1. I like your mantel decor for July 4th. It is minimal but honors the holiday.
    Like you, I don’t decorate much for holidays other than Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have some little flags that I put out on patriotic holidays and a decorative red/white/blue with stars large bow that I put on my front door. This weather is atrocious in many large areas of the country. We are in severe drought in southeast Wisconsin with no relief in sight. Today it’s 88 and the dew point was 68 the last time I checked. Sweat does not dry under such conditions. We are also under what seems to be an unending “unhealthy air” warning due to massive amounts of smoke smoging up our air from the wildfires in Canada. I heard a report today that said the fires in Canada are so widespread and large that there may not be much relief from the smoke coming down into the US until some time in autumn – assuming the rains come. Because of my heart and lung issues, it’s bad for me to be out in the west heavy heat and filthy air, and I’m angry and frustrated. I can’t do the chores outside that need to be done. But as bad as the conditions are outdoors here, it is even worse in Texas, people are dying from the heat daily, and it doesn’t look like it is due to change for the better any time soon. Sorry to be such a downer.

  2. I like the simplicity of your mantle decor with the flags. Very cute! You got me interested in the plants from Rooted. I’m getting one delivered today supposedly. Plant mail is my favorite type of mail! When you feel up to it, show us how your indoor plants are doing….

  3. Just FYI – I have found many electrolyte drinks are way overpriced, when you consider the cheap ingredients they are made from. I mix my own – filtered water, salt, potassium, sugar, magnesium

  4. Brenda, I understand the heat and dirty air affecting your health. I hope the well visit can help you. I also find that going in and out of hot air and cold air is also hard, raises my pain level, cramping of muscles, balance, etc. I am 65 so around my house we call it “Old Timers”. I had a close friend whose husband was having awful times with our environment so moved to the desert. Turned out he was even more allergic to a cactus around in the desert. The storms you are getting are splitting and leaving us dry and hot and humid here around the joplin area. Every day is different hence the name “Missouri” aka Misery. I am loving you posting your talent and skills in gardening and decorating. You may just light that spark of desire I need right now. Thank you!! Your photos are beautiful. ~jackiesee~

  5. Hydration is important. I use a product called Liquid IV that boosts the water you drink with it. Maybe this heat will be our first and last this year.

  6. Cute flags! I like your salute to our nation’s birth. Sorry you are still not feeling up to par. It’s good to get checked out. I am dealing with a little shingles patch that recurs when I’m stressed or my body’s immune system gets invoked. As I age, I’m seeing more connections between my emotional health & by body – like cortisol stress surges that cause menopausal acne flares. I need to learn some new coping skills & maybe take up yoga. looking for ideas!

    104 degrees plus the heat index today in Austin. The heat didn’t start until mid-June but it’s been fierce since then. I just hope our electric grid holds! Tulsa got hit hard. Hopefully you will not have more weather craziness. It’s stressful!

    Keep us posted, stay cool & take care!

  7. Why are you drinking Pedialyte – do you have vomiting or diarrhea? I didn’t realize you were still sick. I hope you feel better soon.

  8. I hope you feel better soon.
    We have been told to stay inside if possible with the smoke and heat here in Wisconsin. It’s terrible to be outside!
    I see that you are going to get more awful weather! I hope it calms down. You don’t need another bad storm! Besides the awful heat you get.
    Ivy is beautiful! Cat’s can be such stinkers! They sure have an imagination.
    I hope your appt. Goes great.

  9. Your decorations look just right to me – the little flags in the perfect vase are dear. And that big,beautiful Ivy! She is indeed a big girl with the prettiest fur!
    I so hope that you will soon be feeling better!

  10. I hope how you are feeling is just the weather and not something serious, Brenda…I feel pretty awful myself when its hot and sultry and humid!! And that is the weather here now…so to be expected. Take care, rest, keep hydrated.

  11. I’m sorry you’re still not feeling well. It seems to take us a little longer to bounce back when we haven’t been feeling well. I like that you’re relaxing and watching interesting videos and such. Here’s a healing hug just for you.
    Your simple but lovely patriotic decor is perfect.
    Enjoy your day, Brenda!

  12. I don’t decorate for the 4th anymore, other than having Flags in 5 of the larger flower pots outside, and a 5′ flag “swag” hanging from the deck railing.
    We used to have parties for the 4th, and I had a red, white and blue tablecloth, with glasses and napkins to match. Always have flags outside. That was it for decor.
    I think your stars and small flags are the perfect decoration.
    I don’t envy your temperatures Brenda, here it is 69 degrees with Haze.
    Hope you are feeling better soon, so you are able to enjoy your day.
    Stay cool, drink lots of water. Hugs from Wisconsin

  13. In our area, Michigan zone 6B, we hand out pedialyte to the elderly and homeless. We are having extremely poor air quality because of the Canadian wildfire smoke. They have advised us to stay indoors. Not everyone is a hoarder. Many of our volunteers have very little income but donate what they do have or can do to help those less fortunate who are suffering this summer.

  14. Your decor for the 4th is understated and classy. Very nice!
    The Pedialyte buyer bothers me. I wonder if she anticipates a shortage and intends to scalp it? That happens with selfish people. I wish stores would establish a set limit on purchases like this.

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