1. Squirrels are funny animals…however if too many can become a problem. We used to feed them on the deck one place we lived…and if the food ran out, they came up to the sliding glass doors, standing up against the glass with their paws on it LOOKING…heh, we did not want them to come inside via the pet door, so would quickly send out food for them.

  2. Poor Ivy, maybe she thinks this squirrel could be her new playmate. This is such a sweet photo of Ivy with the squirrel. Hope that you are feeling better. Take care! xoElizabeth

  3. It could be that the squirrel could not see Ivy on the other side of the patio door glass because of light reflection. But my squirrels and now three chipmunks (who fight over my patio as their territory) are not afraid to come right up to the patio door and look into the glass to see if I’m around. The squirrels and rabbits at your complex are familiar with other humans who live there and understand that they are probably not going to be in much danger. My critters have be well trained. First thing every morning, nuts and raisins get thrown out on the patio and driveway on the other side of the 6′ privacy fence, the squirrel and bird feeders get filled, fresh water gets put into the drinking containers and the bird baths, and the critters are all around watching me, sometimes not so patiently if I am “late” getting up, while I do my daily chores for them. LOL! One particular “Alpha Male” squirrel in my yard will jump on the patio door screen and shake it, making a racket that I can hear all the way in the back of the house in my “office/den/library.” The robins will sit either on the fence top or on the wires strung high above running across the back of the lots on this block and chirp very loudly until I come to the door to see what’s up. That’s their signal that the raisins I toss out on the patio for them have run out. The robins, squirrels and chipmunks are so used to seeing me out and around the yard that they will come to the patio to scoop up raisins or nuts (almonds and peanuts) even if I’m outside sweeping in one corner of the patio or cutting the grass or cleaning out garden beds. The noise of the lawnmower doesn’t even bother them! They know I’m not going to hurt them. I do wonder what the squirrel was licking up or trying to eat on your patio. Maybe there is salt (residue from winter) on your patio? Or perhaps that particular squirrel found a family of insects – they will eat insects for protein. Have you ever thought about getting a “catio” for Ivy? She might enjoy being out on the patio with you as you work on your garden/plants during the more clement weather when you are recovered from your ankle surgery.

  4. I knew I was going to enjoy this post, just by the title alone! Poor Ivy. She wanted to get that squirrel so bad! I wonder if she’d end up playing with it, or trying to kill it and bring you her trophey as a special gift, lol. Either way, it seems to provide her with hours of entertainment. Maybe if she’d arched her back and fluffed out her fur, so she’s all puffy looking, she might have intimidated the squirrel. If she ever does that, I hope you get a good picture of her, lol!! Ivy is so beautiful and funny. ❤

  5. I believe the outside animals have heard what a sweetheart Ivy is and come to eat and get a glimpse of her on your patio.

  6. Love ❤️ all the pictures 📸 you took Brenda!
    Easy to see the unfolding stories of Ivy & Squirrely!!!
    Hope you are feeling better today. Enjoy the 🤗 weekend!!!

    1. Ivy stakes out the patio doors in either room, or the window in back, and watches for hours.

  7. That is the sweetest picture. Ivy is so happy you moved! A whole new world for her!! She probably wouldn’t know what to do with it. I can see her mothering it! My yard is full of bunnies and they run off when the puppies go out!! Hope you are feeling much better today❣️

    1. I see so many squirrels and just sometimes see a bunny, not often though. They don’t seem to be as plentiful as the many squirrels.

  8. Thank goodness Ivy is on critter patrol however those critters seem to be oblivious to her. Dang critters! I’m on Team Ivy. LOL
    I hope you’re feeling much better today, Brenda.
    Happy Saturday!

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