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  1. Love that cupboard full of white pitchers and soup tureens. And that bedroom is so lovely! Who would’v thunk that those different patterns and colors would somehow go together?

    Will look at those freezable slow cooker meals. With my husband working 12 hours shifts, he has to pack a lot of meals for work. I try to make things where we have leftovers and then I can put those leftovers in the freezer for him to grab and go.

  2. The French Creek Farmhouse porch display is beautiful. I’m not a fan of chippy paint either, but it some settings it is just perfect. The balance of the mix of the whites with that pale green is perfect in my eyes, it really speaks of Spring.

  3. That lavender soap was too pretty to use. I’d keep it in a dish as decoration and fragrance only.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, Brenda. So much terrific information!
    I love the way the first blogger added ecru balls of crochet thread to the while bowls and such.

    1. Glad you pointed that out! I went back to look again and appreciate that detail.

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