1. I can't wait to get mine started, but we have another 6" of snow on the ground right now. It will flip to warmer, spring weather here in a couple more weeks. Until then, I'll just enjoy your fairy gardens, Brenda!

  2. I love the fairy gardens. They are so full of whimsy. I think we could all use a bit of whimsy in our lives.
    I am making a fairy garden this year. Only thing is I am making it for indoors. I am going to use artificial plants and moss. That way I can enjoy it all year.

  3. Oh I love love your fairy gardens! I bought a pan last year and never got it done. You make everything look easy because your so good at gardening!! I am gonna make one!! I hope you had a good day. Take care!

  4. I love how you use the plates as backgrounds in your fairy gardens. I can't wait to see how yours grow! I'm in my second year of having a FG ~ this year I went with all succulent ~

  5. These are so cute, Brenda. I did one last year with my grandson…I think I picked up a Tinkerbell and a gnome…not too much / the rest was stones, moss gathered out at my mom's ( and of course a few plants ) Now, the other thing that we gathered at my mom's place out in the country was acorns. So a little worm crawled out of one of the acorns and after that, for every single acorn, my grandson ( 3 at the time ) hollered into the acorn "HELLO Is Anybody In There" and checked it out carefully before he put it into the dirt. LOL I'll never forget it..he was cracking me up! 🙂

  6. Love your fairy gardens – always have. Especially love the one in the old enameled bowl. So cute!!


  7. Your fairy gardens are adorable Brenda..I am soon ready to start on mine..I am also doing a gnome garden this year in a big old wheelbarrow..I would trade my huge backyard for your cozy little fenced in patio anytime..It looks so private and relaxing..Your new place is so nice!!

    1. Well, when you have too many little plates, that's what you can do with them. That sure was my answer!

  8. Brenda, The gardens looks so cute. You did a great job on them. That is what Emma would say, Hey the plants are hiding my animals and fairies. :):) So I only put a couple plants in. Blessings , hope you mom's day was great, Susie

  9. I want to make a fairy garden or two this year. I was in one store that had miniatures for a garden but they were so pricey! I need to find some bargains. We are going to New York soon so I thought I'd try at Hobby Lobby. Great job on yours, Brenda! xo J

    1. If you buy specifically for fairy gardens, just like with doll houses, they make them pricey. Just find this and that and put it together.

  10. Hi Brenda! Happy Mothers day to you! Hope you are enjoying this Sunday…I love your post today showing Fairy gardens you have made they are so pretty..I am gonna attempt to make me one this summer and put under our new gazebo we bought…I will look around to see what I can find to add to it..I have some old pretty dishes I will use as back drop and then add some of my favorite old vintage things I have sitting around like everywhere!!!Thanks for al the good ideas you give us all the time!!! xoxo Carol

  11. I have what would be an old Party Lite cabin on water candle holder I got years ago. Was going to give it away and thought, gee, it would make a great fairy garden base! It has a canoe in it. I just need a big enough planter to put it in! I also think the old David Winter houses would be great for fairy gardens. If we just sorta shop the house we can find things! ha ha. Your patio must be an amazing oasis already. I am so happy to hear you are enjoying it so much.

    1. The only way I would enjoy it more is if I had little paths of rock instead of just cement. But I am grateful for what I have and having a blast with it.

  12. I have never made a fairy garden but I'm getting very tempted by all of your pictures. Stay safe sounds like a chance of bad storms in Okla. and here in Ks.

  13. I had plans to make my first fairy garden this spring, but it will have to wait until I get back home in June. I've been searching for some cute things to add too it. Love your fairies, I haven't found the right one's yet…but I will. Love the plates making a backdrop. I will do that for sure. Fun post !


    1. Oh Linda, I'll be glad when you can stay home awhile. You're missing out on so much this gardening season at your new home.

  14. I love your adorable fairy gardens. The picket fence is a cute idea. It never occurred to me to have a theme! Thanks for the wonderful suggestion.

    1. Thank you, Valerie. I want you to know that every time I email you it comes back.

  15. I love fairy gardens, my granddaughter and I did one last year, I had to have a mushroom in mine. It is lovely- I have to wait on doing my container gardens until I return in middle June. Going on a trip for 2 weeks and I don't like to bother anyone to have to water. Hopefully I will get things on sale when I get back. In Texas I saw gardeners put clay water jugs in the ground. I think I am going to start my list of plants I want to set up, thinking of coleus, sweet potato plant and something else.

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