Worried About Abi


When I took Abi to the vet’s office this morning I was a mess. I stayed calm for her, but my heart was in my throat when we woke up and she couldn’t stand. She just collapsed like a newborn calf.

So we drove the 5-6 miles to the vet, knowing he doesn’t take a day off. We sat in the car until he arrived. She is dehydrated, so he started her on liquids and vitamins in an IV. He also did blood work.

The blood test is not definitive because she was not in good shape due to not drinking any water for 24 hours. She had only urinated once in 24 hours, which was scary. Mama is really worried.

So it could be due to dehydration, this occurring, or it could be her kidneys. Or something else. Maybe all that’s been going on is related. Probably is. But then it could be reactions to new meds too I guess. He said he’d get her rehydrated and then do the tests again in a few days.


Poor Charlie’s back is giving out on him, and he hobbles around and won’t put much weight on one leg. I’ve been giving him chewable tablets called Doggie Dailies I ordered online. It’s for advanced hip and joint problems for canines.

He and mama hobble around and do our best. He doesn’t understand where sister is.

When it rains it sometimes pours, doesn’t it?


Charlie was surprised when I came home without Abi. The vet, Dr. Poteet, said Abi will have to spend days at the vet getting rehydrated for awhile and he’ll call me in the evening to come pick her up.

I filled up with gas on the way home, knowing I’ll be doing a lot of driving for a bit.

I came home and went out to water the container plants, refresh the bird bath. It’s easier staying busy when you’re worried.

I’ve got to rest my hands, so I’ll keep you updated.


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  1. I am glad that Abbi gets to come home at night. Guessing that that helps all three of you. Gives everyone a chance to cuddle and be a family each evening.

    I hate leaving my at the Vet for any amount of time because there is no way to explain that you are not deserting them.

  2. This is so sad, Brenda. I am very sorry about what is happening with Abi. My Jocques was 13 when his time came. He had pretty much stopped eating and going to the bathroom a few days before, and one morning he couldn’t stand up. I was in the vet’s office with him crying and he put his little head on my shoulder and just sighed, like he was trying to tell me “Mommy, it’s time to let me go.” Oh gee, I’m tearing up just thinking about it. My final dog, Tasha, passed in 2005 at 14 Her pattern was pretty much the same as Jocques’. There had been the slow decline as they aged and then one day, they just couldn’t stand up.. With Jocques I could carry him around to take him upstairs and downstairs and put him on the bed with me, but he would lose his balance when he tried to urinate, he was just too weak to stand stable. Tasha was too large (nearly 80 pounds) for me to pick up. The last night at the house before I called one of my sisters who lived 2 hours away in a panic to rush us to the vet that final day, Tasha couldn’t make it up on the first step – and there were 14 steps to go up. I slept downstairs with her that night, me on the sofa, she next to the sofa on the carpet. Two of the saddest days of my life taking my babies to the vet those last times. It’s so HARD, but sometimes you have to let a beloved pet-baby go, its the right’s think for them, if not for us.

  3. Oh Brenda my heart caught in my throat when I saw this post, you poor thing, I’d be so worried as well! Poor sweet Abi – keep us posted, we will all be worried and praying for all of you!! xoxo

  4. Praying for Abi to come home quickly!!
    A hug for you and a pat for Charlie while you are waiting!!

  5. dear Brenda… thought of this just now. and getting it to you if it might help Abi.
    i hope you see it. Dewena wrote of it about her little Milo and Otis. it’s a bacterial infection that can be tested and if caught there is a med for it.
    they didn’t know to check for it then. and it affects the kidneys.
    ” Four days after Otis died the doctor called with the results of final blood testing that was sent off. Otis, and most likely Milo, had died of a bacterial disease called leptospirosis grippotyphosa. (that’s underlined in red so might be different spelling)
    I’m telling you this so that if you have dogs and don’t know about this disease that you’ll be sure to inform yourself and question your veterinarian.
    Our doctor who we’d seen for decades and love apologized for not having run the test earlier but he hadn’t seen a case in a very long time.
    Evidently the marshy areas around ponds are breeding grounds for it from infected wildlife. All it takes is for a dog to sniff or lick the urine of an infected animal, in our case it was probably a raccoon.
    After questioning the doctor about risks to people–watch for fever or chills and at the first sign see your doctor–I asked him if this meant we could never again have dogs here.
    He said not at all, that it just meant that at least three weeks before coming to us they would need to have the lepto vaccine and that we should have boosters given every 4 to 6 months. He told us that more and more dog groomers are requiring that their customers’ dogs have this vaccine before bring theirs to them.”
    hoping that little Abi is already on the mend and that it’s just dehydration.
    bless you Brenda! i know you’ll keep us posted. stay strong. XO

  6. I’m so sorry, Brenda. I know how worrisome all of this is. I feel the same way (upset, agitated) when my fur babies are ill, especially if they have to stay at the vet. Hugs to you.

  7. I’m so sorry Brenda that you and the pups are having health issues. You know the saying “When it rains it pours” but please stay positive and keep yourself busy in that beautiful patio. I’m thinking of the three of you and sending good vibes. I look forward to seeing new pictures of Abi and Charlie up and about soon.


  8. Brenda, being away from our fur babies at any time is hard and when they aren’t feeling up to par it is even a bigger challenge. Keeping busy is
    good therapy to distract and you are so wise to spend time outside with your beautiful plants. That always seems to be a balm to your soul.
    Lots of us care about you and your sweet little family; sending loving thoughts and heartfelt prayers for comfort and healing for each of you.

  9. I hope Abi gets better fast. I feel for you. I know what having a sick dog does to your heart. sue

  10. Brenda, I’m sorry that Abi continues to struggle with illness. Hopefully the vet will be able to find the answers soon.

  11. I am sending my prayers to you and your pups. It is so hard to see them get sick and leave them at the vet. Rest up and hug your babies

  12. Oh, dear..I thought good news by this afternoon. Just breath…. Brenda..slowly in and out..because the waiting is the worst,I know easier said than done, but , I think it may help you anyway, you don’t want to get too upset either. You will hang in, I know it, and so will your two precious little ones. Meanwhile..prayers are coming your way, from me, and all of your followers…Hugs from WI

  13. Oh my! Sending lots of love and prayers to you and Abi and Charlie, as well as the others here on this blog who are also having problems with their babies. I know just how heart wrenching this kind of thing is since I lost my precious Romeo two years ago, and I still think of him every day.

    It is so hard when they start getting old and develop medical issues. I guess I somehow never looked ahead to not having my dog forever.
    I think Abi will be fine once she is re-hydrated, poor little girl!

  14. Sending lots of prayers, healing thoughts and love ! Brenda you will be surprised how much she should perk up after being rehydrated. Dehydration takes a lot out of you. Thank goodness you could get her into the vet and on an IV today.

  15. Brenda,
    I’m sorrry that little Albi and you are dealing with challenging health problems. I send prayers that she is well quickly and back home with you to cuddle and calm little brother.

    Take care, Annie


    1. I know exactly how you feel. I want to be with her as much as I can. I bring her home at night. Getting ready to take her back for the day’s fluids.

  17. Brenda – So sorry that Abi needs to stay at the vet’s for a few days. It’s awful when they are away from us. Have been through lots of these situations with my three dogs. Pray the vet can figure out what it is, treat her and get her home soon. You and Charlie just take it easy or keep busy, whichever helps you best! Puttering in the garden is a stress reliever for me. Best wishes for a happy outcome.

  18. I hope everything will be alright with your sweet little Abi and that she gets to come home soon. I know now worrisome it is when our fur babies have to stay at the vet’s.

    I’ll be keeping Abi, you, and Charlie in my prayers. Sometimes it sure does seem that miserable things happen all at once.

  19. Brenda this has to be so hard for you. I know you are worried. She sounds like she is in the best hands she could be right now. Saying a prayer for little Abi that after she is rehydrated she will begin to feel better. Gosh it is so hard when they cannot tell us how they are feeling. She is such a little peanut too so I am sure 24 hours with not a lot of hydration really did a number on her. Keeping good thoughts for you Brenda. I know you are just sick about this.

  20. Dear Brenda,
    Sending good thoughts, hugs and prayers both for you and your sweet little Abi…
    I’m a pet mom too,for the cat variety and I know how difficult seeing them not feeling well causes!
    Hug Charlie close and keep good thoughts.

  21. Oh Brenda! I’m so sorry to hear this latest news about Abi. I had just finished discussing with my husband how my little Bear seems to have perked up somewhat today. Starting this past Wednesday night, I had to take Bear into the Emergency Veterinarian Clinic about 5 miles down the road because I thought he was developing another case of pancreatitis. The vet advised me (husband was off somewhere in FL for a conference) to give him some pain pills to take home and gave him an injection of pain killer and something to settle his stomach. I could have done blood work then but she said I could wait to take him to my own vet in the morning. Bear was ‘fine’ then and when I took him to my vet he was okay but definitely not himself. Of course, bloodwork was done and all the results were back Friday morning except for the results about pancreatitis. His kidney values were too high and his blood sugar too low, which is suggestive of a tumor on the pancreas. An US was ordered for Friday. The vet that came to the clinic found his kidneys to be swollen so he was started on an antibiotic for that. A very specific blood test was run (comparing insulin/blood sugar levels) that should confirm or rule out the tumor. At least today he has finally eaten some food. So I’ve now made 4 trips back and forth to my vet who is located 18 miles from where I now live. Dr. Lorna has been his vet from when he was a pup and at that time we were only about 8 minutes away by car. Since she had treated him for the 11 years of his life and has ably cared for him through his bouts of pancreatitis, I’m up for the long drive back and forth when it’s needed. Bear is now nestled into his bed and I’ll continue to watch him carefully. I’m sure hoping there is no tumor but both vets thought the previous blood values were not looking good. We’ll see what tomorrow brings when the results come in. I’ll be keeping Abi and you in my thoughts. Gentle hugs to your little family!

    1. So sorry for what you are going through. It so hard to see our furry friends suffer. Hoping for a quiet night for you and Bear.

      1. Thank you Brenda! I’m sure the nights have been especially hard on you and Charlie what with Abi being hospitalized.

        I’m currently a ball of nerves over Bear’s upcoming results tomorrow. He seems a little better tonight. Is that because the antibiotics are now starting to do the job at killing the infection in his kidneys? Or because I finally cajoled him into eating some dinner? No matter. I’ll take the improvement!

        Tomorrow is a stressful day for me as well since I have an appointment with my own doctor. I’m to take in my paperwork for her to fill out for me to be put on long term disability. I can’t accept that it has come to this for me. That I’m being labeled ‘disabled’. I think I’ve told you of my foot issues and the surgeries I’ve had on my right foot to try and get me walking again. Well, I was sent to a VERY old female specialist (Internal Medicine) and she was like a determined bulldog and took it upon herself to discover why I was being so crippled up, starting with my Achilles tendon calcifying at its insertion point and my entire body’s joints becoming increasingly stiff. She nailed it on the head- it’s called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Mine started in my peripheral joints (Achilles tendon). I now see a Rheumatologist and self-inject a biologic medication once a week. $24, 000 a year! I’m glad I have a good drug insurance plan! But too much damage happened before treatment was started so… I’m no longer able to teach. I feel like I’ve now been declared useless and my baby Bear is sick! At 14 and a half, I have already begun to realize I won’t always have him near by.
        Take care of yourself Brenda. Abi and Charlie need you to be strong and in control for them. Please keep me informed.

    2. I’m so sorry about your baby Bear. It is so hard to watch, wishing we could be sick for them.

  22. oh dearest Brenda. this is awful for you. like you say… if they could only tell us.
    you know i thought with this morning’s post… i wondered if Abi is dehydrated.
    i spent 4 days in the hospital a little over a year ago with dehydration. and after they let me come home (after 4 or 5 IV’s later) i was weak for months. everything was an effort. i would literally let the grocery cart hold me up when i shopped. i have never in my life been through anything like it. i had no idea. your kidneys just start shutting down. and i came out of it with CKD. chronic kidney disease stage 3. so this will be a long time in getting well for your precious little one. and i seldom use the word precious. but she is so precious.
    that is what THEY BOTH are to those of us who follow you and care so much for you three! take care of yourself too darling bean. just seeing her mom every day will give Abi strength to get better! love, tam

  23. Prayers for you and your pups. Will keep watching for updates.
    Love to you.

  24. Will be checking back often for updates. Thoughts and prayers going out for Abi, you and Charlie. The stress of not knowing is almost unbearable. Wish you didn’t have to go through this Big hugs Brenda

  25. Brenda, I am so sorry to hear about your little Abi and will pray for good news from the test results and that she will be home soon… I know how hard it was to leave her at the Vet’s and how anxious and worried you must be; will pray for peace and comfort for you and Charlie too.

    1. It’s so hard as they get older. But they provide so much love that it’s so worth it.

  26. Sending good thoughts to you and the pups! My animals mean the world to me, and praying for your little family.

    1. And Abi and Charlie mean the world to me. At least I got to talk to Andrew on the phone this afternoon. I was going to see him yesterday, but my daughter’s plans got changed on her just before she was about to come pick me up.

  27. I read this post and cried because I know how worried and anxious you are (as is your Charlie – our babies know when their world is not quite right). How comforting to have a vet that does not take a day off — so hard to get to an emergency clinic after hours or on weekends and trust your babies with an unknown doctor. Your vet sounds like a truly wonderful guy. Extra hugs from me to you and to Charlie as you both go through some difficult hours/days. Hoping to hear great news regarding Abi soon.

    Your flowers are beautiful and I hope they provide a bit of comfort.

    1. I can’t sit still. I keep getting up and changing some little something because it’s hard to sit. I sure hope she’s better when I go to pick her up soon.

  28. Hello Brenda from Ecuador,
    My heart hurts for you and I’m really wanting to hear good news (soon) that your darling little Abi has come through this scary time with flying colors.
    Your babies are precious furry loved ones, I understand 100% what you’re going through. Give Charlie extra hugs and love through all this….

    1. Brenda – thinking of you and hoping for a positive outcome. One step at a time. Take care.

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