1. Don’t feel too bad about forgetting the vanilla and bananas. Happens to me often, even with a list in hand. Getting older is so much fun. Ha!

    Cute picture of Ivy and Steve. I recently bought Clementine that same brush! The Furminator is now too harsh for her, since she’s old and skinny.

  2. What a sweet pic and I love your new book club! Those are two books I would like to read again after so many decades! Thank you for the reminder:-)

  3. Well, even though I shop with a list, saying I can even find all the items, does not mean I won’t overlook something on the list I made. I think our brains like to take a break now and then!! Cute photo of Ivy with Steve!!

  4. Yay, we get to meet Steve! Hi Steve! Thank you for being such a good friend and neighbor to Brenda. And what a great picture of him with Ivy! She does look so happy, doesn’t she? Little stinker, she is, hiding from you, then running out to see Steve when he comes for a visit, lol. That’s nice that you guys are doing a little book club. You should invite your other neighbors to see if maybe they’d like to read your next book with you guys. Then you could have everyone over for cake and book discussing. That’d be fun. Do your other neighbors like to read? Well, speaking of forgetfulness, I feel like I’m always scatter brained! I write myself notes and set phone alarms for everything. I don’t know if it’s a getting older thing, or if I just have too much on my plate, so to speak. Whatever the case, it’s frustrating for sure.

  5. Hey Brenda and Steve! Ah, friends and pets make a good day! My friend who moved away 3 years ago was able to visit yesterday. She was my Christmas present! And talk about forgetful! I am doing such stupid things also. Be kind to yourself especially this busy week and enjoy the simple things.

  6. I loved finally seeing the picture of Steve! An all around nice guy, and obviously Ivy knows it too!
    Is there a chance your vanilla was out of stock after you put it in your cart and they removed it? I swore I put Sam’s brand peanut butter in mine, but they did that to me before I could place my pick up order.

  7. Brenda, happy Sunday!
    How nice to see Steve! I think it is so nice for your to have friends in your new place for friendship and that you can ask for help.
    I hope that you have a wonderful week, enjoy Ivy.
    Merry Christmas.

  8. That picture of Steve and Ivy is priceless. She is in love! Funny how they can react to people besides us. I love she will hide and not come to you them Steve pops in and there she is, the little scamp❣️ It is wonderful for you he is such a great neighbor.

  9. Brenda, Welcome to my World. I laughed out loud, after reading you forgot the bananas for baking. Been there, did the same thing. Something about those darn bananas, “Forgettable”
    Love the picture of Steve and Ivy. He and Ivy look so sweet together. How nice for you to have a good friend who enjoys reading the same books. I would love to share that with a friend.
    Merry Christmas to you pretty soon, Love and Hugs from WI

  10. That is a great photo of Ivy and Steve. Obviously he enjoys Ivy’s company as much as she enjoys his 🙂 Forgetfulness – ugh! I had a dental appointment this past Thursday. On Wednesday night I told myself to put my credit card, ID, etc. in the inner pocket of my winter jacket. Left the house Thursday to go the appointment. I take 2 buses; got off the first bus and walked to the bus stop that would take me a block away from the dentist’s office when I realized I had not put my credit card, ID or other cards into my inner coat pocket. I had no way to pay for my dental visit when finished. I didn’t want to take the chance of going all the way to their office and then not be able to have my appointment if they wouldn’t bill me instead of me paying as usual at the end of the appointment (as I have seen every other patient also do) with a credit card. So went back home and had to reschedule the appointment after explaining why I wasn’t there last. How embarrassing. If I remember (I will stick a note in my pants pocket along with my credit card) I will ask if I have the option to be billed rather than pay immediately. Now I have to write things down on a list when I go shopping, as I’ve found I have some times forgotten to buy the very thing I went to the store for (usually peanuts for the squirrels).

  11. Brenda, What a wonderful picture of Steve and Ivy! So great to put a face to a name as we’ve heard so much about Steve, your friendship and his kindness to you. How fun that Ivy is so enamored of him! Your Sunday Snippets are my favorite posts. I hope you are getting some relief from your pain.

    1. I agree with you, Becky! I love the Sunday posts. Brenda’s engaging writing makes me feel as if these are my neighbors, too! Steve is a handsome guy. I’m glad he consented to being pictured because the stories of his thoughtful kindness come alive now!

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