1. Thanks Brenda, I have a gold mirror that I would like to do that diy to. Again thanks for all your work.

  2. Thanks, Brenda. I especially liked the vintage porch ideas and the morning affirmations.

  3. Brenda,
    I always look forward to these Saturday posts of yours!
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful information and ideas.

  4. Well, you can tell I didn’t proofread my comment! Sorry for all the typos and left-out words. Hope you can make sense of it!

  5. Good post, Brenda. I especially like he Courtney Carver quotation. Purging is a constant battle for me. I need all the encourage and motivation I can get! The white container also drew my attention as well as the bananas foster cobbler and the tabouleh recipes. A nice assortment of topics. Keep doin’ it!

  6. I have been wanting to buy and plant a Japanese Maple in my backyard. I inherited one when I bought this house in 2014, but it was (1) planted too close to the house and privacy fence in the backyard and (2) grew too big for its space despite diligent pruning. I very reluctantly, decided it had to be taken down a few years ago. I won’t plant the new tree in the same space which is in a tight corner of a planting bed, I want to put it into the yard, probably near the middle of the yard, so I can see it from my Shezebo and from my dining area and living room through the patio doors. The link you put up to “Patio Trees for Small Gardens and Containers” has helped me zero in on my choice. There is a nursery a friend and I visit every May and they have a large selection of Japanese maples, so this year I’m buying – and now they deliver so my friend and I won’t have to try and squeeze a potted tree into her car.

  7. One of my favorite post formats. So much info in small bites that piques my interest.

  8. I really enjoy your Saturday magazine Brenda. Recipes, books, tips, helpful information …… Well done

    1. Good. I’d been thinking about doing away with it. But if you all like it, I’ll keep doing it.

  9. I love to take a peek Saturday morning to see what I’ll be enjoying all day when I have my rest, read and enjoy time! Lots of good reads today also! Thanks and take care.

    1. I enjoyed putting it together for you. I put myself in your shoes and ask myself what I’d be interested in reading.

  10. I think you found lots of interesting things for us to look at this weekend. I still think you should make a small commission on your referrals! YOU ARE STILL MY FAVORITE!

    1. Most bloggers don’t like to give other bloggers the links to their sites. I don’t understand it. We should want to help one another.

  11. I have a book to recommend to you.Lessons in Chemistry.
    my 37 yo daughter recommended it. I was about to quit reading it within an hour just under page 100. the language was rough. I preserved however. There is a darling child in the book, turns out I really enjoyed it tremendously.
    Enjoyed your post today. I am a fan of white gardens.

  12. A plethora of fun information! Thank you so much, Brenda for sharing every little tidbit.
    Happy Saturday!

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