1. My Tan Kitty is a former stray – so he came to me as a full-blown adult male (intact), and that’s been the case now for 2, going on 3, years. Lately, he gets what I call “kitten attacks” – if I didn’t know better, I would swear he has gotten into catnip! He bites and chases his tail, goes after the laces in my sneakers, and does other strange ‘kitten’ things!!! Where did this come from, all of a sudden?!

  2. I read that cats show you their butt to prove they are healthy, and do the same with their mothers. We have had many cats before but none of them wanted to be petted as much as our present cat. She also likes to sleep on top of me and sometimes cuddled up. In the daytime she sleeps in a closet in her own little bed. She comes out at feeding times, though.

  3. Very interesting post Brenda. I especially love the first photo of her with her paws up in the air – she’s a gorgeous cat!

  4. It’s been a long time since I had a cat (he looked something like Ivy), and he did sleep a lot. He was a lot more affectionate than most cats; I think he thought he was a dog. My other dog was a scaredy cat and hid most of the time. He was always spooked about something.

  5. “Elevator butt.” Haha! That’s so funny! I’ve never heard it called that, but it’s perfect!

  6. Interesting post about cats. I haven’t had a cat in a very long time. The last one we had was a named Trouble! LOL

  7. Every time you write about Ivy, it makes me miss my own kitties. Cats truly are divine creatures!!

  8. That was interesting! Your Ivy is so healthy looking and her coat is so lush. I’m glad you have her to keep you company.

  9. Ivy is a very special cat. I’m so glad you have her in your little family, and she is very lucky to have you. I have loved cats all my life but don’t currently have one as our last cat died about a year ago. I’m not sure I can handle the old age thing again even though I desperately miss having a cat in my life (I do have a little chihuahua mix, Basil). I love to kiss their noses. Cats are very special creatures, some more loving and communicative than others. Ivy and you are a great couple!

  10. My cat pets my face, mimicking what I do to him. I take that as his saying he loves me. He crawls up and puts his feet around my neck and I tell him “Dizzy’s a beeoootiful boy” or “Mama Loooooves Dizzy” and that gets me a nose bump. I don’t cut his claws because he does love to hang out in the yard and out here in the country I want him to be able to defend himself, so sometimes his petting me is a bit painful but I grit my teeth and act like it makes me happy. What we won’t do for these babies we love!

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