1. Sorry to hear you keep experiencing pain when you try to do anything.
    While I don’t care to have pets of my own, I enjoy seeing pictures of Ivy & hearing about her antics..lol.

    I think I remember that you enjoyed watching “Bosch” on Amazon Prime, then the legacy series which is on prime but with ads…there is a 2nd season now…I’m enjoying it, his daughter has more roles also.
    And if you have Acorntv Harry Wild is an awesome series with Jane Seymour …a 2nd season has been added..

  2. Have you thought about acupuncture or acupressure? You might find someone who would come to your home. Might be worth looking into at least. Best wishes to you!

  3. Love the photo of Ivy. Such a contented kitty. Just as it should be. How fun to watch the squirrels following Peg around. Certainly not something you see every day. Let us know how your chicken turned out.

  4. I watch a YouTube channel called “Squirrels at the Window.” While I do not feed my squirrels from my hand, they are bold enough to come up the steps from the patio and jump on the patio door screen and rattle it to let me know if their food is gone out of the feeders and that the blue jays have eaten all of the peanuts that I threw out on the concrete patio. I get free lawn aeration from the squirrels burying peanuts and hazelnuts in my front and back yards. Today it was relatively nice out and I worked three hours plus doing more clean-up in the garden beds and sweeping the patio, raking leaves, etc. It seems to get more overwhelming every year. Surely I never had this many leaves before, I think. But no, it’s just that I’m slower than I use to be, and the wind circle around like mini tornadoes on my lawn, for some strange reason. With all the raking and on Friday (back yard) and Saturday (front yard) shoving the mower around on a low setting to suck up leaves and give the grass what I hope will be its final cut for the year, my neck and upper shoulders are sore. Yeah, you have to be tough to age and deal with all the aches and pains and issues. Brownies, my favorite to bake. I get free snow blowing from some of the male neighbors just by passing them out.

  5. Brenda,
    Good evening. So very sorry that you are in pain. But as you say, the good thing is that you enjoy being at home. And lucky for you, you have such kind caring people around.
    Speaking of which, how is your daughter? Did you mention a few weeks ago that your daughter was ill?
    Have a great week, enjoy your brownies and tacos.

  6. You surely have a lot who help you…it surely helps us stay independent better with just a little help here and there. Even in limited circumstances like yours and ours, it is still way better than it will be if/when we end up in a care facility!!

  7. Ivy sleeping with her cheek pressing again something may just be Ivy being quirky, and I don’t want to create worries, Brenda, but if she starts not eating well you may want to check with your vet or the mobile vet to be sure she doesn’t have something bothering her tooth or ear, that is if she always does it on the same side. Of course it well may be nothing as our kitties do tend to suddenly adopt odd little habits out of nowhere. They really are inscrutable sometimes! Hope your ankle eases up very soon.

  8. My husband used to feed the squirrels at a previous apartment before we were married. One day he left for work and he only left the screen patio door closed so that he could air out the apartment. When he came home that screen had been ripped open at the bottom. He started finding nuts hidden in his toaster, under cushions, inside potted plants, etc. For days he kept discovering nuts in all sorts of places.

    I hope that things get better for you health-wise. I am glad that you have caring neighbors.

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