We had some cooler temps for a couple of days. But today is hot.
Seems a bit strange decorating for fall when it’s hot.
But that’s the weather here in Oklahoma. 
So I’ll grin and bear it.
And look forward to a real fall day.
Whenever that happens.

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  1. The temps have cooled here a bit but there's no color to the trees or anything yet. SO…I haven't changed anything over indoors to fall since it still looks like summer outside! 🙂 I am in southwestern PA and typically in the PAST, the height of our fall glory was the second week of October. That has not occurred for years. Climate change!

  2. It was a cooler 75 degrees here today. Much better than those humid 90's we were having. I'm still not quite in the mood for fall stuff, but October is knocking on the door so I better get my fall tote out and put out a few things. Love your candles with the leaves and burlap.

  3. I love your fall touches, Brenda. And wish I could send the cooler temps your way. Here in northern IL it's only in the 60's but it's also been very windy and rainy. I'm still hoping for some more sunny days in the 70's.

  4. Hi Brenda, I know what you mean about decorating for Fall when it is so hot. Love what you have done to bring the feel of Fall into your home.
    All very pretty, but love the candle.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasure

  5. The weather has turned here, much cooler and the leaves are beginning to turn. I am trying to embrace it, although I already miss summer.

  6. Hi Brenda, we got hit with Indian Summer here after having some lovely Fall weather. I went ahead and decorated anyway. Just little touches here and there. I'm so looking forward to things cooling down again over the weekend though. Fall is my favorite time of year. 🙂

  7. An old trick my mom used with the Girl Scouts…

    Place leaves between 2 sheets of wax paper and iron them. They will stay in color and texture for quite a while. The wax isn't enough to make them shiny and or different from the true self.

  8. Cool and overcast here in central Kentucky, with rain predicted for the next few days. This time of year, the countryside has an almost chartreuse look, as a skim of yellowing leaves on the locust and tulip poplar trees blends with the green leaves still on the maples and other hardwoods. I haven't done any indoor decorating since we just moved and I don't know where the decorations are! But I do have a small basket of tiny pumpkins on the back porch, and a small fall wreath with a burlap bow on the front door. Your photo of the white pumpkins with your new candle, in the tin tray, is going to have me digging around to create something like that for my living room. It's so pretty.

  9. I woke up to cool weather this morning! Finally! However the days will still be warm. My husband predicts we won't really have a "fall". It will just go into winter. It's possible since we've had such a bad drought and heat that there won't be as much fall color here. I can't bring myself to decorate the front porch area when it still feels like summer.

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