Last night I turned the light on for the patio before letting Charlie outside and it was snowing. Again. Smaller flakes. Floating through the air like feathers from a bird on high.

It didn’t last very long I don’t think. This morning there is still snow on the ground from the weekend. That’s two times it’s snowed in less than a week. Kind of unusual in these parts.

Below is Ivy sleeping while sitting up. She’s such a funny bunny.

My Christmas Present To Myself:

Years and years ago I enjoyed listening to soft piano music. No words. Just music. I had CD’s but I have no idea what happened to them. But music has really not been a part of my life since then.

Yesterday I was browsing on Amazon and decided to sample piano music. I listened to new to me musicians. And I realized that I still loved listening it.

Nothing jarring. Just soft melodious music that made my body more relaxed as time went on and I went from artist to artist. I found myself enthralled once again.

I ordered a Crossley radio/CD player in natural and four CD’s to listen to. This next year I want to spend more time relaxing and finding simple daily contentment. Not letting the news dominate my mood. Living in the here and now.

After all, don’t they say that most things we fret about happening never come to pass?

I Ordered These CDs:

What I’m Currently Reading:

Last night I began reading “The Stolen Marriage” by Diane Chamberlain. I did not want to stop reading it last night because I was so involved in the story line.

Book Summary:

In 1944 23 year old Tess Demello becomes pregnant. She is engaged to be married to her childhood sweetheart, but it isn’t his child. She turns to the baby’s father for help and agrees to marry him.

Tess quickly finds that she’s trapped in a strange and loveless marriage. She’s far away from home and friendless. She’s well aware that her husband Henry has his secrets and the townspeople seem to know something that she does not.

Then Henry’s younger sister Lucy is with Tess when their car crashes into the water and Lucy drowns. Everyone blames Tessa because she was driving.

Tess, having just gotten her nursing license before she married Henry, begins helping with the polio epidemic. This defies Henry’s wishes, as he is rich and didn’t want his wife to work. Through this work Tess’s life finally begins to gain meaning.

Henry’s actions are growing more alarming as time goes on. How can she untangle the truth behind her husband’s mysterious behavior?

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  1. Hi Brenda,
    I wondered if you play piano or any other instrument? I’ve been playing piano since I was 7 years old and will be 62 in January.
    My dad had dreams of playing and his family couldn’t afford the lessons. He lived his dreams through me. He insisted I take lessons. I hated practicing and could have been a better musician. I’ve played in church since 15 years of age. It does bring me comfort to play. When my parents were in the nursing home together I would take my keyboard in and play for them. They appreciated it. Both passed away in 2016.
    So happy to hear the music brings you joy and peace in this season of life.

  2. Much to be said for good music…very helpful especially in the difficult times of life. I really ought to get out my keyboard again…hubby used to say, “music calms the savage beast” whenever I would play. It is much like crocheting (and I assume knitting) where you reach a kind of zone as you play…and for a time, loose yourself in the music and its effect on your body and mind. Often letting the music kind of take over the hands…or in some cases perhaps GOD and you find yourself playing tunes you have not heard…very calming.

  3. We have an ECHO dot from Amazon… got one for about $20 when there were on sale. It’ll play any type of music you want (huge list of free stuff) to listen to and you can make your own play list of the music you like. The sound /quality is better than our older (but still working) Bose radio/CD player. The Dot does a lot of other things too… if this radio/CD player doesn’t meet your needs you may want to consider a DOT. Yes, you need WiFi but it’s very, very easy to set up. And, it’s small and no CD’s to store. My DH love’s rock music (not me though) and he uses it ALL the time… when I’m not around. Just an alternate idea.

  4. While I was decorating the Christmas tree I listened to play lists of instrumental Christmas music on Youtube, some several hours long. Just wonderful. Usually I listen to smooth jazz – primarily instrumental only, no lyrics, but this time of year I want to hear the Christmas music I grew up with. I would listen to Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and other “old time” singers, though, if I could find a play list of them! Ivy is doing a magic trick, managing to stay upright while sleeping without seemingly leaning on the back of the sofa. LOL!

    1. Andy Williams and Johnny Mathis too! Bought mom a Sonos (voice command) awhile back. We listen to all kinds of music but lately traditional Christmas music like JanC mentioned.

    2. Brenda, give a listen to Emile Pandolfi on You Tube, he is my favorite. he plays all kinds of piano music. He lives in my hometown, Greenville, SC. He play everything from easy listening to country and its all beautiful. I think you will agree.
      Cookie W

  5. Brenda, I think you would enjoy listening to the soft piano music of RelaxDaily. The musician’s name is Michael Fesser, but you can find his music (free) on SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple Music, etc. under RelaxDaily (his website is I was going through a stressful time a couple years ago and his music was so calming and helpful.

  6. Jim Brickman, George Winston, and John Tesh are a few of my favorite piano music fellows. So relaxing. I stream through my Bose speaker or my Bose radio. I also listen to Pandora and Amazon Prime music … you can be specific with them … as in, instrumental Christmas music. I think you would enjoy those too.

  7. I love music. I listen to it quite often and have a wide range of listening interests…anything from crooners to Motown to disco to jazz to 70’s rock to guitar and piano instrumental to classical to bluegrass to current pop. The only genres I don’t like are opera, country and rap. I find depending on my mood, that music can lift my mood and make me feel better and even more energetic, or it can relax me. When I listen to 70’s rock, it brings me right back to my teenage years and lots of good memories from that time.

    We have a subscription to Spotify so I stream music through our Bose speaker (we got it free with Visa points a few years ago) or our Google Home Mini. I leave instrumental piano music playing for the cats on the Google Home Mini a lot of times when I have to leave the house. As they say, music soothes the savage beast!

    I also sometimes put my ear buds in and listen to calming, peaceful music on my meditation app before I go to bed. It helps me relax.

  8. Have you heard of Jim Brickman, I hope I spelled it right . Last week I was listening to a woman talking about self care and his music was playing in the background. It was sooo calming .

  9. I found Helen Jane Long on Pandora, which is free on the computer. They sometimes have a short ad, but you don’t have to pay anything. It’s wonderful. You give a thumbs up or down and it keep the music choices on track. Check it out. I listen to classical all the time and find soft music so soothing.

  10. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy listening to your new music and possibly expanding your interests.
    I find it strange that when I listen to music in my home it irritates me however I do enjoy listening to it in my car. I quit trying to figure out why and just go with it.

  11. Of the numerous musical choices available on Direct TV my go to ones are Easy Listening, New Age and Soundscapes, all of which are instrumental only. I often entertain myself while doing daily chores by trying to guess the names of the Easy Listening songs without looking at the tv screen, my own version of the old tv show NAME THAT TUNE. Getting a title right is almost as much fun as knowing the final question on JEOPARDY.

  12. When I was around 12 years old or so, I noticed that my parents listened to instrumental music on their radio before they went to sleep. It sounded a bit boring to me. Years later, when I was a single parent and a bit stressed out, I came across such music on the radio one evening when I was just trying to get the alarm set. I realized it actually was pretty relaxing to listen to right before going to sleep. Nowadays, I usually am looking for something upbeat to listen to since life is so weird. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Cajun music. Sometimes I pick out some old country such as George Jones and Loretta Lynn. I adore Loretta! I wish I had even an ounce or two of her spunk! I hope you get warmth from your soft music on these cold days.

  13. Thanks for the music tips. I love piano music, too, and am trying to reteach myself to play. Nice radio/cd player, one I will consider if/when my second-hand one bites the dust. The local NPR station plays classical music at night. They have been adding some really beautiful Christmas pieces if that appeals to you.

  14. If you are a member of amazon prime they also have music you can stream or listen to through your phone. It has been a favorite of mine as can change up with out having to get up and change cds when reading.

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