1. I am in deep like with that simple wall of artwork. I love this and could totally live there all by myself, but would add some pops of color here and there as well as rugs on the floor. Thanks for sharing this with us. xo

  2. I love it. The character of the place is so Scandinavian and reminds me of my childhood in Denmark, which borders Sweden. The styles are similar, so this is very familiar. Love it. I really think space is a very personal thing. One thing is not more right than the other. Some like more space and some like smaller spaces, either is wonderful. What I love about the space above is that it totally works.

  3. I really like this apartment and the building is beautiful. And I could see myself living there if it were just me. But with a hubby, I would need more room…I just need to be by myself a lot…I'm an introvert so maybe that is the reason. I also prefer living where I can see more of nature.

  4. Very hip and minimalized love the clean look and how space is utilized. I also would have to add stuff to it. Many of the apartments in NY city are on a small scale as well. Thanks so much for sharing

  5. I love this!!! I love how the furniture is minimal and the neutral shades with black accents. Really nice and I could definitely live here! But you know me, I can shift to large spaces very easily. Just me.


  6. What a lovely apartment.. I love all the white and how organized it looks. It seems so spacious!

  7. Brenda, love the apartment and its use of space! I have been to Stockholm and it is a beautiful bustling city with the old and new side by side! Pam @ Everyday Living

  8. …a darling apartment. While I might add different style furniture, and just a TOUCH of color, I would leave the walls as they are, with very little on them…they give the feel of a larger space to me. For myself, I wouldn't want to live in the middle of a city…I would rather have a small house at the edge of the city. We all live different things, don't we. 'tis what makes life interesting. 🙂

  9. I love the peaceful simplicity of it all. As much as I am loving white walls lately, I do think the starkness needs to be warmed up a bit with some color. Thanks for sharing this delightful space!

  10. I absolutely love this apartment! I really would not do too much more except to maybe add a Eames type chair and ottoman along with a faux fur throw and some beautiful European art! I hope someday to eventually be able to purchase a small apt. In Europe. I love the city and the quaintness of what I has to offer!

  11. What a pretty little apartment! I know that you would put your colorful stamp on it, Brenda, and it would be wonderful. But I actually love the black and white that is in there with the wood finishings. It's very European!

  12. I'm sure this beautiful apartment costs the earth. Why can't there be well planned, efficient layouts in less expensive buildings! We don't need luxury building materials we need good architectural design.

  13. If I ever should find myself alone again, this is definitely the way I would live. I am with you, though about the color. I would have to add quilts, colorful pillows and rugs, paintings (probably my own crappy ones) and lot of color in the other accessories, like the pots and pans and detritus in the kitchen.

  14. Brenda, you could do wonders with this space! It is very open, light and airy, but a little cold. I agree, could definitely use some pops of color and some cozy touches.

  15. I would love it! As a matter of fact, my sister lived in Lund, Sweden in a somewhat similar apartment. Compact, cozy, and very 'European'!

  16. I imagine all the money I could save if I didn't need a car! I love the idea of living in the middle of a bustling city.

  17. I could move there in a hot second. So cozy, and I am sure there are nearby flea markets and such to add some warm touches with vintage finds.

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