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  1. It all look beautiful, Brenda! I love the dressers and entire room it just perfect. The lamps are gorgeous. It’s hard to find good lamps like that. Your view of the outdoors is very nice as well. Enjoy it all!

  2. Love the new dressers, Brenda. Very pretty and classy looking. Good idea to put glass on the tops. Another idea is to use vintage dresser scarves or runners.

    Your bedroom must be a good size; I could never fit all that furniture in our bedroom, especially a chair. I think our bedroom is only 12 x 15.

    I didn’t know you had patio doors in your bedroom. I thought they were in the living room. So you have two sets of patio doors? Do they lead to the same patio?

  3. Great choice, the dressers look really nice in your room. I love the quilt too!

  4. Love it. Looks very cozy and serene. I am drawn to neutral colors because there is less likelihood one will get tired of it – and if you do, you have the freedom to change it up with pillows or wall art, plants, etc.

  5. I love it, love it all!!! Those curtains look to be the same exact color I have in my bedroom except mine are back-tabs. Very peaceful!

  6. I think you’ve nested.Nice neighbors, pretty spot,you seem to be in a good place emotionally!
    The bedroom is gorgeous! So serene,perfect spot to cover up with a throw and Ivy,of course and read…or whatever.

  7. Brenda, I love your new dressers! They look great in your room, and you will love the extra storage! They’re pretty and practical.

  8. Your room looks absolutely beautiful. Everything really does go together to make such a lovely space. Enjoy!

  9. Are you satisfied with your bedroom’s white walls? I’ve always been one to paint my homes with soft colors. But this new house gets no sunlight. In my living/dining room, the nightlights stay on even during the daytime. I don’t think anything less than white walls will liven up this room. But I’m just afraid white will look too stark.

  10. Love those dressers! Your bedroom is a very peaceful space. I love it.

    1. I wanted a tranquil place to go when the guy upstairs has his TV roaring. It isn’t as bad in the bedroom.

  11. Oh Brenda!! It looks so cozy…so peaceful!!!
    Here’s to many wonderful moments in this haven!!
    By the by…if you do not mind me asking….how much were the glass tops? I have been wanting for years to get some for my wood furniture, but have no idea how or where to order them from…so any advice would help!

    1. I didn’t consider them cheap. After taxes they were almost $80. But the tops of the dressers have this chalk-like surface, so I knew they would get scratched up. Just call a local glass company and give them your measurements over the phone and they will give you a price.

  12. Brenda, what a lovely bedroom, and view to the garden. Worth the time to shop for what you exactly wanted. Beautifully decorated…..

  13. Brenda, your bedroom looks like something out of a magazine! It is absolutely beautiful!

  14. “God works in mysterious ways”
    The best thing that ever happened to you was getting out of that bad apartment with no friendly neighbors and finding this great place. The friendly neighbors are the cherry on top. Your bedroom looks like a five-star hotel!

  15. What a beautiful space you have put together!! And how lovely you have neighbors dropping by to visit.

  16. The dressers are beautiful and are a perfect solution for your storage problem. The next time you’re looking for artwork for the wall, don’t buy the generic, mass produced canvases. You enjoy taking photos. Instead, use 1 of your own photos and have in printed onto canvas. There are many companies that print on canvas. I have used Easy Canvas Prints any times with wonderful results. Some of my canvas include a family portrait, flowers from my garden and the view from the top of a mountain while hiking. The company I mentioned runs special pricing several time a year and I have spent around $20 for a large custom canvas.

      1. I can see a picture of Ivy smiling at down at you! I love this suggestion!

  17. Ooooh Brenda love, love your dressers. Your bedroom is gorgeous as usual you’ve done a beautiful job.

  18. I really like your new dressers and the fact that they are also serving as nightstands is perfect for the room! Drawers are like pockets: you can never have too many! Your garden is very pretty and I am glad you took on the challenge! It was waiting for you!

    1. This time last year, I didn’t think I’d ever have the beauty I currently see in my garden.

  19. You’ve created a lovely room and the new dressers are very handsome!

    1. It helped that the dressers were discontinued or I wouldn’t have paid full price. As it was, I saved $400.

  20. Your bedroom is so
    relaxing. The dressers are just perfect for your room. And how special you can look out on your patio.

    I have a bench my husband built me many years ago. It sits on my front porch. He made it with all dovetailed joints. Not a single nail in it. Let me tell you that thing is so heavy!!

    Enjoy your dressers❣️

      1. Yes. And that is a good thing. The dovetail construction is much stronger and will last longer than nails. It sounds like you purchased a quality piece.
        I am so glad you are liking the outside work you had done. I knew you would learn to love the characteristics of THIS place. I had to learn to love my quirky yard years ago. Now, with some landscape work, it is one of the best things about this property.

  21. Oh your bedroom is lovely. The colors all tie in so nicely. And the patio doors let in such nice light. Great place to sit and read. It’s pretty and relaxing. Looks like you found the perfect curtains too.

    1. I didn’t show the wall where you walk in the bedroom from the hall because I’m not finished with it. I need to repaint sections of that dresser I used to have next to the bed with the green crushed oregano paint color. But I’ll have to wait until Kendra is in Lowes and can get it for me.

  22. I love your new bedroom arrangement and color choices. It is so serene and peaceful. The new bureaus fit the scheme perfectly. And how nice to have a chair by the window where you can sit and read or just enjoy your garden. You’ve created a soothing atmosphere everywhere you look. Love it!

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