The painting, caulking and final application of the peel-and-stick subway tiles is finished. I have my kitchen back to a normal and usable state.

The subway tiles and little areas of concern have been corrected by my talented daughter.

She told me she thought I should keep the red and white curtains in the window. I admire her sense of style, so I think I’ll do just that.

I still need to scrub the sink after all the caulking was completed.

I’m loving the gold drawer and door pulls. They add a little touch of elegance I think.

I truly like the simplicity of this kitchen. The white walls, cabinets and appliances feel serene and calming when I walk in here.

There is one thing new. The red salt and pepper shakers I ordered from

I realize that many people don’t want their flatware and kitchen utensils out on display. But I like it.

I like to be able to wash things in the sink or dishwasher and easily slip them into place where they belong.

I keep what I need to clean dishes and such in this little galvanized tray I’ve had for years.

In it is Dawn dish soap, hand soap, and baking soda for stubborn food I can’t scrub off in both powder and liquid form.

I like having everything within reach. And I also like my narrow little coffee maker.

The red and white theme makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen. It’s such a cheerful combination of colors.

Cutting boards hanging on kitchen wall

Overall, I’m quite happy with my little apartment kitchen. It’s about as efficient as I can make it. It’s organized and now I can truly enjoy it.

If I have to hunker down in place for awhile till things settle down, I now have a newly decorated kitchen to prepare food in.

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  1. Dear Brenda,
    Your hard work has given you a
    Very inviting and stunning kitchen
    you will always have
    sunshine ?even on a cloudy day
    when you go to your
    Kitchen or just catching a glimpse in passing.
    Enjoy and thank you for sharing.
    Be safe, rest & enjoy CharlieBoy & Miss Ivy

  2. It turned out great!! I love those red and white floral plates in the center of the bottom shelf. Would you mind sharing the pattern and manufacturer? I did a deep dive in last time you shared your open shelves and featured those plates, but had no luck finding them. Thanks Brenda!

    1. Love open cabinets. I did this in a home we built 15 years ago and got nothing but trouble from lender who felt open cabinets were ‘unfinished kitchen’s. But my spouse fought for
      me as I only wanted open. Only a couple years later was a trend, then went back and now open cabinets trending again. LOL love them!

  3. It turned out so nice! Red and white makes it a very happy place. My first apartment when I was single was white and red. I loved it and never tired of it!

  4. How absolutely brilliant your new kitchen looks Brenda! I love the new tiles and the overall white finish interspersed with cheerful splashes of red. Everything is in its place and handy to reach when you need it. What a talent you are .. thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  5. Looks great! Wish I could see the counter surface close up just so I could decide if it would be the look I want for mine. As far as I can tell it looks perfect in your kitchen and just brightens everything. You and your daughter did a wonderful job and the curtains are the frosting on the cake!

    You should just sit and relax and look at your new kitchen and give yourself a pat on the back.

    So what’s next? Is everything else just like you want it? I bet you’ll think up another project before too long. Maybe a little smaller one, though! Keep enjoying the results of your hard work!

  6. Brenda, The fresh white color and the pop of red it perfect. I love this new look. I sat my son down and showed him all your pictures and he was hooked. He loves the idea of trays and baskets to collect things. It looks very organized. I know you will enjoy this new kitchen look for a long time to come. Sandra

  7. Wow Brenda! I LOVE everything about it…especially your touches of red. You’ve done such a wonderful job. What a lovely new space.

  8. Your kitchen just makes me smile. What a happy pretty place to be. Little things like a new red salt and pepper shaker make my day. If this kitchen wasn’t here on your blog, I would still know in a minute that it is yours. You do have that distinct touch ..And the tile..well that is to die for!!!!!!

  9. Absolutely beautiful, I love that it is making you so happy Brenda ! I’m sure it will bring a smile to yourself every time you walk into the kitchen!

  10. The kitchen came out beautiful. I like it so much more with this simple look. It’s grand that your talented, sweet daughter could help. Enjoy your new room !

  11. I have always loved white in a kitchen, yours looks lovely Brenda, so clean, neat and tidy. I can see why you are so pleased with it.

  12. Brenda it is perfect!! I’ve started using red in my kitchen & just got a new microwave. Trays too, now hold my dish soap & a vase of flowers. Your curtains should stay, as your daughter pointed out. Good job ladies!!

  13. Very nice! The new fridge you bought fits so perfectly into the space, almost like it’s a built in. Well done!

  14. I love your kitchen!! So crisp,clean and fresh! Makes me want to do mine! Enjoy staying in and healthy. Deb C

  15. Love it! Love it love it love it! Everything is perfect, and you’ve still got that fantastic style gift going on. You did great!

  16. Wow it is just lovely. Those tiles really are great. I’ve always loved your use of red. I also like the way you use trays. You girls did a great job. I have to say I’m jealous of your grocery store. You get so many cute things from them. I might have to check out that coffee maker. Since hubby died I just make instant for myself.

  17. Your kitchen not only makes you happy but also me. Now I want to work on mine. Thanks for the ideas for organization.

  18. I love it! So clean and sparkling. I love the red and white, it’s just right. You and your daughter make a great combo.

  19. Brenda,It is just beautiful!! I so admire your talent and organization skills!! Thank you so much for encouraging us to take a leap of faith and try new things in our own homes. Has it been “furry roommates” approved?? Diane

  20. I love it! Glad it’s finished and now you can sit back and enjoy it. I agree with your daughter, the curtains are perfect!

  21. Every time you announce a mission to change your kitchen, my first reaction is “NOOOOooooooooo!!!! I love it exactly how it is!” But the end results are always the same: “Wow! That really looks great! Love the improvement!” – and this time it’s no different! Cool, crisp look with the subway tiles a definite plus! Well done – once again!

  22. Absolutely adorable! One can never go wrong with red and white..the ultimate “country” colors! It’s soooo cozy Brenda!

  23. Just lovely! It looks so fresh and clean, as you said efficient as well. Congratulations to you and your daughter for the hard work with great results!

  24. When I started following your blog I noticed you had the same canisters as I do. Yours are long gone, I still have mine out on display. I also loved the colored bottles on the windowsill so I copied that little gem of an idea. Still have those too! I tend to change things up more in my living/dining room area. That being said, I love the new look in your kitchen. Clean and sleek and still includes pops of red.

  25. I love it! Definitely more aesthetically pleasing and calm. I am now itching to do something with my kitchen, though I’m not a DIYer at all.

    Great job, Brenda – and your daughter!

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