Often people get stuck when decorating. They may like the style they’re using. They’re fairly certain they’ve got the right elements.

But something still isn’t right. And they can’t quite figure out what the problem is.

It’s usually something called “editing.”

I put one or two decor objects in a room and stand back and gaze at it for awhile. Then I might take one of the objects away, sit down and gaze at it some more.

The Other Word Is “Balance.”

Edit and balance.

If you arrange things in a vignette, it need only be maybe three decorative objects to achieve balance. Odd numbers seem to be best. You don’t want a jumble of objects.

Instead you want a pleasing and balanced look so that you can enjoy the look of each decorative object you’ve chosen. Put too much together and you lose that.

I find adding house plants really don’t need to be edited as much. They are perhaps the exception to the rule.

Plants May Be The Exception To This Rule:

You can gather a bunch of house plants together and the look is what you might see in nature. A jungle of green.

Because plants gathered together mean they create their own little rain forest, it is good for them to be gathered in one spot. It is the one area where editing doesn’t seem as important when decorating a room.

Of course that also depends on how much room you have and whether they interfere with furniture or something that really needs to be in that room. Then you’ll have to carefully choose where to put them.

Boho Style & Balance:

When decorating in the boho style, it’s typical to use various patterns and colors and such. But I don’t like to go too far.

I like to choose a few colors and then let them blend into something like this wall quilt hanging above my dining table.

A wall quilt is surrounded by whatever paint color you have on the wall. And mine is white.

You achieve balance with neutrals such as white. It creates a pause, a breathing space. Then I minimalize the colors underneath it so as not to overwhelm the room.

Especially if you live in an apartment like I do, you don’t want too much going on.

A Kitchen Of Few Colors:

My kitchen has a lot going on because it is small and must serve its purpose. But I use just a couple of colors, red and white, to tone down the look.

It might look like I just put things on the open cabinets willy-nilly. But that’s not true. I edited and edited until I achieved the look I wanted.

Had I used a lot of colors, it might have looked too cluttered.

Edit, then edit some more.

It’s Important For Decorative Objects To Have Room To Breathe:

Arrange decor to give objects room to breathe.

I do the same thing out on my patio. I group and arrange things, and then I edit to get the look I want. It truly is just finding balance by editing.

So bring things you truly love into the room.

Add a piece of your chosen decor to a surface, then maybe two or three. I find that three is usually best. And live with it for a bit. Maybe an hour or maybe a day if you’re still not sure.

The Concept Of Edit & Balance:

Edit and find the balance that makes you happy. Because being happy in our homes not only improves our outlook, it affects our mental health.

And in this year of COVID-19, home has been everything. It has had to serve as our home, our work place and everything in between.

I like what The Daily Meditation had to say about this:

“The design of your home has a direct affect on your mental health. A badly designed, disorganised, cluttered or messy house could be contributing to a mental health condition.”

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  1. I enjoyed this post too. The weather today is so pleasantly warm and breezy that I decided to spend my workday morning on the sunporch instead of stuck at my desk. Some items on the porch nag at me. After reading your post, I’m motivated enough to relocate car jacks, power washer, and buzz saw to the basement. It will take a 3 or 4 trips back and forth, but it will be good!

    I’d like to know the name of your plant too. Someone else asked about it. I’ve never seen one like that, as far as I recall. It has pretty shaped leaves and looks so vibrant and healthy.

    1. Hi Alex… I think most of us “regulars” would say Brenda definitely has a green thumb and is the resident plant whisper. She works magic with her plants so you’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, I live between 2 places so indoor plants aren’t a possibility for me right now.

  2. Thank you for this post. I love all the advice you’ve offered and I’m going to bookmark this page so I can come back to it. Thank you for your design perspective… I think it fits with my own design aesthetics but I didn’t quite know how to get there.

  3. I love the quilt above the dining table. Did you make that one? So much color, but not overwhelming.
    Thank you for all of your instructions.

  4. What is that lovely plant in the white pot in the second photo? It has beautiful wavy edges on an almost heart shaped leaf. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before, and I want one.
    I love looking at your plants both inside and out, along with everything else of course.
    I’ve been thinking of your hands, and wondering how that’s going. An update, please. As you go into gardening season I’ve been concerned.

  5. Great pointers! I recently followed your lead in setting up a vignette on an outdoor table by anchoring the objects on a tray. I was stumped until I remembered your advice! Looking forward to watching your garden grow! I have a small outdoor container garden and am trying a lot of seeds this year. I hope starting early will mean blooms in June! I live NW of Houston in The Woodlands. I spent a lot of my youth in Tyler.

  6. When I was younger, I think I read every decorating book and design book I could find (before the age of the computer), even before I was married, 57 years ago. Our first apartment was really fun, with mostly new items, pillows, furniture, pictures for the walls, dishes, curtains, drapes, books, and even then, a couple of “green” plants. Now ,I have many collections that fill spaces, and a few antiques from antique shops or auctions, and items that have been handed down to me, and like you, everything has to be arranged right, not cluttered together. I have always used the number of 3 or 5 objects too, with the tallest item usually to the left for some reason, unless it is a lamp, which depends where it is needed. I don’t like over head lighting, unless it is a chandelier,and then only when company is over. May have read that someplace about the tallest item. Anyway, I love your post today, and really enjoy looking at your photos on your new Instagram page. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  7. We just did a deep cleaning of our closets and getting rid of clutter in the house and it felt great. The house is lighter now and so are out hearts.

    Looking at your pics of plants you have some interesting ones! I just bought a monstera and can’t wait to see how she grows!

  8. I like to play and edit things, too. I agree balance is very important. So is layering and textures. You are very good at all of this. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Thank you so much, Brenda. This post has provide so much regarding the process of decorating and how it affects our mental outlook.

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