Your Bedroom Is Your Sanctuary


I’ve read that oftentimes the master bedroom is the last room to get decorated in a home. 

People decorate the living room or family room, the kitchen and the dining room. I guess they figure they can just close the bedroom door and no guests will see it.

But what about you? Don’t you count?

Since we spend a third of our lives in our bedroom, we need to make sure that we love it. You’re not going to want to spend much time in a room that you hate.

I have colorful quilts on the walls, so I have recently taken a more subdued approach to my bedding. Gold is a fall color, and I have decorated my bed in various shades of this color.

I find it more soothing to use one color in a range of shades as I have done here.

Since I didn’t drag out my bin of fall decor, the gold shades fill my need for seasonal decorating. And the best part is that I can use it all year if I want.

I’ve been talking about pampering yourself this week.

Even if you live alone, you can still have breakfast in bed. You just have to do the preparations yourself. Then you can lie back down and enjoy the fruits of your efforts. 

All you need is a tray. Then get your coffee prepared and head back to the bedroom to linger a bit longer as you sip it. Maybe you want to have breakfast as well. A muffin and coffee would be nice.

Light a candle if you so choose. And if you like to watch the morning news shows, you might want the remote control to be handy.

If you live alone you probably don’t have someone giving you the luxury of breakfast in bed. 

So just think outside of the box (I know. I say that a lot, don’t I?) and pamper yourself.

After all, who knows better than you what you prefer? Create an atmosphere that you love. 

A mattress is very important to your quality of life. Did you know that you’re supposed to get a new mattress every eight years? I went ten, but last year I got a new mattress. And that makes all the difference in the world in how well you sleep.

Get bedding that you love. This gold quilt and two shams are from Wayfair and the set was $28.99 for a full-size bed. There was a wide range of colors.

In case you’re interested, it is called the Savin Quilt Set. It had four and a half stars and 2600 reviews. (I always read the reviews) 

It is part of the Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse series. You can look at everything they carry, and there’s something for every room, including furniture.  

Dress your bed to suit yourself. Two pillows or four? A blanket or a throw? Maybe they’re small decisions, but they’re important ones to you.

If you dress your bed nicely, you’ll be more apt to make your bed before you start your day. I think it’s important to your peace of mind to make your bed daily. At least it is for me.

Aside from good bedding, maybe noise is also an issue and it bothers you at night. I have a sound machine that was under $20 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

I can’t go to sleep now without having it on. I tune it to rain.

Please don’t put yourself last. Do things that will make you feel more content. You won’t regret it.


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  1. I love getting to look at rooms. It gives me the inspiration to think about tweaking my own rooms. I love the soft golds, my favorite look. Now is the time of year for spring cleaning and tweaking for me. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I make my bed every day, although when we were going through construction, everything was a mess and I didn't. As I think back, I realize what a difference it makes to come into a neat, calm bedroom. We painted the walls and ceiling a soft muted grayblue with white moulding and the same color blue rug and I just love it. I had never used blue before and took a leap of faith that it would turn out. I also use lavender spray on the linens. But I don't use a noise machine because if I had it on "rain", I would be running to the bathroom all night. haha

  3. Love the gold bedspread.. Looks so pretty and comfortable..I make my bed before I leave the room.. If I get busy, it is already done..It makes for a good day.. and only takes 3-4 minutes.
    Love your quilts too.

  4. Hi Brenda~

    Your bedroom is very cozy, I love the quilts on the wall, perfect for a bedroom, and just gorgeous as well!

    I agree, your bedroom should be your sanctuary, not a storage room, where everything get put to be out of sight. Whether you live alone or with someone, you should have a beautiful place to call your own . . . just love all your ideas!


  5. Love those restful golds…I used to have a bedroom the color of your bedspread….a nice honey gold. It was so so restful and cozy. The different shades and tones look wonderful. I agree, the bedroom, especially for a woman, should be a refuge and have the colors we love and wonderful soft bedding. Thankfully, my husband loves our pink bedroom!

  6. I love the cozy fall colors in your bedroom. I especially love the quilts on the wall. I decorated our bedroom in soothing blues and greens. First time as empty nesters now in our new downsized retirement house that I can say I truly love our bedroom! And it is very conducive to relaxing in the morning with a cup of coffee. We have a pretty view out the window too of pretty trees. Will be glorious when the leaves start to change. Thank you for your decorating inspiration, Brenda. I think I will hang one of my quilts on the wall. They really are such beautiful works of art, aren't they!

    1. I love quilts on the wall. But I don't think many bloggers do! I'm kind of in the minority there. But that's okay. I'm so glad you have a bedroom that you love!

  7. My bedroom has always been a refuge and each time I have moved it is the first room that I have decorated just for the reasons that you say. Not to mention I wanted to have one room that I could relax and enjoy.

    Cannot wait to see how you like and stage your white plates! It is a great neutral foundation. Do you have a Tuesday Mornning in your area? They always have interesting seasonal plates and they are about $3.99 typically.

  8. If you live alone, investigate the "breakfast in a mason jar" recipes and it's fairly easy to have your BREAKFAST IN BED.
    The bed (have a sleep number king )
    And bedding (Egyptian cotton my choice) is very important. You should feel nothing but soothed and pampered in your bedroom. Luxury does not have to be expensive, you have shown us that with your frugal choices.
    LOVE the look you have created, very relaxing and welcoming to be sure.
    The delightful touch of red, is so you.

  9. I agree that a bedroom should be a beautiful, peaceful room. I'm still working on ours. I recently got a new headboard through Wayfair. I need a new nightstand and then we need a couple of new lamps. Oh – also need some new bedding, but haven't found anything I really like yet. I hate the curtains in our bedroom because they're blackout curtains – ugly but a necessity. I'm one of those very light sleepers who cannot sleep unless it's pitch black. And I can't wear an eye mask. Thanks for the reminder about making your bedroom your sanctuary!

  10. Golds and yellows are cheerful but the right shades can be restful, too. I think that pillow on the bed in the red print is a really nice touch. We used to eat breakfast in bed every morning until we moved to this house. It has a covered back porch where we do some bird watching while we eat.

    1. Wish I had a covered back porch. Too bad the wind ruined the patio gazebo. I made that red print pillow cover. I also made the pillow inside, so I have no idea what size it is.

  11. Your bedroom looks lovely Brenda, warm and cozy. I used to have a noise maker to go to sleep by (I too used the rain sound) but now for some reason I go to sleep as soon as my head touches the pillow. I have started to do over my bedroom, starting with the headboard, covering it in a pink floral fabric and made cushions to match, all for $5 from fabric I bought at a Goodwill store. I have room for a chair and I could use another wardrobe!

  12. i'm lucky that in my small apt the bedroom is the largest room. even space for a reading chair and table.
    it's a favorite go-to place for me.
    I love this post. and the colors you chose for the bed.
    little changes like that can be so refreshing!

  13. I am really enjoying your daily ideas. I also agree that people need to decorate their bedrooms to their liking. They will be more relaxed and comfortable when they go in there. I am lucky my husband doesn't care how or what I decorate. So, I have a grand old time! Have a terrific Thursday Brenda & enjoy!

  14. Seems like I am thinking (and writing) along the same line as you, Brenda 🙂 I recently made some tweaks in my bedroom, and I am so glad I did. It really feels like my sanctuary now.

  15. My bedroom is most definitely my refuge. There is just something special about a bedroom. With being single now, focusing on how I want it is a nice feeling. Recently I bought a new frame and mattress, sheets and quilt, all sea themed. I am so pleased with them. My mattress was over 20 years old! What a difference that new one has made! Little by little I plan on adding other things that I truly love, things that make me happy, relaxed and calm.
    Hope you have a lovely day. I am really enjoying this series.

    1. I'm so glad you like this series. My bedroom is my refuge also. Maybe because I didn't have my own room as a child, it is very important to me now.

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