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  1. Brenda, your surgeon can order a wheelchair for you that Medicare will pay for. talk with the nursery before you go and choose a time when they aren’t as busy where they could push you around and look and choose. I also order a lot of plants from Proven winners online and they ship beautiful healthy plants. they also have their “aqua pots” that are designed to minimize watering. they’re on their website. expensive but could really help you. your apartment complex can add a water spigot that comes off their sprinkler system quite easily, if you ask they might consider doing that. you are going to need shade plants this time, so consider some of the outstanding double begonias and exotic begonias for gorgeous flowers . maybe a reblooming azalea or hydrangea. and with the wheelchair, you could start getting some acupuncture to help your ankle heal. I’m sure Steve or the apartment helper guy could help you get to your vehicle in the chair.

  2. How nice to have a visitor today!

    I noticed you’ve been talking about Steve again lately and how he’s been helping you again and such. Is he not with his girlfriend anymore? I remember when you were disappointed that he wasn’t around anymore due to spending all his time with his GF.

  3. Brenda, I am glad you had a visitor and a little dog that Ms. Ivy wasn’t upset with. Our little 36 house development has their own Facebook community page. With it being that small we can control that outsiders stay out of our business. I wonder if that could be a help in your neighborhood. I am sure you will be able to get some seeds and plants. I understand the itch and although I don’t have the best of luck with seeds, I just got some tomatoes and herb seeds today. I usually don’t use the seed starting soil mix but with the price of everything I want to have good luck with the herbs this year and bought some. I am so glad that I have snagged some nice planters at yard sales. The other thing I have been on the look out for are canvas tote bags and I have a bunch. It looks like more and more we will need them to get our items from the stores. And ring up and bag our own groceries. Again today Walmart had only one cashier for 10 items and under. It is infuriating for people who need extra help. I know there are laws to help the disabled and it seems they are not following the law. Sad. I do use canvas bags and since they are cotton they are easy to throw in the washer. Take care.

  4. So nice of Lisa and her dog to come to visit. You did not say if Ivy was impressed? Ha… As to the dangers of online dating?? One of my daughters has been married 2 times…both times to guys she met online…and she will tell you what an awful mistake BOTH excuses for humans were…no wonder they were online frankly…no wonder. The 2nd one is a pedophile…and has normal access to their kids (and only after she left him did her little one tell her what was going on). She is going to law school now, in addition to all else in her life such as full time job, kids etc. Do you have any ideas WHY she might be so doing? Live in her state and you will know for sure how protected these creeps are…EVERYONE in any capacity to help legally has FAILED BIG TIME!! Have not read that book you shared here, but I am sure I would find it believable. Totally so. The fact is that there are people so terribly “mentally off” out there…and some are so clever and hide it well. As happened to my daughter. (Of course, I would not have married either one, at least not as she did…but then she thought my ideas old fashioned etc…maybe so…but I am still married after 50 yrs…whatever…) Interestingly, her first EX is married now for the 4th time…and tho’ we do not know if he is a pedophile, one would be smart to be careful around him with kids let’s just say. (Women today are too cheap, do not value themselves enough, and far too trusting…but some of this is not having dads, brothers, or other kin who can kind of help “screen” the dating partners…or their child will not allow them to do so…)

  5. We all need more good neighbors. You sound so happy now.
    Have you thought about using a wheelchair, too?
    You could sit while you garden especially if you have pots that are containers. My sister in law uses empty milk bottle for her watering. I think you will think of something.

  6. I wanted to leave a comment regarding your tub grab bars being in wrong place for you. You might see if the apartment complex would install another grab bar in a better place for you. If not them, consider calling Area Agency on Aging. In our county in Ohio, they have volunteers who install grab bars for seniors. I looked up in the Tulsa area, I don’t see grab bar listings but they might. the website I found was The Senior Line number is 918-579-9477 for Osage, Creek, and Tulsa counties.

  7. I’m so glad Lisa stopped by for a nice visit. Yes, we are homebodies but a little face to face interaction is so good for our souls. You’ve been presented with so many fabulous ideas regarding meeting neighbors and gardening. I was thinking that once the weather warms up you could sit on your patio and get some face to face interaction. Smile, wave and say hi. If you sit outside with a book someone will definitely say something i.e. “what ya reading” etc. I meet people when I walk Cooper – just general chit chat.
    Lisa will be a connection to others – trust me!
    Have a bliss filled day, Brenda.

  8. Maybe a few pretty pots on the patio w gorgeous easy care flowers that continually bloom (zinnias, geraniums). Planting from seed might also be fun – you can sow many flowers directly into the pot/ground. A few special pots you can manage yourself and that bring you joy. Maybe buy a special chair to relax on the patio. Take time to relish the small things in life – they are always the best things in life anyway: a sunny day, having a sound and clear mind, sweet Ivy, making a new friend,… Focus on the glass half full – it will bring you peace:) And… starting a book club as one suggested would be a perfect idea for you!

  9. How nice for you to have another friend in the apartment complex. Do you have Instacart in Tulsa…we have it here in Austin, Texas, and I just checked and Lowe’s is on the list. Perhaps they could deliver plants. As to House of Cards, I started it and got pretty far into it, but I didn’t like the doing of anything to stay in office.

  10. How nice Lisa stopped by. Sounds like she is very helpful. Maybe even a drive to the nursery to pick out what you want and then they deliver. The hard part is your lack of water. Must be very frustrating.

    1. It was nice at the other place having a hose hooked up and at the ready. But I’ll figure something out.

  11. Is Steve the neighbor that also likes to garden? If he is, I am sure he would pick up plants for during his trips to the nursery.
    You are fortunate to live where you can get so many things delivered. ( I am in the boonies, not even Pizza delivery! ) So glad you have a neighbor visiting. Ivy is a great companion, but we all need a bit of face to face human conversation. What kind of dog does Lisa have? I could never use an online dating service. Too frightening to me and completely unsafe in my opinion.

    1. Well, Steve puts a few pots out, but it’s Ron across the sidewalk in back who always has colorful flowers. However he has cancer, so I don’t know how mobile he will be this year. He’s 89. Also John across from me in back likes to garden. He’s the one who just puts things where he wants them and doesn’t worry about the amount of sun they need.

  12. You may be able to arrange to have flowers/plants delivered to your apartment if you explain to them that you are unable to get around due to having to use your scooter because of your bad ankle. Even if the plants chosen of the varieties you like aren’t up to your specs, with your skills in growing things and making them thrive, you’d have gorgeous plants and flowers in no time. Or perhaps a fellow neighbor gardener would be willing to do the shopping for you, give them cash with a list of items you would like and they buy the plants for you when they go to the nurseries for themselves. When your weather turns you may be spending time out on your patio, even though you’re not digging around in your tiny garden bed area due to the concrete blocks and such. You may meet more people when you are out there who are going by on the walkway. Give a friendly wave or a “Good morning!” and a smile and before you know it, you’ll be hosting a cook-out (everybody else doing the cooking) on your patio. You know how guys are, they love to barbecue – and the ladies can sit outside if there’s room and/or sit inside your pretty apartment and talk and joke up a storm. Maybe you can start an in-person book club that can sometimes be featured on your Reader Review blog page. We know you’re shy and reticent to “put yourself out there,” but if you work up the courage to do it you’ll be amazed at how many people will respond to an overture of friendliness. Too many are missing that in their lives these days, and it hurts both our emotional and physical health. Connections with other people are important.

  13. I’m glad to hear that your neighbor Lisa came to visit you. You said she takes care of your other neighbor. Maybe she could help you too, drive you to doctors appointments or to the store.

    1. I can’t walk enough to go in a store or a doctor’s office without the scooter. If someone helped lift the scooter, I could go out. I can walk in the boot about 20 or so feet, then I’m hurting.

  14. That book sounds terrifying! Mostly because it’s so true! You never know who you’re meeting up with. And they could pretend to be nice at first to fool you. Or kill you on the first date. Online dating is so popular these days. I feel bad for the kids these days, and the older women who are looking for a partner. Whatever happened to meeting someone the old fashioned way? I’m so glad I’m not single, but if I were, I wouldn’t look online for a date. I’d rather stay single. That’s just me. I’m sure not everyone is bad, but one bad apple spoils the whole cart! I’m glad you are meeting some new friends where you live. How did Ivy and her dog get along? I hope you are able to do at least some gardening this spring/ summer. I know you’ve been missing it terribly. At least, for now, you have your new, craft area, where you can create lots of beautiful things to keep you busy. I’m sorry about your neighbor who is losing her vision. That’s very sad to hear. I hope she chooses to go live with her son.

    1. Ivy was not really perturbed by the little dog. It was one of those little energetic dogs with lots of white fur. This is Ivy’s place and she is not going to show fear I guess.

      1. Good for Ivy, lol! I’m so sorry to hear that Ron has cancer! That is terrible news! I’ll say a prayer for him and his sweet wife.

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