What On Earth Did I Plant That Blooms In November?

This morning I was letting Charlie out and saw this strange. I knew there was an odd vine crawling up the fence. Some of the leaves have turned a pretty burnt red color.

Was it just another weed vine, of which there are many around here?

Then I recalled planting some vine from seed there in that space, but I can’t recall what it was. This was back last March probably.

Do you recognize it? I don’t think I’ve seen a flower quite like this before. The bloom is kind of intricate and interesting. And I could see that others were about to open.

The cold doesn’t seem to bother it. But then I can’t recall if it’s gotten down to freezing yet this fall. I know it’s been very close.

The Peanut Butter On My Shoe Incident:

How on earth, you must be wondering, did I manage to get peanut butter on my shoes? Not just ordinary shoes at that, but sneakers. Which means peanut butter in all those little lines and ridges.

I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night hungry. So I wander into the kitchen and get a bit of peanut butter to tide me over.

This morning as I was getting all of Charlie’s medications together, I happened to look down with my reader glasses on and thought: Oh, what a pretty golden brown leaf Charlie must have tracked in.

Then I started walking around the kitchen and realized that that definitely was not a pretty leaf. Because my shoes were sticking to the floor. No, it was peanut butter. And I’d tracked it all over the place.

So I went into the bathroom and sat on the closed toilet and opened the bottom drawer of my bathroom vanity. Hearing this, Ivy came running. She knows that the Q-tips are in that drawer and Ivy loves Q-tips.

I sat there for some time and used many Q-tips trying to get the peanut butter out of all those many ridges in my shoes.

And Ivy happily took off with a couple of Q-tips.

What I’m Currently Reading:

This book just came out. And oh, is it a great thriller. I’d have to say one of the top 3 of my best books read in 2020. And you know I read a lot of books.

Two women meet on the evening train. One, Selena, is on her commute home from her job. She is upset about what she saw on the nanny cam between her husband and the nanny, and finds herself telling this stranger about it.

The other woman introduces herself as Martha. She also tells Selena a story, that she’s having an affair with her boss.

Both women had been keeping these secrets, but it seemed safe enough to divulge them to a stranger on the train. They’d never see each other again, right?

But then the nanny disappears.

As the story unfolds, Selena learns that that meeting on the train was not happenstance. Then Selena begins to get texts. They say for instance: “Hey, how’s it going? Great meeting you last night.”

And the texts always end with: “It’s Martha by the way. From the train.”

Christmas Decorating:

I did get my table top tree up yesterday. But it isn’t decorated yet.

I knew I wasn’t up to getting the skinny 7 foot tree down from the upper shelf in my closet. And I’d given Kendra my other table top trees for the grandchildren to put up in their bedrooms.

So I ordered one from National Tree Company. I was surprised when I opened the box yesterday.

The table top tree was all in one piece. And it had a very heavy solid base that would not get knocked over. No little plastic pieces to hold it up.

All I had to do was reach into the box, take it out and start fluffing the branches.


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  1. I am looking for a pretty table-top artificial tree. I visited the website where you got yours. Would you be willing to share which tree you got?
    Thank you!

  2. I’m not able to help you identify that beautiful flower but what a delightful surprise! I hope you discover more blooms soon.

  3. I get gunk on the bottom of my shoes that aren’t washable. I always keep old toothbrushes around for cleaning nooks and crannies around the house. If you have an old toothbrush or a small scrubby, put some water in a dish over the kitchen sink and clean between the grooves of the soles being careful not to get water on the unwashable parts of the shoe (with tennies I don’t think it would hurt them), then blot excess water from the soles with a towel and let them sit outside if its warm enough or near a heat vent if its not. Sorry, no help trying to identify the vine. The only thing that came to mind was trumpet flower but photos of trumpet flowers I looked at online didn’t have those large yellow stamens shooting out from them and I didn’t see any of that lovely lavender color, either. How wonderful, though, to get flowers this time of year!

  4. Cup and saucer vine. I love these. Though I haven’t seen one in ages. Annual here In Wisconsin.

  5. I don’t know if your particular shoes or washing machine will accommodate it, but any time I’ve got nastiness on my sneakers I toss them in the washer and then let air dry. And someone already suggested the plant identifier app. My daughter has that and we’ve identified several plants that way.

  6. I do love that flower Brenda, I am hoping someone will identify it for us. It is so pretty and I love the
    lavender color.

    Great pictures of Charlie and Ivy.

  7. Good morning Brenda, the flower is beautiful! I am no help in that department because I do not know anything about gardening.
    Your sweet fur kids look so sweet!
    I love little trees! We got rid of our big one years ago and now have many little ones, I love it!

  8. Brenda, this is just a suggestion, but, you can load an app on your phone called “Picture This”. It is a plant identifier and tells you all about the characteristics of a plant.

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