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  1. I am definitely an introvert – company of one , that’s me . I use to be the total opposite but years of insults and put downs make me stay home alone.

  2. It took me a long time to realize I don’t need to worry about being an introvert. Extroverts want to do all the talking anyway. Introverts chat when theres a common interest. Also, not getting bored eliminates loneliness.

  3. Why make a big deal out of being an introvert? That just brings attention to the very people who do not like to be the center of attention. Seems kind of ironic to me to single a group of people out as if different. We all have different personalities. I’m sure I’m a little of both. I do however like to shop alone, but enjoy an occasional lunch with a friend. I love spending time with my family, but also cherish my alone times too. I love my solitude at home and sometimes really look forward to the quiet once at home. I still work full time, so I get enough people exposure that way. I see nothing wrong with either personality and many of us are a mixture of both. Whether an extrovert or an introvert, we are just being the individual that we are and that’s OKAY!

  4. A week for introverts? A whole week in the spotlight? Really, one week? Do we need an entire week? I mean, OK, hi, I’m Joanie, introvert. Now go away, I need my alone time.

  5. I use to be an extrovert but as I’ve gotten older, I much prefer solitude. I don’t enjoy the parties and large crowds like I used to. I much prefer quiet times at home with a good book or working on a project. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being an extrovert or introvert…we do what pleases us and what makes us happy. Love and hugs!

  6. I guess I’m alittle of both cuz I like to go visiting people, I see my parents every wk. Love the holidays and get-togethers catching up with everyone. Playing basketball, hoola hoops, watching movies, playing board games and baking with my grands! Bake for them or with me and watch their excited faces, when they see the baked goods. Always have loved that! Can’t wait to the end of March…another granddaughter! They live too far away to spoil her though! ?

    I like to invite people over to watch a movie or play board games and make something yummy! I don’t go shopping with a friend anymore cuz they were always pouting that I found something first that they liked too and there was no more left…expecting me to give it up. My oldest granddaughter loves to go shopping with me! Actually the twins and the boys do too!

    I love the feeling of being home in my surroundings…safe and sound too! I love to decorate according to the seasons and I’m always trying to change things up. I love to cook and bake, but I miss sharing it with someone too! It’s so hard to find a nice guy though, that is trustworthy!
    I haven’t ventured out alone since a guy tried to grab me, when my granddaughter was with me! Just seeing her face with pleading eyes to unlock the door, then her eyes got real big and her mouth dropped open and then she got real scared, all in a matter of seconds! I knew to get in the car with my bags fast! When I was in my car, I saw why she was so scared. The guy that ran past us so fast, that he was a blur, was parked beside my car. I saw that it was hard for him to stop at first, then quickly opened up his van and got in. He had his side door open…never heard it open up either! He was in a squat position, waiting for me to put my bags in the backseat, and when I backed up and closed the door, he was going to pull me up into the van! I got out of their so fast, that he was still in the same position! I should of taken a pic of him and his license plate and called the police! I just wanted to get the heck out of there as fast as I could! It was in a grocery store parking lot and hardly anyone was out of the store! So damn scary and I’ve never seen anyone run that fast! She told me she was going to run if he got me! I said, “Thanks alot!” She told me that she wasn’t going to let him get her! He ran sooo fast, that he could of grabbed her too and he was fit, he could of carried her! He must of saw me get out of my car and go into the store. I never saw him watching me in there either, and nobody was in back of us, while leaving. We were almost to the car, when he flew…ran by us! I was talking to her and ironically saying nobody is going to get you! She always wants me to unlock the door, so she can jump right in. Thank God she wasn’t looking down at her phone then! The summer b4 that I was walking over my parents house and 2 guys stopped me for directions and suggested me to go with them and show them what st it was on! I started to get an anxiety attack so they left! No traffic that day and my parents house was way down the street! I’m getting anxiety right now writing this and reliving it! So I’ve been home alot more than I use too! Two summers in a roll was way the heck more than enough for me! Shudder! This was long cuz I want everyone to be aware of their surroundings and never think that something isn’t going to happen to them cuz it almost happened twice to me! This is so hard to write this, but I felt like it was needed!
    Finally got a better internet provider so I’m catching up after 6 wks with none! Two phones were not within the area like they said they were.
    So glad Brenda, that your doing alot better, well financially! I hope your hands and shoulders will get better too! I’m glad that Nathan is around and helping you eat healthier! Yours is the first blog that I’m catching up with! Take care and have a great week ahead!

  7. Finally a week for us homebodies,we should celebrate…but who would we invite,lol
    I was a shy,quiet kid who loved to read,in fact my much older stepbrother,took me,my brother and his niece to FAO SCHWARTZ to pick a Christmas gift,I can home with a book and his mother made fun of me for days.
    I enjoy the life I love with my kitties in our little apartment.
    I have found that certain organized religions can be very intrusive so I tend to avoid.
    I have a group of 4 ladies that get together monthly for chat and chew and that’s enough socializing for me
    Great topic,Brenda.

  8. Brenda, Someone mentioned public speaking as a bucket list item. I think discussing bucket lists would be a great topic and fun. I think I was an extrovert somewhat as a young person, but having so much responsibility on my shoulders for so many years has made me yearn to just be alone and in the quiet. I get very nervous now if I’m thrown into a situation where there is lots of activity and noise. My grandson is autistic and I learn so much from him about taking in my surroundings. This was a great post. Thank you. Sandra

  9. I find that I get more introverted as I get older. I need more time to recharge. I enjoy more time alone. Luckily, my husband and daughter are the same way. In the evenings, we often are in the same room, or adjoining rooms, but reading our own books, listening to our own device, or looking at TV on our own tablet. And happily so. I am in the final years of my working life, and I hope I can pull it off into the home stretch. I love the days when I am alone in my quiet cube, working on a project. My lease favorite days are when I have to be in meetings where there is a lot of debate or leading classes in front of adults. Happy Introverts Week! I’d throw a party, but no one would come. Kidding! 🙂

  10. Wow! I would never say Oprah is an introvert! Wonder where that came from? Even if she TOLD someone she was an introvert. I have watched her for years and she is definitely an extrovert….

  11. Yes to all of this from another introvert! I need a LOT of alone time. I love getting together with friends or family members, but then I’m depleted and need at least a couple of days to re-gather and recharge. I even need that after spending too much time with my husband! Doesn’t matter who it is. I get quite cranky when I don’t get enough alone time. I love my own company and rarely feel lonely or bored.

    I hate being in the limelight or having any attention drawn to myself.

    I was this way as a child, too…perfectly content to be playing alone with my Barbies or reading. I read Susan Cain’s book years ago and still have it.

  12. Brenda,

    I am an introvert through and through and have always been one. I do not know if it is because as a child we moved every two years or DNA. Whatever the case I love to be at home or in small groups of people, preferably family. I laughed out loud at the point in your post when you said people call you upity or snooty because I have been called that and worse.
    There is room for everyone in this world. Some of us need lots of attention and some of us prefer to remain in the shadows.

    Have a great week.

  13. I’m an introvert. Being with others is always so stressful! I have to be alone for days to calm down and rest. I’d rather read than anything else. You’re right, I think it’s in my DNA. I can’t change!

  14. I love to go out and be with my classmates (Class of ’71) and church friends. But boy, oh boy do I ever need to go home and spends hours in quiet to recharge my own batteries. And like you, Brenda, I cannot stand noisy places. A classmate recently suggested we eat at a certain diner. I’d been there already once and knew it was LOUD. She insisted it wasn’t. So I went to the diner at Noon, it was loud, but I thought well maybe it’s me … so I asked the hostess if it seemed loud in the restaurant. Her reply? “Oh yes, it’s always very loud in here!” So the classmates and I ate somewhere else – a lovely place in the country and seated right by the fire. Perfect!

  15. This is very interesting. Happy Introverts Week. I wonder if we can be some of both. I love people…just not too many at a time…but love being alone and had much rather shop alone, than to have to entertain a friend.. I am not much for going into full service restaurants..but like you have ventured out the past few years. I think you are right..sometimes if one does not know a personal on a personal level…you might assume they are not the introvert behavior…Cheers..imagine if the world was full of folks who always talk but never listen. I love hearing about other folks’ lives…such is why your blog is so beautiful, interesting and fun. Thank you.

  16. Hi Brenda,
    I have so much to say regarding this topic that I don’t know where to begin!
    My long teaching career was spent very happily and fervently teaching struggling elementary (and beyond) students reading and math. Through the years, I took many courses and learned many wonderful programs to further help these students. It wasn’t until I started with the brain research classes and finally Learning Styles that I gained the keys to unlocking the secrets that I incorporated into my teaching. I then went on and learned some wonderful programs that followed multi-sensory learning and teaching. During this time of enlightenment, I discovered a great deal about myself and began to understand who I was and why. I am an extreme introvert which helped explain why I loved teaching individuals and small groups. Also, I have hated parties and large gatherings my whole life not to mention speaking in front of adults. All those situations drained my energy and left me exhausted. I am retired now, but who I am remains the same. My hobbies have always been solo activities (sewing, gardening, reading, hiking, walking with my dogs) but I find I am thoroughly enjoying the company of my two granddaughters. The younger one NEEDS her alone time after school which I happily provide for her! I could go on and on….we are very much misunderstood!

  17. I have done a lot of public speaking in the past and after the initial terror, was able to get the job done and consider it a real accomplishment. It was a bucket list item, I guess. Having said that, I’m a introvert, through and through. Staying home is always such a treat; I love building that nest, moving and rearranging my treasures, reading. I have to travel 1 1/2 hours to a doctor tomorrow, one way and I’ve been addressing my resentment by realizing that this is an opportunity to stop at Michaels Or Hobby Lobby, stores that I enjoy stopping by to look, but live hours from. I have audiotapes I am listening to in the car. The visit will be a positive because I won’t be paying $150.00 for the doctor’s visit, (not covered by medical)but can have a free consultation with an assistant, which is exactly what I’m looking for. So win, win. And I get to stay home on Tuesday, yaaah!!!

  18. I was very extroverted as a youngin’ ~ sleep-overs, birthday parties, etc. Then going out dancing, party-ing, the like.
    But as I’ve gotten older, no way, Jose! My monthly art group gives me all the company I need, with lunch/ shopping with a friend or two thrown in every once in a while.
    I’m with Barb on the “Vive las difference!” part ~

    1. Bobbie, you could be describing me ! I always thought of myself as an extrovert. I n my younger years i was always on the go with friends ,but now in my seventies I prefer to be at home doing my own thing by myself or with a special friend. Sometimes my family thinks i must be depressed , but i’m not. Of course, it might be that I’ve just slowed down because of my age.

  19. Vive la difference! Let us all live and let live. Trite idioms as they may be, are still true. I do like people (a few at a time). Sometimes I want to be alone, to think about stuff, or just be quiet and listen. . However, I never want to be, nor could I be, an extrovert.

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