I’ve found ten great Christmas host/hostess gifts that are easy and fast to make. No one wants to show up empty handed at a Christmas party, so you might want to consider one of these gifts to take with you. 
Which one of these gifts would be most appreciated by your holiday host?
I hope one of these ideas makes your holiday gift special!



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  1. Well, these are a lot nicer than the two bags of hard candy that I will be taking to my sister on Saturday! But, to explain, hard candy has special meaning in the family because it reminds us of our late father. He loved hard candy, and always bought it at Christmas for Mom to set out in glass dishes. When he quit smoking, he sucked on it constantly to dull his cigarette cravings. He gained a few pounds, but never smoked again, so we were grateful that the candy helped out. No one else eats much hard candy, but we do like to see it sitting out in glass bowls at Christmas.

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