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  1. Thank you for this Brenda. Mental and emotional illness is a sickness just like any other physical illness. But there are unfortunatly some big differences in how people look at such illnesses. There is little understanding or acceptance. People with such illnesses do face shame and fear and because of that don’t always get the treatment they need.
    This is a subject close to my heart. There is a history of depression and some other related problems in my family. Many people will use alcohol to mask such problems, which is what my parents did. Others will refuse to admit there is a problem and suffer more than they should have to. I have a close family member that is bipolar and struggles constantly despite the intelligence and many talents he was born with. Most bipolar people are very intelligent, artistic and talented. It is heartbreaking.

    1. I think that many with mental illness are very, very artistic.

  2. Love Law and Order. I always learn something.Mental Illness needs to be talked about more .We have great Drs. great medicine that is available to help people today .So glad we have shows like this to help educate us .

  3. Law and Order SVU is one of my favorite shows ever and I am still watching the reruns. And wow, I do remember that episode! It just happens to be one of my favorites also. I never thought she was crazy, just a free spirit who lived life on her terms. I was actually a little envious of her!

    1. She was definitely a free spirit! She should have won an award for that performance.

  4. Very well written on a unpredictable disease. I think sometimes the disease preventative drugs have more side effects than the actual disease so it is a hard call for a lot of people afflicated.

  5. Brenda, You Are back’. And the font is Great! So easy to read, too.
    Hope you are better and not coughing anymore. These have been
    Good days to stay in as much as possible and read, make soup or
    clean out drawers and cupboards.
    Do you happen to know the title of
    the Law and Order episode? After helping someone for many years who was bipolar I would so like to see this.
    Maybe it could be found on YouTube.

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