On my many treks out to the patio garden each day, I peer closely at the soil looking for something new. And just about every day I find something.

I got the Johnny Jump Ups planted yesterday.

The Lamb’s Ear is growing rapidly. I’ve cut out all the brown and left the soft velvety leaves to grow.

If you have children or grandchildren, I’m sure they’d love the Lamb’s Ear because it’s soft as a bunny’s ear when you rub the leaves between your fingers.

Right now it’s probably the alliums below that are visibly growing taller each day.

Looks like I should have a good patch of them through the summer.

I saw that one of the wild Morning Glories had already marked its spot. Those things grow like weeds in my pots.

But the bright purple color of the blooms are quite lovely.

I’m not planting the daisies for a week or so. Until I think the last freeze is past us.

I’ll just tend to them over on the table by the back of the apartment. And bring them in if need be.

What is the current status of your garden space? Are you seeing the progress of spring weather yet?

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  1. My blue black salvia is peeking up. The hummingbirds and bees love it. It does spread and can be invasive but I just shovel some up and give it away. I always tell people it will spread in about three years do be prepared for that. However, I also remind that it helps the bees so good to plant. My daffodils are in full bloom and my yellow jasmine at my mailbox is beginning to bloom. Trees here in South Carolina are blooming too and so now my sinuses are going nuts but I’ll take it to see spring arrive . I’ve had my shots and I’m so excited that two of my friends from teaching days have had theirs also and were planning a trip to the NC mountains to go to a few antique shops and to go to lunch. Excited beyond words to do something so normal once again. I’m glad your getting your shot now. Now if more of the nation will follow we might beat this virus. The young who keep insisting on partying are driving me over the edge with anger over their selfishness and self centered behavior. Boo hoo you had to study. I remember winning my scholarship to go to college and I viewed it as a privilege to get to study. Selfish entitled brats supported by their stupid parents are infuriating. Ok enough of me venting in this subject. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.

  2. There’s just something so special when plants start growing in the Spring. Nature is amazing and it seems like you have a front row seat so you can watch her doing her thing.

  3. We still have a month to go here in IL as far as any planting. All that’s poking out of the ground right now are chives and daffodils.

  4. The Johnny Jump-ups are so pretty! Isn’t it amazing that such a delicate looking flower is so hardy in cold/cool weather. Not planting time where I live yet, we got snow yesterday and cold all week, temperatures dropping back down into the low 30s or below at night/early morning, cold enough to freeze the bird bath over. I got less than an inch of snow on the ground but it had also sleeted a bit so I still needed to remove what we got from the sidewalk this morning, pulling the shovel out one more time. This cold is a left-over from that massive storm system that dumped record-breaking snowfalls further west in the Great Plains states, we were lucky here. It will last the rest of the week and then a more normal spring, like the kind I remember as a kid 60 years ago (eek!), will return by Sunday. A trip to the nurseries around town will take place some time in May, my first in a couple of years. I’m sure I’ll buy too much. Can’t wait to be able to get my hands in the dirt once again!

  5. I’m looking forward to planting outside, but in WV you have to wait until late May to plant. I have to wait to put my house plants on the porch until the nights are not going below 55.

  6. I enjoy reading about your garden. Here in the north, zone 4, the ground is still frozen. We had snow yesterday. I don’t plant my flowers until Memorial day.

  7. My garden space gets more limited each year due to the over population of deer in my neighborhood.
    This past year we have had a group of 19 deer browsing in our yard and they have eaten everything in sight, including blue rug juniper shrubs… those prickly things you can’t kill. Chewed down to nubs over the winter. And, spring babies will be coming soon! I love wildlife and nature, but this is a bit much. So, my gardening sites will be two window boxes, two porch railing boxes, and a couple hanging baskets. Some of my house plants will be moving outdoors to the metal bakers rack on my front porch when it really warms up. Looking forward to some blooming color after this long, dreary, weird winter!

    porch railing

  8. I am so jealous you get to start planting already. I put in 300 hundred daffodils in the fall and they started last week to pop up in the front but now we got snow yesterday and everything is covered back up. Ugh! It is suppose to warm up again so I hope they will continue to pop up and open before we move so I can see the beauty of my aching back after planting all of those bulbs! Have a good week.

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