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  1. Elizabeth says:

    It sounds like landlords are all in cahoots to raise the rent everywhere. In this apt complex, they tend to raise the rent by $100 a month, each year…but none of us on fixed incomes have had any raise like that…and you add then all the utilities, cell phone, etc also all adding their $10 or so more each month…it’s beyond crazy!! We were landlords of a duplex for some years, we NEVER raised the rent but once, and that was due to our taxes going up and we paid the lion’s share of the increase…just adding a bit from the renter. We also kept the monthly rent far below average in that area. Is it any wonder that in 13 years we only had 3 renters? One stayed 8 years. Landlords are stupid because every single time you have someone leave, there is ALWAYS a lot of expense painting, fixing etc, in addition to having at least 1 month between renters to get apt ready to rent again…we always felt what we did was not only the RIGHT way to do it, we at the end, felt we were no worse off financially for keeping the rent so low. We never regretted so doing.

  2. It has been cooler here the past few days, too. Later this week we’ll hit 80 again. I’m actually glad because I want to go to the beach on a nice day, one last time. We found the most beautiful, quiet beach (on Lake Michigan) right over the border of Wisconsin just this past Friday, our anniversary. Little did we know it was also one of the top beaches to find sea glass, too.

    Rent prices are ridiculous everywhere. My son pays $1100/month for a tiny duplex outside of Pasadena, CA. That’iss just HIS share – he has a roommate. Even rent here 50 miles outside of Chicago (where it’s supposedly cheaper), rent is easily $900 – $1000/mo for a one bedroom apartment.

    Your plants are flowers are so pretty. I’m glad you now love your patio area and that your neighbor-friends come by to visit.

    What is going to happen to that mama dog and her pups? So heartbreaking seeing that photo.

  3. You’ve really done such a beautiful job with your garden, Brenda. You’re lucky to have the gift of a green thumb. As you thin out your Spring/Summer blooms, maybe you could make room for some beautiful Fall potted flowers. I’ll bet looking outside at the pretty red, orange, and yellow flowers would be gorgeous for the next coming season. Maybe you could even add in a pumpkin or two. Wouldn’t that be pretty? As far as rents go, I don’t know how people can afford to live anywhere. Even a small one bedroom apartment isn’t cheap. And since most people’s raises aren’t keeping up with the cost of living, what are people to do? Not everyone has a family member willing to take them in. You have such a wonderful group of friends and neighbors, it’d be a shame to lose them, because they can’t afford the rent. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

  4. Mary in PA says:

    Your garden .is beautiful – love the color combinations! It amazes me how much you’ve accomplished with what it looked like before and your mobility problems. Inspiring, Brenda!
    Was an animal rescue organization called about that poor dog and her pups? They surely can’t stay out there like that. How cruel,how sad.

    1. They were picked up by some animal agency that day.

      1. That’s what I was wondering and worried about, too—thank you for the answer, Brenda. And the gorgeous photos, as always.

  5. I hope that poor fog and puppies will be rescued.. my friend lived in Oklahoma for years and was appalled at how stray dogs and cats were treated…
    Rents are going up everywhere, sadly…no laws or rules against how much or how often it can be done.

    1. I’m not out and about much anymore, but I agree. Homeless pets and homeless people are not taken care of here.

  6. You definitely worked hard to get your garden the way you wanted it. It’s wonderful and lovely.
    Having great neighbors is an added bonus in your life.
    Have a great Sunday!

  7. Anonymous says:

    What you have done with your garden is truly amazing Brenda. Well done !!

    1. Once a gardener always a gardener I suppose.

  8. I knew you could create a happy space with plants that would thrive in that environment. Glad you have a welcoming pathway so friends could visit. I just came in from gathering seeds with my neighbor. I thought she was exaggerating when she said she had 5 foot marigolds but lo and behold she did! It is so much fun to share plants and seeds. Tomorrow I am taking a few things to a reasonably priced upscale consignment shop. I will see how that turns out. I donate the run of the mill items but we’ll see if I make a few bucks. The weather has been great here too. Have a good day!

    1. I’ve never heard of marigolds growing that tall!

  9. Briana from Texas says:

    The rent keeps going up at our complex too. Our business never recovered from the Covid shut-down so we are relying on my husband’s social security and side hustles. So many long-time neighbors have been forced to move already. And now they want us to rent washer & dryers from them when the ones that we have work perfectly fine.

    1. If you own your home, you have high dollar expenses in terms of maintenance. If you rent, you never know how high your rent is going to be raised. Hard to win.

  10. Good information about the movie and book. I love good mysteries. I have reverted to silk flowers as, while I have two patios and a front porch, I’ve had to forgo real plants, except for the herb garden on my kitchen counter. I love that!! I’m in an apartment as well and am concerned about rent increases that happen every year. Not fun, but I appreciate all the services. Walks shoveled by the time I walk the dog in the winter at 7 am.

    1. If the walks get shoveled it’s Steve, but I do appreciate not having to pay for big items like air conditioning and plumbing.

  11. The photos of your garden are so beautiful. It is truly amazing what you have done to transform the patio in just a few years, and with your inability to move about freely and without pain because of the damaged ankle tendon. I am a firm believer in “where there’s a will, there’s a way” but you take the cake when it comes to that saying! How worrisome that rents keep rising. Where does the management think elderly retired tenants are going to get more and more money to keep paying already high rents? “Rich” retired people aren’t living in senior apartment complexes! We are getting much needed rain here in SE WI and the temperatures haven’t risen above 70, the grass is looking much happier already this morning, it started just after dark came yesterday and has been off and on since then. So – no working outside today. Later this new week the forecast is for hot weather to return. The flowers in my garden beds are still beautiful and the sedum have now opened up their purple bee attracting flowers. My potted tomato plant has been going to town, I have more ripe tomatoes than I can give away! I’ll be cutting some up and freezing them for cooking over the winter.

    1. I’m so glad you have your home that I know you love!

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