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  1. So glad to read that you found some relief with the new gel insoles. I must check those out–my son has had very good luck with his Dr. Scholl's gel inserts and they help with his plantar fasciitis. Hope you continue to be able to get out and about! I agree with you about turning books backwards on a shelf–how would you ever find the book you wanted to read? Besides, I just plain don't get why some decorators think it is a good look.

  2. I have 9 lawyer's bookcases, 3-4 stacks high filled with books. I also have my coffee table stacked with books that I need another bookcase for! I read nothing but nonfiction. Mostly true crime, books about historical significance incidents, architecture, different collectibles, whatever!) There is NOTHING like the feel of a book in your hands. I enjoy my Kindle, but I normally use it like a tablet with internet. I do not understand those who say they do not enjoy reading. Beyond my comprehension!

  3. I have 9 lawyer's bookcases, 3-4 stacks high filled with books. I also have my coffee table stacked with books that I need another bookcase for! I read nothing but nonfiction. Mostly true crime, books about historical significance incidents, architecture, different collectibles, whatever!) There is NOTHING like the feel of a book in your hands. I enjoy my Kindle, but I normally use it like a tablet with internet. I do not understand those who say they do not enjoy reading. Beyond my comprehension!

  4. Isn't it just awful that you have spent all these years in terrible pain wearing a brace that you are better off without..Medical people are only human and they are not always of luck with wearing the gel inserts..I am considering trying them myself as I have diabetic nerve pain..When I was a girl I also spent much of my time in our little local was a wonderful escape from a not so great home life..I also do not get this thing of displaying books backwards..what then is the point of displaying them at all if others cannot read the titles and maybe discuss them with you..I have been to many amazing places through these wonderful little treasures..

  5. I am so happy for you! This is great progress. I remember my first steps without either brace, I was so scared but so thrilled to use both feet again. I also wanted to shout it to the world. Ask for your surgeon for the following soft brace: "BREG" ankle lace up . Its a soft yet supportive ankle brace I found it supportive to the hurt ankle but yet soft and comforting. I also found that "Avia" women's walking shoes, have great ankle support, I wear a 7 but with the ankle brace a 8 fits perfect. No back pain, no ankle pain from this soft brace. The two together are a winning combination. Sketchers women walking with the brace also a winning combination. I walk all the time in those. I love your book choices and added them to my ever growing list. I am a speed reader and have to be surrounded by books. I to have a great love of reading. I spent my life in libraries . Excited to see your new project. Great news and never for a minute feel guilty about that handicap placard. You deserve it and need it. !!

  6. Enjoy your handicapp card!!!! Do not feel guilty. Because of the stenosis in my lower back, it makes it difficult to walk very far without stopping or leaning up on something. I have a cane is I am doing a Target or Dillards run. My car tag is now a handicap one and it is great!!!

    I just read the book Wild. I did like it a lot.

  7. Have you noticed that pain can be so draining? I have found I have more energy when I am not in pain!

    1. Plus I can see how it's aged me. Constant pain has a big effect on you in so many ways. Wears you down.

  8. Am so glad for you, Brenda, that you had such a good experience walking without the boot OR brace. Prayers may have also helped your ankle and foot to recover faster; you have many, many people praying for your healing. I, too, grew up in a home without books or magazines – we were just too poor to spend money on those but when I was old enough, my Mom got me a library card and I walked to our little downtown library and brought home as many as they would let me and would devour them each time. I was in heaven. Nine blocks round trip.

  9. Great news! Happy to hear your feeling better! Sounds like you had a good day.


    1. I have to be able to move faster if I'm ever to chisel away at the twenty some odd pounds I've gained since this ordeal began in 2012. So this gives me hope that I might be able to at least start to do that.

  10. Having worked in and loved libraries, I cannot understand the idea of turning the spines inward. Grant you, I understand that some think it is decorative, but I also know that some people put books on their shelves that they never read only to impress others. Don't get it, never will. Glad the gel inserts are helping and please don't ever feel guilty for using a handicapped spot. I remember when I broke my toe a couple of years ago and was in so much pain that any step saved was a blessing. Use the spot! That's what it's there for!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    1. That's what I kept telling myself. Yet when you're actually walking, you feel bad that someone in a wheelchair might pull up and not find a spot while you're in the store.

  11. I am one of those people that is thankful to be able to work. So many injuries to my feet, ankles and knees. I am very thankful to not loose my leg to the sarcomas that were removed .
    Never feel guilty about the handicap sticker. They don't give them out very freely.
    I am so excited about your walking. The brace probably changed your gait. Do you have one of those ace bandage ankle slip on thingies. That would give you some security esp. In your ankle. I wore one for over an year.
    I am anxious to hear about your kitchen and your books.

    1. I'm now wearing those tight stockings from the doctor's office, one on each foot, for stablization.

  12. I'm so glad that your foot is feeling better!

    I don't get the book turning thing either…. very odd.


  13. Brenda…I get terrible heel pain and have for years. I found that the Sketcher brand shoes are wonderful and they don't come in just sneakers. One pair I own has a gel insole to them and it's like walking on clouds and guess what no heel pain at all. Just something you might want to look into. Also they have the Go Walk series and they are also wonderful. Glad you were able to get out and about with little to no pain…onward and forward!!

    1. I shall certainly be checking into them, especially the ones that have a gel insole inside!

  14. So glad to hear some good Foot news for you Brenda! I love books and reading too and I remember loving when the bookmobile come to my tiny little town and we would walk over from out 2 room school house. My daughter also reads like a machine and it is great to see. Whenever she wants for the most part we will go buy her a book and she loves to go to bookstores and plop down and read.

    1. I'm so happy to read that! We need to foster a love of reading with the younger generation.

  15. What good news about your ankle pain. I always say that we know our bodies better than anyone else and looks like you were able to find what you need. I am a non stop reader, and love books, but I have to admit that I love my Kindle too. If I wake up in the night and can't get back to sleep and don't have a book, I just borrow one from my library on the Kindle. xo Laura

    1. I know it is infinitely easier to read that way. My friend Kay reads a lot of books that way.

    1. Oh, well, then I must read it as soon as I am finished reading the one I started before it arrived and get to it!

    1. I may just do that. I can't ditch the brace though. It had a $1300 price tag, that thankfully I think insurance paid, unless I still get a bill.

    1. Hoping it continues. One day was great though! Hope I can repeat it. No pain today.

  16. I agree with Gail. Sometimes Dr.s don't know best. Listen to your body and your instincts and I have a feeling 'yesterday' will happen again and again.

    Books are one of the all time greatest inventions, but sadly I think someday they will be no more.

    1. I believe with enough of us book lovers who don't want to transfer our love of reading to an electronic device, perhaps we can sway the way of the future.

  17. I am so excited for you to be able to talk without boot or brace! Wonderful news! Hope it continues! 😉

  18. So glad you aren't hurting as much! I hope that your ankle has healed well without the brace!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new counter and backsplash.
    I love reading too!

    1. I'm looking forward to what I do with the counter and backsplash. Each time I try something, it's one of those "hold your breath and hope it works" kind of things!

  19. I am a "Proof is in the pudding" kind of person. If NOT wearing the brace gives you more comfort, flexibility, and ability to walk without pain – I say go for it!

  20. Great news Brenda! I am so happy you came home after a full day and did well! Use that thing, surely it helps you to not walk so far, you need it now. So hope as you wake up this morning all is still well! Enjoy your new books.

  21. woooooooohooooooooooooooo so glad to hear about your foot and the fact you can walk.. dont overdo and smile.. you deserve it ~~!!

  22. That's great news about your foot/ankle, Brenda – I'm really happy for you. Can't wait to see what you do with your countertops and backsplash. You have done a wonderful job of turning your plain kitchen into and adorable, happy space!

    1. Well, the kitchen I decorated here looked nice, until things happened to mess it up. Now having to recreate some other vision of what I want. But then, that's half the fun of living someplace, isn't it?

  23. I remember reading about The Language of Flowers on a blog. I think I remember whose blog but I'll have to go check. It's been awhile.

    So glad to hear that you had a good day with so little pain! 🙂

    1. Oh, I was so thrilled. Walking straight. Standing up straight and walking evenly. So unaccustomed to that. But like riding a bicycle, comes right back to you!

  24. What great news, indeed! Keep walkin', my friend, and when you have had enough, throw those size 7s off, and keep readin'…!!!


  25. I am so excited for you not having to use the boot on today's outing. Something just sounds wrong w/the boot. I so miss not being able to wear cute flats at least. With plantar fascitis I feel pretty limited. I agree w/you, I so enjoy curling up in bed at night with a book, my puppy at my side, and reading til I keep dropping the book!

    1. You know, people tell me they fall asleep watching TV, reading, whatever. I cannot and never have fallen asleep until lights are off and I'm tucked into bed. Can't imagine falling asleep while doing something. Guess it's just not part of my DNA.

  26. The Language of Flowers sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out. I love books and I read all different kinds from biographies to mysteries. I even love to read cookbooks. When I was young, I was always sneaking one of my mother's harlequin romance books to read. lol! I'd read the back of cereal boxes and just about anything that had print on it, I think. I have a Nook, but never use it and I feel bad about it because my sweet aunt gave it to me. But, I'd much rather have the real thing in my hands.

    1. My ex had given me one of the earlier Kindles before we split up, and I gave it back to him. I just didn't like it.

  27. I read The Language of Flowers about 2 years ago. I cried, I laughed, I was in total love with that book. I am giddy for you, that you did so well without the boot or brace, but as a kind reminder, do not go out and walk 5 miles! Take it slow! By the way, I love the smell of library books! Especially the old ones!

    1. I'm being careful. Trying to anyway. I don't want to disrupt whatever progress I'm making.

  28. Good for you! I know exactly what it is like to actually walk without the boot or walker. I love books, too, although I do use my Kindle quite a lot. I do most of my reading in bed and having a light on would disturb my Mister, so I use the Kindle. I have a ton of books, some I've read, some I'm going to, but I always grab a book when my grand daughter comes for a sleep over. She loves them too!

  29. Never feel guilty for the handicap sticker, you earned the right to that after your first ankle surgery.

    I loved The Language of Flowers and it gave me a profound new respect for the foster system workers who are dedicated.

    I agree with you, I must have real books, in the hand.

    1. I had not heard of The Language Of Flowers, and now several of you mention reading it. Don't know how it managed to escape my notice.

  30. Wonderful to hear! And don't over do it!! As for books, I cannot resist them either. My weakness. Take care and I hope you continue to get better. Cheers

  31. I am so happy to hear about your day! That is the highlight of my day. I'm glad your using the handicapped sticker. That is what it is for – to make things easier.

    1. And it did. Make things easier. Tulsa is a big city and a lot of people live here. Hard to find parking sometimes.

  32. The brace is cumbersome and maybe it's good how things have happened. Or I might not have tried without it.

  33. I'm thrilled to hear that you had a good day with your foot! Maybe the brace is the problem. I prefer real books over a digital version too. My mom is a verocious reader too. She has tons of books and wanted to be a writer when she was young. I think it's great that you get books sent to you for review!

  34. Oh, Brenda!!!! YEA!!! I'm so glad you were able to run your errands virtually pain free and without the brace or boot. Something as simple as the gel inserts may be what you need for most days.
    I love to read, also, and have many stacks that are my TBR pile!! Stay safe and warm!!

  35. I used to read a great-aunts magazines that were like True Confessions. I wonder if they even have those anymore? I never see them on magazine racks.

  36. You will love The Language of Flowers and if you haven't read it The Secret Lives of Bees. I have always loved to read. In 5th grade I always finished my work before everyone else so the teacher would let me get a book and read. I think I read every book in our 5th grade library that year. When I was about 13 a neighbor girl and I were reading her mother's True Confessions etc. When my dad found out he got a library card in downtown Oklahoma City and would get books for me on his way home from work. He could pick out the best books! We did most of our shopping at thrift stores growing up. When there was extra money I was allowed to pick out a book or tow. I wish I still had some of those.

    I'm glad you had less pain today. I have stretched tendons and ligaments in my left foot so it rolls to the side. An orthopedic specialist recommended inserts and special shoes. At first I thought the shoes were too heavy because they were making my left knee hurt. I need a replacement but have been told by the surgeon and PT to put it off as long as I can. (I had the right knee done a year and a half ago and oh my what a difference. Anyway, I've found that wearing the special shoes makes the knee worse so for now I'm in my regular shoes.
    We are 2 miles above the Oklahoma state line in south central Kansas and are expecting bad weather tomorrow too. Stay safe and warm!

  37. I'm glad your foot is feeling so much better. I hope it continues to improve.
    Also, we didn't have books in my house until I was a teenager. Strange. When we moved close to a library I was in heaven and I also borrowed as many books as they would let me.

    1. I don't get people who never read. They don't know what they're missing out on. Reading helps vocabulary and spelling and broadens your horizons.

  38. Brenda, I'm so glad your mobility was better today. Do you need ice tonight? Maybe ice and Advil so you don't regret anything tomorrow? Just wondering.

    I read The Language of Flowers. It's an interesting, hard to put down book.

    1. I have ice on my back and on my ankle as I write this. I ice down every single night.

  39. so glad you are walking better and less pain – I hope it continues to improve for you and maybe you will be able to throw the boot and brace away for good sometime down the road. Don't over do!! Stay warm – we are to get the storm to by mid day tomorrow here in central Arkansas

    1. It was like getting a Christmas present. Just walking along like so many people who don't even give it a thought.

  40. I'm starting to really believe and live the saying "do what you don't know you can't". It has helped me with my knee odyssey. (: I love books, too. REAL books. I could never read electronic ones. I just finished The Beginner's Goodbye by Anne Tyler. Earlier this year I read The Light Between the Oceans and Orphan Train. All excellent. happy Reading!

    1. I've never heard that saying. I shall have to write that down. I love Anne Tyler. Such a talented writer.

  41. I am so happy to hear you walked around today without a boot! I can only imagine the sense of freedom you felt. I think you will enjoy that book, Language of Flowers. I read it awhile ago and loved it. I loved reading as a kid (didn't have a ton of my own books, but my mom took me and my sister to the library all the time) and still do.

  42. I like a book, too, Brenda. There is nothing like a REAL book with pages to turn. I even love the smell of books- the feel of the paper….
    DO NOT feel guilty about using your handicapped privilege- I am so glad that you were able to go without the brace today. i wore a brace off and on for about 3 years and was so happy to put the thing away. You are doing good! xo Diana

    1. I just had not had the feeling of simply walking, without limping or leaning or anything, for so long. It was such a pleasure.

    1. I took it easy yesterday. I've learned I need at least one day of rest. But I was so excited. Light at the end of the tunnel.

  43. I'm so glad you got pain relief today. I always use a custom orthotic. Not sure if they're really any better than the drugstore ones. Please, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY about using the handicap placard. You absolutely need it!

    1. I don't know either. I'll ask my surgeon. When I go in next week WITHOUT the brace on.

  44. I am so happy you found something to give you a little relief! And don't feel guilty about using the handicap card…it will help you get better! Sounds like a good day for you!

  45. Glad you had a good foot day! I love books, I can't read on a Kindle or my phone either. I like the feel the pages and smell the paper. I like to use a bookmark…even if it's just a napkin, I like seeing where I've been and how much further I have to go!

  46. I am so happy for you that today without the brace was better then with it. I love books and have to have stack around at all times. The Language of Flowers looks like a good one.


    1. I wanted to stop some shopper and say: "Look! I'm walking!" They'd have called security…

  47. Well, that IS a splendid bit of news about the shoes and the gel.. how marvellous that has made you feel. I know that feeling of pain and how debilitating it is, but you just soldier on. So now you won't have to, dear lady. I envy you having a little job of reviewing books, what a marvellous thing to be able to do.I am awash with books, loving them all my life. Going into any library even now, makes me weak kneed with all the choice of books. I have sometimes tried to read books that I read as a much younger person to see if they still resonated with me as a more grown up person, and quite a lot of them stand that test of time. I particularly liked SCott Fitzgerald, and Collette and many of the modern crime thrillers.. autobiographies, as I like to learn what makes people tick, and historical true life, and novels.. quite an eclectic mix, but without books I would be so lost. I have a kindle, but frankly I prefer reading the old fashioned way.. much better experience I think… anyway, thought I would grab a line or too, to show you that I am very happy that you are feeling and going to feel so much better now that walking will not be so hard! hugs from across the pond..

    1. There I was walking through Lowes (a big box store!) and Target like a normal person. No one could have guessed I was so excited just to put one foot in front of the other and keep right on going!

  48. Oh, Brenda! I feel the same way about books. They are like old friends and I can't seem to let them go once I've read them; hence the 'library', lol!

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