My Christmas tree was decorated yesterday. It took me most of the day because I had to sit down every little bit. It’s a four foot tree I ordered from Wayfair. It has 150 clear lights.

Often you have to go the smaller tree route in small space homes. Of course I had my seven foot pencil thin tree from last year.

But I didn’t think it would be wise for me to get up on a step ladder in order to get it down.

And I gave my other table top trees to the grand kids so they could all have one in their bedrooms. Of course thinking I’d always use the tall tree. But plans change.

Balancing Color:

This tree was all in one piece in the box it came in. So it was easy to deal with.

Though almost every year I’ve decorated a tree in my signature red and white, I decided not to add the red this year.

This is because there is already so much color in the boho wall hanging I was afraid it would be overwhelming to the senses!

I added this little tree vignette to the mix. This was to detract from the TV being on the same wall.

I don’t buy presents because I always gift cards, so there won’t be presents around the tree. And adding the smaller tree vignette kind of takes the place of wrapped gifts.

A Unifying Theme:

I like the addition of the wood theme around the tree and boho table it stands on.

To me it’s preferable to have items that have a unifying and recurring theme. Which I think makes your decor seem more balanced.

When you look past the portable fireplace, you see varying degrees of wood decor, and I thought that was a nice configuration.

Use Different Sized Ornaments:

At first I put the silver and gold ornaments on the tree along with white pine cone ornaments.

But when I stood back and looked, I realized that it would look better to use various sized ornaments. So I added smaller ornaments as well.

It gives it a more layered effect and to me is more pleasing to the eye. I ended up using three or four different sizes of ornaments.

Also consider various textures when the tree has more of a monochromatic look. It seems to improve the overall look of your tree I think.

Use A More Muted Look Against A Brightly Colored Background:

As you can see with the tree against the background of the colorful boho quilt, the more understated look is a better choice. Or at least I think so. This is the least colorful tree I’ve ever decorated. But I like it in this case.

It feels so cozy to sit here with the lights on. Sure adds to the ambiance of the room.

And during a time when we don’t go out much, we need a cozy environment in our homes.

Having The Tree & TV Close Together:

I struggled with having a TV next to the tree.

But my chosen spot for the tree would have been where Ivy’s cat tower is. And I didn’t want to disrupt her by moving it. She doesn’t seem to like it when I move her things.

Consider Filling In The Space Between The Tree & The TV:

Having the tree and the TV on the same wall was why I decided to add the smaller trees in between. I felt that that gave it a more balanced look to finish things off. That way they don’t look right next to each other. There is something dividing them.

When you live in a small space home, you have to make these decisions. Do I really want my Christmas tree right by the TV? Does that ruin the look?

That’s what we’re faced with. And I love living small, so I will always make it work.

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  1. You have a lovely tree. Mine is small too. It is a crab pot tree with colored lights and ornaments. I tried a taller tree with my cats but not a good idea.

  2. Your Christmas decor is beautiful! Love the tone on tone look you have going … and the wood. Christmas decorations always make me happy!

  3. Your tree is gorgeous and really shows up beautifully against the backdrop of the quilt. It doesn’t bother me at all that the tree is close to the TV. In a smaller apartment or home where your space is limited convenience and comfort are important. I love my Christmas tree each year. Even with the same ornaments (I’ve got tons acquired over the past 40 years) they always come out different looking. I love the lights, I love the sparkle, I love the pine-scented (or apples and cinnamon) wax that I melt in my – wax melter (?) – not sure what it’s called 🙂 This year I may leave my tree up until mid-February, why not! Lots of neighbors were decorating for Christmas in October and I was amazed at the sight at first, but when I thought about it, it made sense to me. I read that this year it seems many folks all across the country (maybe the world) had the same idea. This time of year is magical and special and more so this year when we are hunkering down. Honoring our traditions and the holidays is comforting.

  4. Very serene and peaceful! Being in our homes more has allowed me to enjoy my white lights on my mantle that I decorate for every season. We are going with a pencil style tree this year and a tabletop one as well cause like Pat G says, we enjoy looking at them! None of us knows yet what our Christmas will be like to feel safe to gather together, so I want to see the lights and beauty of the season inside my home since I won’t be going to stores to see displays.

  5. Great choice with the monochromatic tree theme … it looks great in your room. And I like the addition of the small trees and wooden boxes. Now time to sit and enjoy!

  6. Small places do need small trees. Your tree is beautiful as usual. The candles under it concern me even though they are battery operated. Be safe

      1. I love the tree 🌲. Your trees are always beautiful. I don’t think it matters the size of the tree but just having one is important to me. Oddly enough my daughter has taken over decorating the house and I love that! At 74 it’s hard doing it all. Enjoy⛄️🎄🎅🏽

    1. Not sure why they would be any more dangerous than the lights already on the tree. I wouldn’t hesitate to turn them on. It all looks beautiful, Brenda.

  7. Gorgeous! Everything is perfect! You sure do have a special knack for decorating, must be where your daughter gets it!
    I was worried about our kitty bothering the tree the first year (she’s 5 now) but she was so good and was happy to just lay under it. Shocked us because we expected the worst! Haha

  8. it’s all just perfect! so beautiful.
    and I love that you didn’t want to disrupt little Ivy’s life.
    I think the space you found for the tree (s) looks cozy and lovely! xo

  9. I love your tree, with the smaller trees next to it. The ornaments are beautiful and Perfect!!! We drove to the tree farm on Saturday, and picked up our tree. I like a Fraiser Fur because the needles seem to not shed. This year, and last year we chose a 4 foot, table top tree too. Living in a mobile home, it’s better, even tho the first 6 years we went with the regular 8 footer, and it fit fine. I said “years ago” I would never have a small tree, even had a 20 foot tree in our house at one time. But now we are older, and don’t think the way we used to. Anyway, I still use all of my antique ornaments, and ALL the lights I used on our larger trees. It has the old fashion look that I love, something on every branch.
    We don’t buy presents, now that the grand kids are older. Every body wants the cash, so we don’t use gift cards, this way they can buy where and what they want to. Times do change, don’t know what our Christmas will be like this year. We won’t be having our get together here at our house, because of the virus. We’ll be driving to the each boy’s home, to pass out the gifts from the car. Hope we can celebrate when this virus is OVER!!!!!!

  10. I love the shiny sparkles of the bulbs reflecting the light. I need to get busy and set up my nativity and small tree. It takes me a while to do anything because I have to sit down frequently also. I love Christmas decorations. My mother always decorated the whole house. She even made a Santa and Reindeer out of plywood and put it on our front porch roof. She was so artistic, too bad I didn’t inherit that from her. ha ha.

  11. Absolutely beautiful ! It looks like something out of a magazine ! My daughter and I decorated Friday it took us three hours to decorate inside and out. We live at the end of a road and there is no through traffic so nobody can just drive by our house. We have railroad tracks in front of our house that the coal train uses so we always joke that at least the train engineer sees it !

  12. Good morning Brenda, Somehow or other I have been deleted from your mailing list. I started to worry about you when I got no new post notifications. When I checked I realized I was just not being notified of new posts. I tried to sign up again, but still no notifications. Drat!! Beautiful tree and surrounding vignette. No tree here this year. Everything still in storage and unavailable to easy access. I’m going to enjoy yours and other bloggers. Merry Christmas!! Sandra

    1. I checked and your email address is still with the email company I use. Probably it’s going to spam for some reason. That’s usually the problem. You might check that and then let me know.

  13. Your decorations are all so lovely, Brenda! The mix of different sized ornaments on the tree looks fabulous. The vignette with the trees on the box is a lovely addition.
    I spent time decorating yesterday with my the usual ‘suspects’ LOL I did my vintage styled snowmen with bottle brush trees standing in front of a delightful train. On the small table in my tiny entry is my my prelit (all white) 18 tree simply topped with a wee santa hat and a large old fashioned santa and a few other doo-dahs. In another spot I added a dough bowl with cinnamon scented bowl fillers (pinecones, greenery, etc.
    No large tree, yet, because I can’t decide exactly what I want to do. I have a 7ft pencil tree I usually decorate with snowmen and snowmen themed ornaments. I did purchase a 4ft tree with white lights that I’m considering instead for the snowmen ornaments. And, last but not least I have some gingerbread themed things to use in my kitchen. Still a bit to do but I’m moving slow and not rushing. Rather than rushing I’m savoring this ‘task’ because I don’t want to just decorate I want to make sure it looks cozy and appealing to ME.
    Oh, I do have a question for you – I hope you don’t miss my question because I know you can help me. Recently I was given a galvanized beverage type container (similar to your red one). I’m considering putting the 4ft tree in it – I believe you did that one Christmas?!? I haven’t tried it yet but I’m thinking I’m going to need to put something in the bottom to raise the tree up a bit – did you and if so what did you use? Thank you!
    Sorry to go on and on!

      1. Oh thank you so much, Brenda. I’m going to check out your posts.
        I do remember your gazebo and how much you loved it. Big Sigh!

      2. I know I’m being a pain! LOL
        Both trees looks wonderful in the beverage cart/container. I’m going to pull the 4ft tree out of the box and see how it works in the container I have. I seemed to recall that you’d used netting but had forgotten it was the white tree – definitely looks like snow. And, I love, love, love the peppermint candy ornaments. So cute!!! I was thinking about using netting, as well. Now, I’m excited about messing with the 4ft tree. Thank you sooooo much!

        As an aside, if it works as I’m envisioning, in my mind’s eye, I’m thinking about leaving it up and decorating it for different holidays. Time will tell.

  14. You did a beautiful job, with the different sized ornaments and the balanced affect, everything. So pretty. Just tell Ivy to keep her paws off the tree, haha.

  15. Absolutely perfect, now I have get out my tree and get started! How do you keep Ivy from bothering the tree? We have had our two rescue kitties for less than a year, so first year with tree and I am getting nervous.

  16. I like it.
    I went with a 6 footer this year and put it in front of my window.
    I’m a buffalo plaid enthusiast and it came out nice with predominantly those ornaments and some blue and pink thrown in and of course can’t forget my tuxedo cat ornament for the babies😻.
    I know several people that “ can’t be bothered” setting up a tree and decorating because no one sees it… not me, I see it and I love it.
    I can’t put gifts under( my grandsons), the adult kids get gift cards too, because Mr. Buddy likes to chew and shred paper,lol.

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