1. Wow, interesting what people do with stuff in a creative way! I have little talent when it comes to that. My idea of “yard art” is a decorative bird house or two hanging from shepherd’s hooks and some bright patterned melamine plates that I bought at the Family Dollar and hang up on a portion of my boring fence that can be viewed from inside my “Shezebo.” I’ve had various wind chimes over the years, but eventually they fall apart and get permanently “retired.”

  2. Oh this was a fun post! So many great ideas for inspiration. I love the blue dishes, the lamp stand, and the garden sign hanging from the birdhouse, just to name a few. I loved the colorful yellow sun you used to have. Didn’t you give that to your daughter when you moved? I always thought that was so pretty! Garden art is always fun, and is a great way to compliment the pretty flowers.

    1. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Memorial Day, and thank you for all of those, past and present, who have served our country. ❤🇺🇸💙

  3. So many fun and wonderful ideas. I love the pot lid on the front of the half barrel from Organized Clutter. And, the upcycled lantern stand is incredible. I could go on and on. Now I need to visit those blogs and such.
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. Such a great collection of whimsical ideas, Brenda! Lovely ways to add interest among the plants. I love this time of year – though it is rather chilly here in the UK just now…. Happy Spring!
    Helen xox

  5. I love the little tricycle adorned with plants. I love shopping flea markets and antique stores and look for things that can be used as garden art. Nice post.

  6. Love getting knew ideas.
    An acquaintance of mine searches the thrift shops for large, vividly designed plates which she then hangs on her wooden fence. Also old wrought iron items which she spray paints. The plates really look awsome!

  7. Thank you for this stunning and inspiring post, my dearest Brenda, all these advices of yours are truly gorgeous, I'm sincerely grateful to you !

    Hope you're enjoying your day, I'm wishing you much love for your weekend to come,
    sending blessings of joy across the many miles


  8. I love all of these ideas, and I especially love the wind chimes! I have several myself. I would be concerned though about having mirrors on a wood fence in direct sunlight on a very hot day could potentially start a fire….

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