This Sunday morning the sun is out, and it’s going to be a fairly hot day in the upper 80s. Par for the course in late September around these parts.

We had a few cool days but then the temps crawled inexorably right back up again.

Oh, the fickle weather. I wouldn’t want to put money on a bet with our weather.

This morning when we went out I noticed that the cinnamon basil is creeping up in another part of the cement crack. At the other end. Strange how that happens.

In between there seems to be purslane.

It came up earlier in the spring. Then the heat fried it. But here it is again.

I wonder if this time around the purslane will have the chance to bloom?

There is one lilac bloom on the purple sweet potato vine. It somehow got covered up with a vegetable plant and I forgot it was there.

Then when I cut the vegetable back, there was the purple sweet potato vine. It was small but still growing. Now it has a bloom.

The blooms are reminiscent of the morning glory flower I think.

That’s a daisy underneath.

And a few token photos of the pet babies.

Charlie’s about to need a hair cut. He’s looking a little rough around the edges.

And here’s Ivy, sleeping like a princess. Well, I think she believes that she is a princess actually.

After all, she has a tower castle where she reigns and gazes out the French doors at the birds.

And that’s my Sunday morning. Serene, quiet, a day when I might do a bit of work out on the patio. Or not.

Maybe I’ll read that book I’m halfway through.

What are you up to today?

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  1. Today I’ve started declutterung my home. Bags and bags of books have been given away. I’ve worked out an arrangement with a laundromat and I bring them books and they have a box marked free help yourself. Lots of people are not using the library of late but people have to get their clothes clean so it’s a win win. The girl who works there I told her she had first dibs and she’s been quite excited about my books. That makes me happy. I’ve hired a lady o help me as I have a bad back and that’s been the best money I’ve spent in a very long time. Sometimes it’s best to admit when you can’t get it done alone… at least it’s been best for me. Happy day.

  2. We worked in the garden today, mowed and reseeded our fescue lawn for fall. Mulched a little flower bed and got done before it started sprinkling. Cold front passed through this evening. Your sweet potato vine bloom is gorgeous..I’ve never had one bloom before! Love the photos of your furbabies!

  3. Hi Brenda,
    our Sunday is going to be an interesting one! We are dropping off our 8 month old puppy at a boarding facility for a couple of days. She starts training on Tuesday and we want her to get acquainted with other dogs. Then husband is taking me to late breakfast/ early lunch. The cook Bobby, makes a spicy breading for fried chicken and steak and it’s very thin. We are going to a walk-in movie to see “Infidel.” The subject is a Christian blogger who is invited to Cairo, Egypt to a forum that has discussions about the faiths of Muslims and Christians. The star is Jim Caviezel. It should be interesting.
    Next week, our weather will turn sunny and in the 70’s. We had a good bit of rain this week, in the Pacific Northwest. It scoured out all the soot particles in the air but the ground is boggy. I will be working outside to prep my flower beds and shrubs for winter.

  4. My husband was off work Fri, Sat and today. We were out and about doing things both Friday and Saturday and were considering going to a huge flea market today, but we decided to stay home. Brian did a lot of outdoor work – mowing, cleaning out gutters, laying down grass seed, ran to the grocery store for a few things. I did all the inside housework and laundry. Made us a big brunch of scrambled eggs, cinnamon bun toast (Trader Joe’s – it’s delish!), bacon from a local farm, and roasted potatoes. I’m getting ready to make dinner now – a creamy chicken casserole with egg noodles and broccoli. Started a new book this afternoon, too.

    Can’t hold your breath with our weather here in IL either. Changes constantly. We’ve been enjoying beautiful, sunny weather in the 60’s and 70’s – near 80 this weekend – and only in the 50’s this coming week, maybe a day of 60 here and there. We desperately need rain though.

  5. It’s cold here, 61 degrees, so won’t be outside, unless I wear a heavy coat. I hate to see Winter on it’s way, before we even have a decent Fall. Next week it looks like we’ll be in the low 50s, and showers almost every day. But then again, not going any place, no place to go. DH did pick up breakfast this morning at McDonalds. That’s our treat for today, Ha…anyway,I’m just decorating envelopes with rubber stamps, and coloring them. My favorite pass time, other than reading. Hugs to Charlie, Ivy and to you. Have a nice Sunday!

  6. Today is our last day of summer weather. Rain later and then it is going from 80 today to 50 tomorrow. We go from one extreme to the next here in Illinois. Not suppose to get above the 50 or low 60’s this week. Fall has arrived. Have a good start the new week.

  7. My daughter and I are going to have a quiet day today. Yesterday we put up our fall decorations inside and out and put away the bird houses for the winter. We also covered our table and chairs on the deck. I changed the curtains from the summer ones to the winter ones. Last week I brought my plants in that were on the porch for the summer months. Enjoy the nice weather this weekend!

  8. Good morning Brenda! Your weather sounds like our weather, there was a week or two when we could sleep with the windows open and no humidity or rain. Now it is back to 100% humidity, torrential rains and heat. I just want Fall to come. Perhaps more so than normal. I think my mind believes if it is the end of the year than it will be the end of the strange existence we have been living in.

    Ivy and Charlie are adorable. Speaking of which, we have a new arrival, a dachshund dappled puppy, she is so small and so sweet. I will share her on the blog this week.

    Have a wonderful day friend, enjoy all of the beautiful goings on in your secret garden.

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