Tips On Redecorating When You’re Broke

I have some tips on redecorating when you’re broke. I make small changes and switch decor from room to room.

It’s even easier than digging around in your stuff for searching for different decor.

I guess this is also called shopping the house. Except I just switch things from room to room.

Here are some of my redecorating tips:

Decorating Tip: Switch paintings from one room to another

I moved one painted canvas from my dining room wall and switched it with one in my bedroom over the weekend.

This is a good way to change things up without spending money. And it satisfies my need to redecorate.

If your overall decorating theme is the same throughout your home, this makes it very easy to change things up.

Decorating Tip: Move lamps from one room to another:

This led to switching lamps as well. I brought in my little red lamp. I’ve had this lamp for ages. When I purchased it the base was beige. I painted it my signature red.

Decorating Tip: Change Dishes On Display

Then I switched up some of the dishes in my blue cupboard. I always leave the white dishes I use every day in place, but change what I call “the accent dishes.”

This is a quick and easy change, but gives you a slightly different look.

I just removed the polka dotted dishes and brought in what I call my cottage dishes.

Decorating Tip: Change up shelf display

Last week I switched up decor on the wall shelves in my kitchen. I always keep some elements, such as food, in place.

This is one place Ivy doesn’t get into, so I’m fairly optimistic that my changes will stay in place!

Here I didn’t move anything. I just put the drinking glasses that were already there inside this vintage box. I like the texture.

Decorating Tip: Add to what’s already there

This is even easier. I just added the neutral bead strand to the poetry books on the small table next to the living room chair.

It gives you a different look without taking anything away.

Decorating Tip: Move decor around:

I had this gold pitcher somewhere else in the living room but changed things. The bright color and the faux lamb’s ear is still appealing to me, so I simply moved it to another table.

You saw this change on my coffee table yesterday. What you didn’t see was Ivy checking things out.

So far she has not decided to redecorate further by dragging things off. Maybe she likes it this way.

Often little changes satisfies my need to redecorate.

The best part is that I don’t have to spend any money. And I didn’t even have to dig around in the closet to find anything!

I’m always encouraged to discover ways to decorate on the cheap.


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  1. Little changes no money involved but it looks really good! Years ago I took an evening class about interior decorating. I quite enjoyed it, one thing the teacher told us I never forgot “being able to create a beautiful space doesn’t always mean you need lots of money. It does help when you have a good eye.” You have a good eye 🙂
    I love lambs ear and they look great in that pitcher.

  2. Such great ideas. Love the pictures of the barns and the red truck. I have always loved pictures of old barns. Over the week-end I had a friend come over and we moved the furniture. I have a very small living room and have been wanting to make changes. Now the room looks so much larger. I have some small things I want to change and you have given me some ideas. No money needed. Sometimes all we need is a little push in the right direction.

    Thank you for your Blog..
    Marilynn and Hayley

  3. These are great ideas Brenda! One thing I have found is that when I move something to a new spot, I find I like it better in the new spot! Love and hugs!

  4. Such great ideas… and every room is gorgeous!!! Ever since all the Christmas went back up into the attic… I have been shopping the house .. so to speak !!! It always surprises me when I “re-discover” some decorating treasure !!!

  5. Brenda, I love your photographs. Have you ever considered selling some you’ve taken of barns and trees etc ?

  6. Excellent idea, Brenda. Once I place something I tend to leave it there forever. Then all of a sudden I am totally sick of looking at it! My biggest decorating problem right now is that I have very few surfaces to arrange things on and can’t use some of them because of my two grandsons living with me and knowing that nothing on their level will remain undisturbed. But I know that’s only temporary as they are growing so fast that in just the blink of any eye they will be teens and won’t need the play spaces they do now. So I’m okay with that.

    I am inspired to see what I can move around, though, after reading your post. I’ll be interested to know if Ivy approved of your rearrangements or not. One thing that I know she likes is the faux lamb’s ear and I do, too. I think I will have to look for some.

    How is the weather there? We are still experiencing very cold temps. In the single digits. I’m happy to stay in. Hope you three are keeping warm and cozy.

  7. This is very inspirational…and it makes sense or cents.. ;0) … to move things around to the rooms where we spend the most time…makes us enjoy our treasures more, and also not go shopping(one of my favorite…. Great job… I also clicked on the other link at the end..which was very inspirational also..putting new sink on list..but sure it will not happen…also, love that back splash bead board idea… Thank you..yall keep and your furbabies…

  8. I really like your pictures in your dining room, Brenda. And that includes the one you wrote about last week that an artist did for you. Please write a post sometime about how you choose your paintings and how to arrange them on the wall.

  9. I do the same things, Brenda! I love changing things around, too. Shopping the house, moving things to a new room, whatever it takes. I moved some plants around today, as well as changed up plates in my plate rack and put just a few Valentine’s Day touches around.

  10. Even your canned goods look attractive, Brenda! They seem to fit well with your color scheme. I like the glassware placed in that little wooden box. I’ve always loved those red glasses, no matter where you put them. For my contribution to this decor conversation, I will say that I recently took a bunch of little decor items off to a charity store (where I had found a lot of the items). I find that with less decor items on hand, I actually enjoy what I have more than I did before because I don’t feel so pressured to figure out where to put so much stuff. Thanks for the pleasing photos of your decor changes.

    1. I agree. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of decor. I had too much in the closet where my clothes are and I felt bad about not putting them out.

  11. For cheap artwork I cut out the pictures of my outdated wall calendars. I buy picture frames at thrift stores. I leave some of them just the way they are and I paint others. I also frame pretty greeting cards and postcards.

  12. I know I will be walking around the house after I finish commenting on your blog today looking for artwork and decor accessories to change around a bit. What neat ideas and new looks you have created so easily. Your cozy little house is just beautiful. And the picture of Ivy is so cute. Love those cottage dishes (just as I love those polka dot dishes).

    Take care and stay warm.

    1. It’s an easy task just to walk around and pick up this and that and move it. As opposed to digging things out of my closet!

  13. Love the green bottles,I don’t know…they just look refreshing?
    Clearly the queen of quilts is giving her paw stamp of approval 🙂

  14. I love the touches of red! Did you paint and distress the little red table? I love seeing your dishes and shelves, you have a knack for putting things together in an interesting manner. Thank you!

  15. You have inspired me! It is so cold here today, wind chill is -15 to -25, and I am needing something to get me up and moving! I will take my mind off of being frozen by shopping my apartment and changing things up!

  16. I like what a can of spray paint can do to liven things up when you don’t want to buy something new!
    And I think, finally, Ivy has approved of your arrangements and sees no further need for adjustments!

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