Merry Christmas Eve!

I know many or most of you are celebrating today and tomorrow. Today I’m just home with the kitties. Tomorrow Kasi is going to bring me a plate of their Christmas dinner.

Kasi’s husband Ross always cooks for the holidays. He’s the chief cook of the family. And he’s a good one. I will enjoy his lasagna!

The wind is blowing like crazy again.

It sounds like the wind stuck its tongue out and is blowing hard. It kind of has this sound: Whoooo. Whoooo.

My tabletop Christmas tree for 2021

What’s Going On With The Kitties:

The kitties are fine.

Gracie has taken the place where Charlie used to lay beside me in the recliner. She follows me around like a puppy. Even in the middle of the night. And on the same side, the left side.

Ivy is still hissing. Now she even hisses at me when she wants my attention. I hope she stops this once we move. But I guess that’s doubtful.

She’s still going after little Gracie. But Gracie has learned to hold her own with her big sister.

From the kitties and what I'm reading and watching, here is a photo of Ivy

Remember that first blue house/cat tower I got for Ivy that she never went near? Well, now Gracie has decided she likes it.

I sometimes see her peeking out into the bedroom from the door of it.

So I guess Ivy can have one cat tower and Gracie will have the one Ivy never wanted. Isn’t that what typically happens with the second child???

Gracie on the couch

It’s hard to get crisp photos of my girls. They seem to always decide to move right when I’m taking their photo.

What I’ve Been Reading:

I’ve read I don’t know how many books since I discussed it with you last.

I read “The Lincoln Highway” and it was superb.

Then I read “Razorblade Tears.” An odd title isn’t it? But trust me, it fits the storyline.

This book came out last July. The author is S.A. Cosby.

From the kitties and what I'm reading and watching, I read Razor Blade Tears

A Black father. A white father. Two murdered sons. A quest for vengeance.

Prejudice And Revenge:

Ike Randolph has been out of jail for fifteen years, with not so much as a speeding ticket in all that time. But a Black man with cops at the door knows to be afraid.

The last thing he expects to hear is that his son Isiah has been murdered, along with Isiah’s white husband, Derek. Ike had never fully accepted his son but is devastated by his loss. They leave behind a small daughter.

Derek’s father Buddy Lee was almost as ashamed of Derek for being gay as Derek was ashamed of his father’s criminal record. Buddy Lee still has contacts in the underworld, though, and he wants to know who killed his boy.

Ike and Buddy Lee, two ex-cons with little in common other than a criminal past and a love for their dead sons.

In their quest to do better for their sons in death than they did in life, hardened men Ike and Buddy Lee team-up. They will confront their own prejudices about homosexuality and each other. And together they will rain down vengeance upon those who hurt their boys.

A Flicker In The Dark:

The book A Flicker In The Dark

And then I read “A Flicker In The Dark” by Stacy Willingham, her first novel. I got an advance copy from the Book Of The Month Club. But it is officially coming out on January 11, 2022.

When Chloe Davis was twelve, six teenage girls went missing in her small Louisiana town. By the end of the summer, her own father had confessed to the crimes and was put away for life.

Now twenty years later, Chloe is a psychologist in Baton Rouge and getting ready for her wedding. When a local teenage girl goes missing, and then another, that terrifying summer comes crashing back.

Is she paranoid, seeing parallels from her past that aren’t actually there, or for the second time in her life, is Chloe about to unmask a killer?

I’m Watching Pure:

From the kitties and what I'm reading and watching, the series Pure is what I'm currently watching

I’m currently watching “Pure” on Hulu. If you wish to purchase the 2 seasons, you can buy Season 1 here and Season 2 here.

This was inspired by the true story of the drug-trafficking Mennonite Mob.

The crime drama “Pure” follows pastor Noah Funk and his Mennonite family. His efforts to sever his community’s ties to a Mexican drug cartel prove more difficult and dangerous than he imagined.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and the kitties! It will be a quiet Christmas for me also! I look forward to reading your blog every day! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful pictures with all of us! Take care!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and the kitties. It will be a quiet Christmas here with Ham on the menu and some of my favorite sides. Just my kitties and doggies to celebrate the wonders of winter and christmas. Thank you for your blog, you are a true trailblazer and visionary.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    Wishing you a warm and cozy Christmas with Ivy and Gracie. Lasagna sounds great. My brother came yesterday and will stay until Monday. He’s all the family I have left, besides my fur baby Simon. I made a small turkey breast tenderloin yesterday and a small roast today and will be reheating the leftovers the rest of his stay. I normally only cook when my brother is here. We’re having cold and rainy weather, which is unusual for Southern CA, so enjoying being inside snuggled up with the lit Christmas tree and ambiance of the electric logs in the fireplace. Take care. Margie

  4. Much luck to you and your fur ladies in the coming new year. Enjoy your new home, and remember home is where the cat is. Sending blessings and health!

  5. Merry Christmas Brenda! I’m sorta skipping Christmas this year. Just have
    not felt like bothering with the festivities. Our Christmas meal will be a turkey dinner, only because I had two turkeys in the freezer and it was time to cook one. Decor this year was a wreath out front and my Christmas Moose ( sits in a ledge with swinging legs, decked out with winter clothing) Having some health issues so I am relieved to not have to be taking down and packing away a Christmas tree and lights. Neighbors across the street have their home all decked out with lights so I am enjoying all their work. I am more excited about seeing your new home! Remind us; when is moving day?

  6. I think this move will be good for Ivy and Gracie. What will happen is that nobody will be the original cat with ownership in the new place, and they may Bond over feeling safe in a new environment. I really hope that’s what happens because I don’t want Ivy to feel unhappy the rest of her life, and I know you don’t want that either.
    When you take them over in their carriers, be sure to put the carriers near each other so they can smell each other in the new place. I also think that having more space for them to run around will help them especially Ivy since she’s so big and needs the room.

    1. I give Ivy attention. It’s just that the kitten follows me everywhere and sits in my chair. Ivy would never do that. So I can understand that Ivy’s upset. And I’m terribly upset that my Ivy is upset!

  7. Merry Christmas Eve and enjoy your Merry Christmas tomorrow. It is 46 degrees here today and foggy. We had a huge 50 plus pile-up of cars and semis on I-94 in western Wisconsin yesterday, as the roads were iced over/black iced in places. One car slid out of control, pulled over and came to a stop and was hit by a semi, and that triggered everything else that happened. Meanwhile, the snow we would usually have here around this time of year may be falling out west in Portland and Seattle! I’ve got the house tidied up, will be turning the lights on the tree, the mantel, the wreath on the front door, etc. on early because it’s dark and dreary today. Everything is ready for relaxing tomorrow – I’ll have a quiet Christmas by myself eating my special Christmas meal and watching my favorite movies all day long! I also have gifts send from family to open tomorrow. I’m allergic to cats so I’ve never been an owner. I found what I think is good information at this website about why a cat hisses, lots of different triggers to think about that can result in this natural behavior.

    1. Thanks for sending the cat hissing info. I’m keeping it bookmarked. Sometimes I have scolded Ivy, because she’ll go beyond hissing and jump on Gracie. I’ve got to stop that. It’s just a knee-jerk reaction.

  8. I’m jealous of all the books you are reading. I have cataracts and will probably need surgery this year. It isn’t easy to read now at all.

    Merry Christmas to you and the little ladies. January will bring a huge transition for all.

  9. Hi Brenda,
    It will be interesting to see what you find when you move with Gracie and Ivy. It will be a whole new territory so maybe Ivy will not feel like she is the alpha in a new place. It will be interesting to see how they are with each other in a whole home. With Ivy being in your home now first she probably feels like she has to let Gracie know she is the alpha that it was her place first. Merry Christmas. xoxo

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