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  1. I hope your friend Lisa has her surgery soon and has a good recovery.

    I think you’re wise to re-arrange your gardening so that it is more manageable for you this season. You still will be able to enjoy your garden, which is important, and watering is more convenient (because dragging a hose a longer distance is not convenient). You may be able to do more next year, but it’s good to adapt to make it work better for you at this time. My husband has back and hip issues, and he was always the one interested in gardening. We switched over to mostly growing a few plants in pots a few years ago and it seems a good fit for now.

  2. My comments keep disappearing!! Grrrr!! Well, I was saying I love the picture of Ivy. She looks like she’s trying to decide which book to read. And I think I remember that other picture? Did you zoom in? I feel like there’s more to that picture. I’m sorry to hear you are still suffering from long covid and also that Lisa is still waiting to get her surgery. I hope her ankle will be ok. Also, I like romance novels, so I think I’d enjoy this one.

  3. I had COVID over 2 years ago and still feel the effects. Loss of my energy and stamina are the worst, plus food still has weird tastes or I can’t taste at all, plus very little smell. My brain fog seems to be clearing somewhat thank goodness, but now I’m having balance issues. I also do things to make my life easier. I just moved to be closer to my son, about 230 miles from where I was. That move about did me in! But I made it, but will spend a few months recouperating. I’m glad to see you’ll still be doing some gardening. Do what brings you joy!!! Marilyn

    1. I never had a problem with taste. My balance is off too.

  4. I’ve never noticed or remembered that picture and I just struck my fancy. Gorgeous!

    1. I’ve had it for some time. But of course I’ve moved it from room to room. Back when I had the energy to do that!

  5. What is the story with the beautiful picture? Thinking of Lisa, sending prayers to her and to you and your neighbors for helping. Allergies have hit me hard for the first time in a few years. Working on easy changes to make life and the garden simple this year. Luckily I have some large cement pots and cement animals that have been the main features in the yard for years. Counting on the perennials rather than annuals more every year but I still enjoy a herb garden. Trying not to be too hard on myself as I age, I am happy if I get one fun thing done a day and plants are one of those things! Take care and have a good week.

    1. That top photo is adjacent to my chair and next to the couch.

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