1. I’ve had really good luck with fruit of the loom T’s. I go with the men’s sizing in the short sleeve. Longer sleeves and boxier than women’s cut. And extremely inexpensive. Walmart carries them, so I can look them over in person.
    Happy holidays,Brenda!

  2. Thanks for all the tips about purchasing clothes from JC Penney on a budget. For the most part, I can’t stand the new fabrics for tops. So thin and a stretchy material but body hugging if that makes sense. Oh, and half the fabrics feel more like plastic. Ugh. I have difficulty with sizing and that is my main problem with online shopping. I haven’t been out clothing shopping since before the pandemic started. The clothes I am wearing now are so worn out, I am embarrassed when I have to go out
    For groceries or to the doctor. I will look into ordering from Penney’s. I always liked their St. Johns Bay items.

    1. Yes, I know. The ones I’ve ordered on Amazon and Walmart tend to feel like plastic. Reminds of polyester but somehow worse.

  3. Thanks for the tip to clothing shop at JC Penney online, Brenda. I went to their web-site and saw lots of things I’d wear at good prices. Am going to wait to order ’til after the holidays when i can take closer stock of what I need. i dress a lot like you as I’ve gotten older. I want comfort and warmth as I tend to feel the cold so I always want things I can layer. I will definitely take advantage of your suggestion to check out Penney’s.

    1. I’ve also ordered clothing from Amazon and Walmart, but the JC Penney clothing is better made and seems to have more of a cotton feel. The shirts, for instance, are softer to the touch.

  4. I’ve lost weight over the past two summers and now I’m trying to figure out what size tee shirts (short and long sleeve) to buy. I ordered a couple “Medium” size summer tees from Kohls online in August and they were a little bit too tight and really thin material, not something I’d wear when other people might see me in them! I may have to bite the bullet at some point next spring and go shopping in person so I can judge the weight of the material in the clothing – you can’t tell by looking at it online or reading the descriptions. I stuck with my Amanda jeans (by Gloria Vanderbilt). I switched from Women’s size to Misses and my new size fits well. In winter I wear long sleeve cotton or knit tees under heavy pullover sweaters or sweatshirts. It’s wonderful having freedom to dress comfortably after years of having to wear suits and dress pumps.

    1. I always order extra large tee shirts. I like them looser. I tend to sleep in them too, so I don’t want to feel constrained.

  5. I guess I’m not much of a fashion person either. Even tho I have different tops in my closet,(shirts and sweaters), on any given day, if I’m going out or staying in, I will be wearing a long sleeve black turtle neck sweater and jeans from Old Navy or a pair of Levies. In the summer, the same thing..but the sweaters will be black cotton and short sleeve. My closet is full of black. My weakness is boots. many pairs of Knee high, or ankle boots with block heels, black or brown leather, Sorels for the winter, if the snow is deep. Winter coats and jackets are a love of mine, but that’s it. At my age, I guess I just got into a rut, but it suits me fine.

    1. I say wear whatever is comfortable to you. We’re of the age, for the most part, when we shouldn’t have to please others with what we wear. I can’t wear turtle necks. They feel weird on my neck. I like a loose neckline. I’ve never been a “shoe person.” I paid what I considered was a small fortune for those tennis shoes at the orthotic place, but that was for health reasons.

  6. I have always loved shopping at Penney’s and feel lucky to have a store within a 15 min drive for me to browse in if I needed to. I haven’t been store for over a year now but last summer I found so much on clearance that had been returned at the start of the pandemic. I found 2 Columbia fleece vests for $14 that I have loved wearing over my St Johns bay long sleeve tee shirts. So comfy and cozy. I often wonder if the clearance racks there are still as big as when I last shopped. I look forward to returning to them hopefully this spring as their activewear has always been the best fit and option for me price wise and styles.

    1. There isn’t an open store near me. It’s closed. I just order online. So much simpler for me because I can’t walk around a store long with this ankle problem. I know my sizes.

  7. Brenda you are a smart shopper. Since we have one of the smallest Walmarts and no malls in our county, I am glad to have also found what works for me. I wear Women Within cotton 3/4 sleeve tunic tops 3 seasons of the year with yoga pants at home and stretch jeans (no zippers) out. In the hot summer I wear beautiful long, cotton bathing suit cover up dresses that I get at the Wagon Wheel and Mustang flea markets for $7.00 instead of $20.00 by the beaches. It is so satisfying when you figure out your style and can pare down your wardrobe to what is comfortable.

    1. I have everything I wear for all seasons in one walk-in closet on one long rack with a smaller one joining to it. I even have all my sweaters and coats in there.

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