1. What fun ideas. I really like the little Christmas tree idea for a ‘take along’ as a little gift for someone. Nice post, Brenda. Diana

  2. It never ceases to amaze and awe me at how creative and inventive people are. I like decorating and enjoy switching my house up from time to time, but it’s with things already made or that I have, not things that I create, other than (rarely these years) a small water color or two. To me, cutting out a pretty greeting card cover and framing it is great! Kudos to the creative people out there, and thanks for gathering some of these really clever treatments of an ordinary tin can. I especially liked the decorated cans with the small artificial Christmas trees (just gorgeous) and the so cute and right up my alley tin can owl! Marvelous!

  3. These are some beautiful ideas, Brenda. Can’t wait to try some of them!
    Thank you so much!

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of creative ideas. I never would have thought of making a purse. Try going through airport security with that, lol! I agree, the owl is adorable!! He made me smile. The only thing I ever did with used cans was play telephone with my friends as a kid. Do you remember that? Two cans, or cups, with a string attaching them, then you tried to talk to your friends with them. That brought back some fun memories as a kid.

  5. I love the caddy, I have to check that out for this summer! I was just at a blog where the gal used a can with a fabric piece over the top. She puts her battery operated candles in them (those are terribly ugly!!).

    Thanks, Brenda. I hope you have a great weekend.

    Jane x

  6. I love them all! What you can do without spending money is wonderful.


  7. I save all cans but I don't decorate them. I take them out to the garage where my husband puts paint brushes in them or extra nails. My dad used to label the cans for different size bolts and nuts and screws. Of course everything was in the dry and lasted forever. I remember my mom"s big rusty gallon cans with plants planted in them. I love the pictures you've gathered of the pretty decorated cans!

  8. Brenda I saw some of you pins yesterday with can projects…needless to say I will be saving cans to do some projects with. You find the neatest things! Thank you!


  9. These are all great ideas for repurposing, Brenda. To be honest, I don't really eat canned food except for tuna, but maybe I can scrounge some from people I know because I would like to make a few of these. xo Laura

  10. I love these tood- go on line on ebay and even pinterest and put in card baskets, or recycled cards in to baskets. people have made these different size baskets since the 40s with their BD cards and christmas cards. I have made a few. they come in different sizes, some have lids. I have a few from the 50s and one from the 70s. you can find some patterns on line too. I found a small one in an antique shop a few yrs ago and it had a lid to it- they wanted 75 for it.

  11. One of my aunts was a very crafty woman. In the 50's when every dime they were making went into buying their house, she made Christmas candles using big juice cans. She spray painted them red, glued some sparkly stuff to the upper edge, put candle stubs inside and lit them, they really looked like big expensive candles. I love making throwaway stuff into something useful.

  12. I love these creative can decorating ideas! There are several I'd love to craft. I definitely will be saving my cans. Thanks for sharing…

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