. And I’m looking forward to that. 

That’s when I’ll get out on the patio and do clean-up and cut back some of the container plants. 

I placed an order for a few things from Kirklands yesterday. They have a good online sale going, as well as some promotions. If you like their decor, you might want to sign up for their promotional emails.

It’s for the wall in the living room. I’m steadily working to get things situated, even though the painting isn’t quite finished yet. 

I’m trying to pace myself and take it slow after the grueling taking down of the wallpaper and the problematic glue residue removal. That glue problem really hampered things.

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!



  1. Brenda, regarding a handyman, I found that Denver has a website called "nextdoor denver" where you can find your neighborhood and lots of info about services in your area.It's so helpful, in so many ways. Play around with it and see what you find. Hope you find you have it. I'm not doing a great job of explaining it, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the patio pictures now that those trees are gone and more shots of Abi and Charlie. Happy Monday to you! Carol

  3. I hope the fence gets put back up soon so you and the pups can get back to normal. Johnny jump ups are such cheerful posies. If I can get to Wal Mart or Home Depot soon maybe I can get some. Yellow mums would be nice too. Take care.

  4. It's nice you'll have more sun for your plants, but I always feel sad when a tree is taken down. I wonder if you could grow a tree in a container for a little more shade. I don't know what kind would do well in your climate. What is the coldest it gets there in the dead of winter? You might have to wrap the container in something insulating to keep the roots warm enough. Here I am, trying to figure out whether you can grow your own tree in a pot and I don't even know if you are interested in doing that! Sometimes my mind just rushes ahead without me!

    When will Teri come back and paint for you? I hope soon so you can get all put back together and settled.

    We have had a LOT of rain the last couple of days, but it's supposed to be rather mild and dry during this coming week. I'm hoping it will be as I'd like to get outdoors and clean up a few things before the cold comes.

    It's been a peaceful Sunday here today. My twin grandsons come back from their dad's on Sunday to go to school at my neighborhood school. I made pancakes w/bacon for them this evening. They were a little dry in my opinion but the boys tho't the were "dee-lishus". They insisted on having them colored, tho', which I was not in favor of, but their mom said it would be okay. Eli's was green and Orion's was blue. I don't think that artificially colored food coloring is very healthy, but I suppose just once won't hurt them. After eating I read to them–a chapter book this time– for about an hour. We read together almost every night during the week after they are ready for bed. It's one of my favorite things to do with them. And they are learning the sounds letters make and are reading some words now, too. They'll be reading to themselves pretty soon. I always have thought that if a child can learn to read well, they can learn anything else they want or need to know. To me, it's a first priority for their education.

    Hope your week goes well. I'll loo forward to hearing about all your purchases from Kirklands!

  5. So your new friend Terri…did she look at the wall you're painting and decide you could do it at your insistence I mean! lol Glad the trees are gone and the sunshine will come through. The pupsters will surely like that. Hope all goes well for you this fall and winter.

  6. We just had a major wind and rain storm ( but short ) and the temps are to drop. So far most of October felt like summer and a good bit of Sept. felt like fall 🙂

    Glad to hear that some of these tree issues that you have been having are getting worked on.

    With more sun next year you can ( Perhaps ) get a tomato plant or two going!
    When we had the cold spell awhile back I was tempted to rip out the tomatoes ( season was over ) but I let them stay put and just picked about 6 or 7 within the last week due to the return of warm weather.

  7. I think you might be happy with more sun. My patio is all sun and I don't like that hence a lot of succulents in pots. If I'm not careful and the wind comes up it pulls my umbrella out of the table.

    1. It will change the things I plant. And I might have to dig my hostas up out of the blue container garden. I'll have to look into that.

  8. Hi, Brenda. Your blog is as wonderful as ever! I haven't been able to visit as often as I'd like. I love Kirkland's. They do have some good sales! Sorry you're going through all the mess with the trees. I too have just a patio full of pots to grow things and I have a wonderful shade tree that I would miss if they had to cut it down. But, perhaps you'll get a better fence and adapt to more sun. Might be a good thing! I got a small table that holds an umbrella with a crank and it works great for getting some shade on the patio. Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Yes, I remember reading about that! The beauty of the umbrella is that you can run out and crank it down real quick in a windstorm, and put away for the winter.

  9. Thanks for posting about the 'glue globs'. I had purchased some of that removable wallpaper but returned it after reading your blog. Going for open shelves in the kitchen with sunny yellow walls… and no wallpaper!

    1. I'm glad I saved someone else from dealing with the goo residue. I don't know if you'd have the same problem I did. But why take the chance?

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