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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Brenda! And the fountain is the icing on the cake! I will be interested to see what the liriope looks like as it grows. Does it have blossoms? I have heard of it but haven’t actually ever seen it.
    Well, enjoy the beauty and the wild and crazy wildlife! Squirrels mating on your loveseat! What’s next??

  2. Brenda, since management obviously has to get someone out there to repair your sprinkler system, ask them ahead of time if they will have that company add on an outdoor water faucet spigot that comes off the sprinkler system. it’s not hard for them to do and it could give all of you and your neighbors closer access to water for your gardens..

  3. Happy Sunday…what I can see looks so nice…I get all the ads but not all your pics…do not know why. My clematis is mostly in shade.. it just blooms later than most and last longer in the season.Went to the green house and got double impatient shade baskets and a beautiful begonia basket…vibrant colors..the season is finally here in Wi.💕

  4. It’s beautifiul and serene looking Brenda. I love a fountain too… I have one in my yard that I have to keep inside all winter long, but I’m now about ready to put it out. We still get night freezes through June so I have to be careful and lug it back in if I know it’s going to freeze! But in the summer, it’s music to my ears in this very dry climate I live in! My mom had a shade garden, and there were plants that thrived and bloomed. I know one was begonias.. I had some too once in a shady spot and they did great and have bright vivid colors. I know another lady mentioned them. I think pansies do well in shade also and are very hardy. I’m glad you can get outside and sit on your patio and enjoy the sights and sounds! Marilyn

  5. Everything looks beautiful, Brenda! I’m so glad you have good people around you to help you out. Love the fountain. Running water is such a soothing sound. Do you like the sound of wind chimes? I love hearing mine sing to me on a beautiful, breezy day. I’m glad you took everyone’s advice and planted something in the cinder blocks holes. It really looks great. So, I’m not sure I understand what you meant about using the email link to come to your blog. You said you don’t make money if we do that? Does that mean you do make money if we just go to Google and find your blog that way? I’m sorry, I just didn’t quite understand that. If there’s a way to read your blog that does make you money, that’s how I’d like to read it. I want to help you out any way I can.

    1. What I meant is that the old way I sent out emailed posts had quite a bit of the post already written for you to read. By the time you got to my actual post you’d probably already read most of it. So I’m linking to my post so you will read it all there. Just click on the link in the email please.

  6. Your yard looks great. I had to chuckle when you said Ron and Pat told you they saw two squirrels mating on your loveseat! How appropriate!

  7. The yard is just lovely. Glad to see you have the fountain up and running. And the wildlife in the neighborhood is such fun. I have lots of bunnies on my property and they can be so funny.

  8. Your yard is looking good.
    I think it is prettier than your other one. Thanks for the information on where to go to the get into your blog. You certainly deserve credit for all your hard work.

      1. Good! Maybe I managed to fix it in the Settings. There are so many things to do with a blog that some things get forgotten or you just haven’t learned about them yet.

  9. Your yard is gorgeous, Brenda! I am crazy about the addition of the water fountain. The sound can be so soothing and the wildlife stopping by to visit will enjoy it, as well.
    I believe I’d enjoy sitting out there with a cool drink (sweet tea) and some light reading or handwork. I know you’re going to enjoy it all very much!
    Happy Sunday.

  10. Your backyard is GORGEOUS!!! I love the fountain and I know how much the sound means to all the wildlife, especially the birds. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, I’ve been thinking the same thing. At some point I will have them remove the rest of the grass out by the rustic path between John’s yard and mine, and I plan to put hydrangeas there probably.

  11. Brenda your garden is truly a delight, I would like to get some running water in the garden for the birds and my interest. I have looked at one or two things but then its a matter of getting electricity to whatever it is. Your clematis is beautiful, mine won’t show any flowers for a while yet.
    I would think that Ivy never gets bored with looking out of the patio door when there is so much wildlife around. The rabbit looks like the one we have in the garden, now its spring he is off under the fence to who know where.

  12. Everything looks so nice. You did a great job picking out the plants. Even when you have a shady yard there are many beautiful plants to add color to the garden. Enjoy your day.

    1. I’m pleased with it so far. But then I go out there and see so much more I want to do at some point.

  13. You have a lovely area surrounding you to look out on. Starting over takes time. You are sure getting there. Begonias would be nice, too.
    Wondering what size pot you have the Japanese Maple in. I had to go from a yard to containers only. It has been fun. I have a hydrangea doing great for 3 yrs. Would love to try the maple.

  14. My clematis is just peeking out of the ground. I’ve had it for 4 years, and so far it has survived and bloomed on the trellis. I don’t have much sun shining on that side of the deck, but it does ok.
    Yours looks so pretty already. Well, all of your yard looks pretty, and I love your fountain.
    What a very nice young man Greg is to help you if needed. You don’t see much of “that” now a days.
    Have a beautiful Sunday. We may see 75 today. If so, it is the warmest it has been this spring, and we can sit out on our deck. Maybe Spring is really here.

    1. Greg is so sweet to help me. Yesterday he came and he’d barely gotten through the patio door before he said: “Now where’s this fountain?”

  15. The clematis is gorgeous! Having the fountain out too, what a treat for you and the wildlife! You’ve done so much already to the garden and patio areas.
    I know you are restless to do more but are restricted due to still recovering from the ankle surgery, but really you’ve accomplished a TON of improvements in the space. It looks beautiful, neat, tidy, and in a year, maybe less, as the plants grow, the entire area will look lush. The animals in the apartment complex are used to having humans in close proximity, and they have learned by observation there will be food for them – bird seed, maybe nuts, crumbs from snacks and meals eaten out on patios and balconies by residents, and water either in bird baths, fountains like yours or even puddles in small depressions after a rain or someone has sprinkled their garden area. Your patio has turned into a place where squirrels go to meet and mate – how funny is that! The birds will love the fountain that is now out, and so will the squirrels. It’s going to be warm here we may reach 80 F today, which is unusual for this time of year, but there has been nothing “normal” about the weather here for some years, so I’m filling the bird baths 2-3 times a day. Was reminded while watching a weather report on TV this morning that huge flocks of birds are now flying north for the summer, and I am getting lots of visitors, seeing birds and hearing calls I’ve never seen or heard before. The weather person reminded viewers to keep lights off at night if possible, as it makes it somewhat easier for large flocks of birds to navigate.

  16. Brenda, it looks lovely! A new chapter and new things to look at.

    I would just like to say that you work hard on your blog, as do most bloggers and many barely eek out a living for free content. Blogs are a lot of work, if you made any money from people clicking on your email it it well deserved.

    Do whatever you have to do to be able to continue to write posts and earn some money to live on.

    xo Elizabeth

    1. Yeah, I started over 14 years ago and have not gotten a ton of traction, but I have made many online friends.

  17. Maybe it was me, but I couldn’t open the blog in the email, until today when you directed me to the blog. Thank you for doing this. Good to know how you are doing. Like you, I am content to observe what is outside my window and enjoy the seasonal changes here in northern Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦 🍁

    1. I don’t know what I originally clicked on that changed everything. But the only way I could see to fix it was to send out the email to the link.

  18. Very lovely…great ideas to hide ugly things too…I imagine in a couple months it will be even better!!

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