A Little Boy’s 4th Birthday

my grandson Andrew

Yesterday was Andrew’s 4th birthday. My daughter picked me up early and we took him to Chick Filet for breakfast.

He barely ate anything though. He wasn’t still long enough to eat breakfast. It’s so exciting when you’re the birthday boy.

my grandson Andrew

Then we went to Barnes & Noble, because I’m the “book grandma.” This grandmother strongly encourages reading and so when holidays roll around, it’s time to visit Barnes & Noble.

Andrew picked out a book. I told him to pick out another one, but he didn’t want to stay inside any longer. Then we were off to the park.

He never let go of his book.

my grandson Andrew

He was terribly excited about his birthday party in the afternoon. So he was a bit distracted at the park. Usually he doesn’t want to leave.

But yesterday was different. You know how kids are on their birthday. He was looking forward to being with his friends.

my daughter and grandson

I did get a nice big smile from him while on the play ground with his mom. Children don’t hide anything. They are so pure. So precious.

Then I came home and watched the March For Our Lives event on TV. So proud of those brave kids, seeking change. Our future.

Thousands upon thousands of kids all over the country getting together to make their wishes known. To make their voices heard in a world that simply has not been listening.

I saw one sign someone was carrying in the crowd that really hit me. It said:

I should feel lucky to go to school. Not lucky to get home.

I was so touched by those words, the words of a child. May they teach us all about hope and change.

Andrew will be starting school half a day in the fall. I want him to be safe so he can learn without fear. He is my own personal future.



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  1. I want our kids to be safe also but I don’t want ignorant immature high school kids to decide what my future will be! It’s proven Hitler killed millions of Jews and it all began by confiscating guns!! We should outlaw cell phones, since texting kills more people than guns. We should outlaw liquor since people driving drunk kill more people than guns. If you must be 21 to buy a gun then don’t send 18 year olds to the military because they aren’t old enough to buy a gun. Oh, and outlaw knives since more people die of stabbing than killed by guns.

    1. You are so right. I hope this movement will cause more awareness about red flags and treating each other with more care. Change begins in the heart not elimination of rights that protect us, even though they can sometimes be abused.

      1. So agree, Kate! The FBI data site has all the info on deaths from guns, knives, anything used for beating to death, etc. check it out!

  2. So lovely. He does look very happy and books are the best.
    As an outsider – Australian – we are all pleased for the USA to see this movement in change. I’m not sure if you are aware of our history in relation to gun control but it was drastic, fast moving and so far extremely worthwhile. After an incredible tragedy/mass shooting our prime minister at the time called for all guns to be handed in for cash and changed the law drastically in relation to gun ownership. So far, it has proved worthwhile. We only wish this for you all also. My husband travels to the US a lot and has discussed this with his colleagues. Many are of the view that if one person is allowed a gun to protect themselves then all should have one. It takes enormous courage and insight to see it from the opposing view – if no one is allowed guns in everyday life to protect themselves, then you eliminate the possibility of their use in everyday life. It’s not a matter for eradicating all gun ownership – it is about stringently controlling it. We wish you all the best in this movement.

  3. Oh wow, he is growing so much. 4 is a fabulous age and I am so glad you get to spend time with him.

  4. books are a lovely gift, he’ll treasure his collection from his Book Grandma for many years to come, and can pass them on to his children some day too.

  5. Happy Birthday to Andrew – what a cute little boy! I’m also a book Nana. Like you I want them to associate me with my love of reading.

  6. What a cutie pie grandson you have! He has grown so much and even looks older than four. I’ve been listening to some of the kid’s speeches from the marches and I am just amazed and how passionate and brilliant they are. Every child in this country should feel safe in their schools. Congress is not listening. Unfortunately, I have a feeling I know what it will take.

  7. I, too, am so proud of the young people. Maybe they can accomplish what we haven’t been able to. I also was the “book grandma.” Reading is the key to so many things when they get older. My grandson is 25 now, but I miss those days of just him and me at Barnes & Noble.

  8. He is so cute and four is a great age. So full of energy. I’m glad you got to spend some time with him. The march touched me also, our children should not fear for their lives at school.

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