Ivy & The Light On The Ceiling

This is regarding Ivy and the light on the ceiling.

Yesterday morning Ivy started meowing insistently. Which is odd.

Ivy very rarely meows. I could probably count the number of times I’ve heard that cat meow on one hand.

That’s not to say that she doesn’t make sounds. When she wants my attention, she might “um.” Or she might “me” if she wants me to pet her.

Ivy’s Funny Ways:

Ivy doesn’t like being held, but she will lay on her side or back and thoroughly enjoy a good petting session. When she sees me take her brush from the drawer she comes running.

In Ivy and the light on the ceiling, Ivy is on the couch staring at the ceiling

I thought, what on earth has Ivy so upset about? So I looked up at the ceiling just as she was. And there was a round spot of reflected light about the size of a golf ball on the ceiling.

That was it. Nothing more.

Why did this so disturb her I wondered? There of course are no answers. Cats are notoriously hard to figure out.

Ivy staring at the ceiling

Ivy is not like any other cat I’ve known. She has strange habits and ways. But I must say she is always interesting and entertaining.

After a while, the meowing was a bit disturbing. It was an insistent meow, one that said “something is wrong and why don’t you get up and fix it.” I was afraid she was going to get a kink in her neck having it stretched toward the ceiling for so long.

What Could I Do?

But there was no way I could fix the situation. I couldn’t reach up to the ceiling and put my hand over the spot of reflected light and hide it from her.

What was a person to do?

Well, nothing. Nothing you can do.

In Ivy and the light on the ceiling, Ivy can't stop staring at it

You just wait until she’s gotten whatever is troubling her out of her system. Because a cat is a cat and that is that.

And Ivy is Ivy.



  1. I was holding a medium hand mirror the other night side ways looking at my teeth ,I recently had one break off and I was checking it .I am going this week to have it repaired or extracted with an oral surgeon .Kramer cat was across the room and he became very excited an started running across the room jumping up on the side of the the wall it was the reflection from my mirror .If you have a mirror around it could have been been that .
    I love Ivy’s coloring especially on her back she is exquisite!
    And Charlie is a cutie with his last haircut,they are precious !
    I love the photos you share of them !

  2. My cat is fascinated with shadows, too. She stretches as high up as she can reach to try to reach them. This from up on the highest piece of furniture she can climb on. Ivy sounds a lot like my cat. She likes playing hide and seek and she always hides between the two shower curtains and looks at you with big round eyes. Aren’t they fun? I always say they’re more entertaining than television.

  3. My female rescue kitty is much like Ivy. She was deserted by her mother very early, at about 4 weeks old, and the vet said cats like that, that didn’t have their mamas, can be different, etc. And our Maddie is surely different. She will see some little speck somewhere or maybe a tiny bug that I can’t even see, and be so intrigued by it, or bothered. She very seldom meows and doesn’t like to be held or petted really. We can pet her head a little bit, but she hates any sort of feeling contained or trapped. I suppose being held feels like being out of control. At age 4, she has relaxed a little bit, but not much. I wonder what your Ivy’s history is? No matter what, they definitely ARE very lovable in their own ways, and take our hearts too.

  4. When I look at the pics of Ivy I think how beautiful cats are (not forgetting Charlie of course!)
    They are so clean and wonderous creatures.
    Just to look at them takes my breath away.

  5. My Merci Kitty notices shadows quite a bit, and just a few days ago I noticed her sitting still and eyeing something on the floor. Moving right in front of her, was a shadow that was moving back and forth. She was puzzled. Made me laugh so much!
    It was a shadow of her tail.

  6. If it’s a light reflection it’s funny she hasn’t noticed it before. Maybe it is a new thing, light from a lamp or one of your windows reflecting off of something you have moved into a different position in the room or added to a wall or table top.

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