Frugal Crafts: Don’t Throw Out Those Cans

Creative people take trash and turn it into treasure. Every single one of these projects started with a can, so don’t throw out those cans!
Keep them and turn them into recycled works of art.

Pen Pots:

Just look how nice these cans turned pen pots look. They become works of art on your desk. And I bet you would find yourself smiling every time you looked at them.

Very Vintage Looking Vases:


Cans are the perfect size for bouquets of flowers. They graphics on the cans add a bit of whimsy.

Soup Can Caddy:


Tie three painted cans together and you end up with a caddy. In this instance, this project was created for the kitchen table.

Organizers From Recycled Tin Cans:


Cans are perfect to help you stay organized. Dress those cans up and use them for storage and organization.

Aluminum Can Organizers:


Lemon Container:


Don’t these yellow lemons look delightful in this painted white can? All by itself, the can of lemons provides decor for your home or kitchen table.

Button Vase:


Spring Bird/Nature Project:


The above can has been turned into what is called altered art. This would be a perfect spring project or a nice gift for a friend who loves nature and birds.

Revamped Tin:


Here is a shabby chic project with cans. Add feminine touches with beads and fringe. This project would look pretty sitting on a desk or wherever you sit to put on your makeup.

Desk Storage:

These cans covered with burlap are very trendy. Add numbers to give them that little extra something.

Cans are plentiful in our day-to-day life. We toss them into the trash all the time. But these cute crafts prove that maybe we should keep them and turn them into something decorative.


Who doesn’t need a dose of “cute” in their lives?


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  2. I love the caddy, I have to check that out for this summer! I was just at a blog where the gal used a can with a fabric piece over the top. She puts her battery operated candles in them (those are terribly ugly!!).

    Thanks, Brenda. I hope you have a great weekend.

    Jane x

  3. I save all cans but I don't decorate them. I take them out to the garage where my husband puts paint brushes in them or extra nails. My dad used to label the cans for different size bolts and nuts and screws. Of course everything was in the dry and lasted forever. I remember my mom"s big rusty gallon cans with plants planted in them. I love the pictures you've gathered of the pretty decorated cans!

  4. Brenda I saw some of you pins yesterday with can projects…needless to say I will be saving cans to do some projects with. You find the neatest things! Thank you!


  5. These are all great ideas for repurposing, Brenda. To be honest, I don't really eat canned food except for tuna, but maybe I can scrounge some from people I know because I would like to make a few of these. xo Laura

  6. I love these tood- go on line on ebay and even pinterest and put in card baskets, or recycled cards in to baskets. people have made these different size baskets since the 40s with their BD cards and christmas cards. I have made a few. they come in different sizes, some have lids. I have a few from the 50s and one from the 70s. you can find some patterns on line too. I found a small one in an antique shop a few yrs ago and it had a lid to it- they wanted 75 for it.

  7. One of my aunts was a very crafty woman. In the 50's when every dime they were making went into buying their house, she made Christmas candles using big juice cans. She spray painted them red, glued some sparkly stuff to the upper edge, put candle stubs inside and lit them, they really looked like big expensive candles. I love making throwaway stuff into something useful.

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