Woodward Park Fall Photos 2020

Yesterday afternoon I was determined to drive to Woodward Park to take some photos. This is a seasonal event for me.

Since I’m still not walking very well due to my back and ankle, I told myself not to get too involved with walking far from the car.

Woodward Park Gardens Were Closed:

But when I got there, one of the gates was locked. I was disappointed, as that gate would lead to an area where I could walk down a ramp-like stretch of concrete without having to deal with the steps.

After I managed the length of steps, I found the other gate locked as well. I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve never been there that they were closed.

My right ankle and back are simultaneously causing problems, so maybe it was for the best. Once I get in that place I tend to get carried away.

However I did get some photos of the areas outside the gardens, and I’m displaying a few of them here.

Maybe I’ll call them and find out when the gardens will be open to the public.

Woodward Park:

The rest of the park had lots of people milling about and enjoying the sun and weather and gorgeous leaves. I drove through those areas but didn’t want to get out among all the people.

Covid is getting a bit out of control in Oklahoma and they say not many beds are left for patients. And I sure don’t want to be one of them.

Swan Lake:

So then I decided to try Swan Lake. There’s rarely any people milling about there.

I don’t know why I can’t ever find that place. But after a bit of driving around I stumbled upon it. As I always tend to do.

I’d park the car and walk maybe 30 feet and take photos and then drive the car down a bit and do the same thing. I didn’t last long. The fence helped hold me up while I took photos.

Usually I will park my car and walk around the perimeter of the fence housing the large pond.

A Lovely Fall Day:

Oh, how I envy the people who live in the houses around Swan Lake! I’d be taking photos every day.

Then I headed home. It sure was nice to get to see the fall leaves and enjoy the weather and at least get some photos.

I may work on my blog later, so there might be a “doing maintenance” place holder when you come here until I’m finished.


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  1. Fresh air is so wonderful. Just being in nature lifts my spirits. I’m glad you were able to enjoy your excursion and appreciate the beautiful colors.

  2. Brenda, I am happy that you were able to get out for a small adventure. The photos are gorgeous, we do not have too much color here yet. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I am glad you had a good day getting out and enjoying the scenery! The pictures were beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us. This time of the year is so pretty with all the different colored leaves! I too am having a problem with the small print and loading your blog!

  4. Pretty pictures! The leaves are pretty much all gone here now.

    COVID has exploded here in Illinois, too. It’s very scary.

    I don’t know if it’s because you did something with your blog or what is going on, but your print is very small (I can barely read the comment that I am typing) and your blog is taking longer to load, too.

  5. This is one of two times in a year that I can sit on the patio here in
    this part of Texas. This year October weather has stayed. The sky is blue and the leaves are turning after a cold week In the middle of October.

  6. We drove down to Tenkiller Lake yesterday. Most of the leaves are gone with the wind but the maples are still beautiful. I took a pic at the boat dock. I’ll try and send it.

  7. I’m so sorry the gates were closed but happy you had some sort of outing. Those are so rare for us now. If we do decide we ‘need’ to venture out we have to first decide if it’s worth the stress that comes with the outing and then we have to plan our outing so we feel safe. Like many, I detest having to live like this but there doesn’t seem to be a ‘safe’ end in sight. Big Sigh!
    Enjoy your Saturday with your fur babies.

  8. I looked up Woodward Park on Google Earth. I was surprised at how many parks the city of Tulsa has, and imagine it must be a beautiful place to live. Here in Alberta, all the leaves have fallen, but we did have an unusually long and warm fall for our climate.

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