1. Brenda, congratulations on your new home !!! I hope you find peace, contentment, happiness and calm.


  2. Hi Brenda..I wish for you much peace and happiness in your new beautiful cozy home…I just have a good feeling you are gonna love it there!!!I can hardly wait to see you put your decorating touches to everything!!! a new beginning for you Brenda and your 2 adoreable pupsters!! where ever you are will be home to them! Take care and don't do too much too fast…Hugs!! Carol

  3. Dear Brenda, It is obvious that we all are with you in spirit, thought and prayers! Hopefully you will feel that as you are moving to your "new home." We all deserve to have peace and contentment in our lives and that is what we all wish for you and those sweet puppies. God bless and keep you….Carolyn in Florida

  4. Oh, Brenda! As you can see, everyone is pulling for you. I hope the move is a smooth one and the pups take it well. They do take their cue from us, so if you are happy, I imagine they will follow your lead. Once they see their new yard, I bet they, too, will be sold. They just want to be sure their "home" is there, and we know that you will quickly make this new place a cozy new home for all of you.

  5. Good luck with the move, I'll be saying a prayer for everything to go smoothly! Take good care of the pupsters and yourself! This will be a good thing

  6. Good luck to you, Brenda, on your move; hoping things will go smoothly for you. If I lived closer I would be one of your helpers. Hope a lot of readers responded to your request for help! Take three deep breaths and Go!!

  7. Brenda, you and I are a lot alike, I would feel apprehensive moving, too, only because I have stayed put for so long. I think you are going to adjust. Everything inside your present home is warm and comforting, and outside your door, except for your flowers, this wasn't the right spot for you, the right fit. You deserve to be in a friendlier place where you can spend time inside and out with the pups and set down some roots. You are going to be fine. Good luck with the moving this weekend, be careful with that foot!


  8. A beautifully written post, Brenda. You are a real home maker and I just know that once the move has taken place and the anxieties about it are over, you will make another adorable home! I hope you will find real peace and contentment in your new place. Good luck with the move, I 'll be thinking of you.
    Helen xox

  9. Brenda,

    Home is where your heart is. It may sound cliche, but it's true. Yes, moving to a new place is hard, but you adapted to your little house wehn you moved in, and you will certainly adapt to your new place, too. This will be a better situation overall for you and that will certainly provide you some excitement and enjoyment. Letting go is always hard, no matter what. It is one of the toughest things to do in life but it can also hold great joy. It is a new chapter in your life and something to be cherished. I am excited for you. It will be GREAT. Take things slow and easy as you can, and all the vesy best to you (and the pups) in your new home.

  10. This will be a rough time for you signing the contract and your goodbyes to your little blue house. Living behind those ties will be a good thing. I like the idea that you will have people close to you. There can be ups and downs with that but I think it will be a good thing. Once you have everything set up I think you will love it. Just knowing that you will be staying there for a long time will help ease your mind. Just having your doggies and your beloved treasures will make your new place a cozy new little home. Sure wish I could hop on a plane and come help you. Good luck to you and Judy and all the other helpers. xo

  11. Brenda, I truly believe this will be a good move for you. Even though it is hard having your pretty things moved about, just like the spring birdies you will be making a "new nest". Spring is such a perfect time to start new. I pray you find peace in your new home and enjoy it to the fullest…Rebecca

  12. Sending you best wishes for your move and eternal hope for peace and contentment in your new home …. after all the unpacking and arranging and rearranging! Your new abode beckons with new possibilities… good luck Brenda…

  13. Brenda…I am excited for you! It's a new beginning…another adventure. That's what keeps life exciting! Another place to stretch your creativity…another home. I'll be thinking of you this weekend…blessings! 😉

  14. Hi Brenda, wishing you a wonderful new adventure and best wishes always in your new home. I pray it will be a special place for making many new memories. I know you will make it another Cozy Little Home!!
    Let Go and Let God!

  15. Moving is one of the most stressful things we can go through. My hope for you is that in letting go, you will be able to move forward with less stress in your life. That you will be freer to play and enjoy the moments, I wish nothing but the best for you in your new home, my friend. Wish I was there to help you. xo Laura

  16. Best of luck with it all, Brenda. I have not moved too too much but I know it feels strange for awhile while settling in …before it becomes familiar enough to feel like home. I hope that happens quickly for you. I DO think that the timing is wonderful, since it is a spring move, and you can focus on your outdoor area and plants, etc. And just resting outdoors in between everything 🙂

  17. I am praying for a peaceful transition for you, Brenda. It is always hard to leave what is familiar-even when we know it is best to leave. You are going to do great and I hope it feels like home to you immediately. I can't WAIT to see it! xo Diana

  18. Wishing you all the best in your new home. I know it will be as cute as ever!!!


  19. My dear Brenda I pray all goes well in your move. I will have you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope nothing gets broken this time. Its gonna be great. Take care!

  20. I have moved more times than I would have wished so I can totally understand how you feel! It is a very strange thing … although I think the strangest thing is the first night in a new place … I hope everything will go smoothly for you. You have quite a knack for homemaking, I'm sure your new place will feel like home very quickly.

  21. If its possible…. I bet the Cozy little house will MISS YOU Brenda! I bet she never looked as pretty before you moved in! She was a beauty! I know this is a very hard and emotional time for you…. You are in my prayers!

  22. Brenda,
    I am hoping that your new home will be a perfect fit for your and your doggies. It is always a bit unsettling to move into a new place, but I think you will have it feeling like home in short order.
    In the meantime you will be in my thoughts.

  23. I hear the sadness in your writing, but knowing how inviting you make your home you will settle in and be comfortable before you know it. Sonny is right, get some sage and walk thru the rooms, talking to them gently. As for now, try to take it easy and cuddle up with those puppies! We will all anxiously be making the move with you!

  24. This is beautiful, Brenda. You have a gift for touching people's hearts. Best of luck with your move!

  25. It's bittersweet to leave a home, the hopes you had when you first moved in, some realized others unfulfilled. The one last look back to say goodbye is sometimes hard, but looking ahead to new experiences, new decorating opportunities, new friends, makes it exciting. Your things will look wonderful in your new place, of this I have no doubt. You have a way of making a home cozy and this new home will be no exception.

  26. Moviing is not easy at any age…I will be 70ish when I head to the desert…but I will be excited to get out of here with all the unpleasure memories left behind….my dear friend Nettie who was 98…would tell me often.."you just have to let it go"…she had lots of saddness in 98 years…but one of the dearest friends I have ever had….and I have used that advise many many times. Happy moving Brenda….will be glad for all the updates.

  27. Wishing you all the best, Brenda, as you and the pupsters move into your new home. I wish I were closer because I'd be right there to help you. I know it's hard to leave behind that which is familiar, but I have no doubt you will make your new place into a cozy home in no time at all. Here's to an easy move and to much peace, contentment and happiness in your new home! ~Cheryl

  28. Your things will look great there, because you always manage to make them look like they are perfect for each place.
    It's always scary to make a move, but you already know it is the beginning of a new peace for you.

  29. Moving is hard, I remember my move after my divorce, and that was ever so hard. More so since my dad built our home. It was like leaving family. I left because I could not afford it any more. So when I bought my now home I bought something I could afford by myself. It was a very hard transition, but now its my home. With each move we make it becomes our new home. You and the dogs will find comfort in it after the adjustments are over. Look forward to more of your vignettes. Here's to the moving going very well and the movers do a very good job. I'm sorry your babies are having such a hard time, maybe they are picking up on you being uncertain too. All this is normal and know you will adjust just like you did in this one.

  30. Yes you know the old saying, Home is where the House is! You will embrace your new place and make it all your own in no time I am sure. Make sure over the next couple of days that you take the time for YOU! This is very exciting and very stressful all at the same time. ~Hugs~

  31. Moving is so hard – physically and mentally. I moved a lot in my childhood, but now that I've been married almost 30 years, we've been in this house for 23 years. Hard to believe. We do talk about moving – perhaps into a smaller house on a cement slab (no basement! hate them – all they do is flood) or a townhouse IF the economy ever picks up and we could actually sell this house for a profit.

  32. It is so hard to move and yet I've done it all my life. Never living in one place too long. Now I'm in a rental and yet it feels more like home then many other places have. It's all mine for one thing. I share my space only with my cat and I've only put in it things I love. It's almost a year since I moved in and I feel it becoming me more and more. You too will have a new space that is all you and a place I hope you find more peace and tranquility. Praying for an easy move.
    hugs, Linda

  33. I'm sorry Brenda. Don't know your circumstances for moving, but look at it like a clean slate-a new place to make home even getting rid of the necessary. I personally, would love to move and start over. There's so much pain here now that my parents are gone and my family is fragmented. Will pray for you as you start again. Blessings, my friend.

  34. You may be moving out of your HOUSE but you are bringing your HOME with you wherever you go. Your friends, your blog, your doggies, all of that is part of you and will stay part of you. I have found that it takes about a week to get used to a new place. Once you start setting up your coffee station and furniture, you will make it your own. And your will be that much more distant from the negative memories that came with you from Texas. I find with each move that I shed more of the past and start anew. Good luck tomorrow with the lease signing. I always find it super-exciting to be going somewhere new and re-arranging my stuff!

  35. Wishing you the very best in your new home! It was hard for me to leave my last home, I had been there 20 years and thought that I would spent the rest of my life there but when I moved my things in my new home,I knew this was my home and I know one day I will leave this home for a smaller one and then,it too will be my home !

  36. lol fill in the words I messed up like Smudging not smuding:) and for not or.. you get the idea:)
    I can spell .my typing is just for crap …

  37. Folks spirits dont stay behind but the Vibes// feelings of strong emotions do linger..
    I would never move into a place or buy anything 2nd hand that I didnt "cleanse and Clear" and do a smuding meditation on.
    even or folks who dont believe in such things– better safe than sorry~! burn a litle dry sage in a bowl at your new place Brenda and just carry the bowl to every room and walk around to each corner and then back out till you reach the rear entrance.. sit the bowl down at the very back of your space outside and let it burn itself out..
    DONT bring the bowl with the burned sage back inside. Take some water and rinse in out first..
    This is YOU doing the same thing a catholic priest would do:) or even many pastors will come and bless a new home..
    Intent is 9/10's of the law so as the sage burns and ou walk slowly around the entire home say a few words over and over to express to it the desire of your heart. umm like- This house and I will live in peace, harmony, happiness and good health… just whisper that as you walk.. and then watch your hearts desire manifest into this reality and LIVE IT..

    wishing you nothing but joy and smiles

    1. I totally believe in smudging too! It is not only the Native American way but an old Chinese believe which is involved with Feng Shui…… each house has energies that can get backed up… or negative things that need to be cleaned out. My husband and I moved to our last house without smudging or cleansing and we had YEARS of bad things happen, bad vibes, bad energies, etc. Many books on Feng Shui will have an entire chapter on how to cleanse and smudge, and as you said, walk around and say positive things, and tell your new house that you will be it's friend, treat it well, love it and take care of it… also what you said. We finally did that to our house and it felt much better and the energy was better. May sound crazy but I totally believe in it! Marilyn

  38. You know what they say Brenda, Home is Where the Heart Is. And your heart is your beautiful things you have gathered over the years, precious memories of a grandchild and most of all, Charlie and Abi. A house is a building. A home has a soul.
    Good luck my friend. Wish I could help with the move, but I am in Dallas.

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