The Quilt On The Living Room Wall

Today I’m showing you the quilt on the living room wall Greg was kind enough to put over the couch.

It’s one you’ve seen often. One that I made myself. But it’s still one of my favorites. I thought it had a spring look to it, and I’m looking forward to spring.

I’d like to put my bigger quilts on the wall, but that’s more tricky. They won’t stay up with thumb tacks like this one does.

In The Quilt On The Living Room Wall, this is one of the quilts I made years ago. Now it's on my living room wall where I can see it.

I wish the couch didn’t have to be pushed down so close to the dining space.

But with the new Relax The Back chair, the couch had to be pushed down to accommodate its size.

I’m not complaining. The chair is wonderful and helpful for my back!

My Relax The Back chair and my couch in my living room.

I was in the mood for flowers, so out came my floral paintings. It’s fun to rotate my wall art around.

Now the barn paintings are hanging on the walls of my hallway.

Cozy Little Book Nook News:

I’ve thought about this, and once the price per month for this separate blog was getting close to $100 a month, I reconsidered.

Since that blog would not make income, I had to make some decisions.

Plus this month I’m making probably a third of what I made last month. That’s because, for one thing, it’s the first of the year.

And second, we bloggers who depend on ad income are at the whim of advertisers. If advertisers catch a whiff of things changing, like the economy, they aren’t so generous with what they pay for ads.

Bloggers are always told never to depend only on ad income, but I never knew quite what else to do. I don’t sell products. Or make printables.

Printables are tricky due to lawsuits over infringement of images, etc. I discussed this with a blogger who has printables on her blog, and it sounded like more trouble than it was worth.

I don’t sell ebooks because I’ve always felt that that would just be regurgitating what I write on the blog. and I don’t want anyone to pay for that.

A Cozy Little Book Nook Page Instead Of A Separate Blog:

So, anyway, the tech guy says we can just take Cozy Little Book Nook and make it a separate page on this blog. That would cut out all my monthly costs for it.

He said we could do a custom post type setup that doesn’t go on the home page. It will just go on the book review page.

In The Quilt On The Living Room Wall, I also brought out my floral paintings to go on either side of the quilt.

Those of you who don’t care for book reviews could just skip over that content because it would go to a separate page. That’s if I understand him correctly.

I’m not good with all the tech stuff. So he’ll have to help me with this.

I was excited about a book blog, but I didn’t realize I was going to have to pay so much per month. And it wouldn’t be bringing in money to cover it.

That project was a nice distraction.

I’ve been disappointed about my physical status because the gardening months are almost here, so I was reaching out for new projects. And I guess I over reached.

Looking Forward To Gardening, I Hope:

But I’m not giving up on that garden. Don’t count me out!

It might not be as substantial. But I will have a garden of some variety.

I just had to stop with this post and put up my grocery order. I’ve found a nice young man who I’ve selected as my favorite shopper.

I only place a grocery order about once per month.

When my favorite shopper with Shipt is available, he takes my order.

Zack knows how to find me. He’s careful about my selections. And he brings the grocery sacks to my kitchen counter. Can’t beat that. And he can’t help himself; he calls me ma’am.

I’ve told him he doesn’t have to do that. But he says it’s from his upbringing.

I tip him well. And I’m quite pleased with this arrangement. I can use my local grocery store now instead of Whole Foods.


Ivy asleep on the couch

Oh, and here’s a photo of Ivy. Is it possible this cat is still growing? Look how long she is.

Of course I looked it up and found this information about cats growing.

Right now she’s head butting me to pet her.

The Craft Corner:

I’m working on figuring out a craft corner in my office, so that is a new project I’m looking forward to. I ordered some fat quarters and embroidery floss.

I also have more to show you in the living room.

Now Ivy’s mad because I’m not petting her. So she’s perched on the top of my chair and whipping my face with her tail.


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  1. I love that you used a quilt for decoration…but, please…don’t use thumbtacks to hang your quilt. they may rust and damage the fibers not to mention the holes.
    use a wooden quilt hanger designed for that purpose or a standard curtain hanger with rings ang clips

    1. I have my curtain rod on the dining room wall. it has rings with clips. It has worked beautifully for us. The quilts hang there by season too.
      the dining room is the only large open wall area. Also have a smaller rod in our hallway.

  2. Your quilt hanging on the wall looks lovely there! All the colors are so pretty and cheerful looking. Definately Springy looking. And it pairs perfectly with the flowers painting. What a lovely combination to sit and gaze at. I wanted to ask, how exactly does that particular chair help your back? I think I
    could use a massage chair, although I might never move from it! I’m sorry your Cozy Little Book Nook blog didn’t work out exactly as you had planned, but I love the new idea you came up with! Way to make lemonade out of lemons! Obviously, you can’t spend all your time and money creating something that is not going to provide any additional income, but instead cost you money to upkeep, so you’ve come up with the perfect solution! It’s really a brilliant idea! You’ll get the best of both worlds this way. I think you should revisit some of the suggestions from your readers from last year, regarding your gardening. I particularly liked the idea of going vertical. Put a shelving unit out there and put all of your pretty plants on it. It won’t be super big, but it doesn’t have to be. You can be happy with a little less, if you want to be. It will be beautiful, because it will be a space that you create and will love. And you can always bring some of your gardening indoors. Add some colorful flowers in your glass jars on the mantle. (I read that post first, before coming back to respond to this post.) I’m looking forward to seeing how you create a craft corner in your extra bedroom. Something tells me, it will be just what you need! Oh, and that picture of Ivy is too funny! HOW does she manage to sleep like that?!! Silly, beautiful girl.

  3. Love your quilt so much! I always admired someone who is so talented and stayed with a project as long as it takes to make a quilt. When my grandson was born his great aunt made him the abc’s in an 8 by 10 frame. The letters and then an object under were curled thin strips of paper. I think they call it quilling. It was absolutely beautiful. I loved it. I laughed thinking of Ms. Ivy swatting you in the face with her tail. Take care.

  4. The quilt looks perfect on the wall behind the sofa. Beautiful colors, pattern and texture. Won’t those thumbtacks ruin your beautiful quilt though?

  5. So good to see your quilts and art. The happy colors always lift my spirits!
    A book corner will be nice as I usually find interesting reads due to your references.

  6. I love that quilt! I made one years ago and gave it to my sister. It was A Quilt in a Day project. The colors in your home and your quilt are so happy.

  7. Love your quilts ! And the flower painting is so pretty too . It’s been really gray and gloomy here for sooo long . Love the pics of Ivy .
    And like you I’ve been thinking about what I want to do on my patio this year . We ea have an ash tree, they were all trimmed and treated for emerald ash borer. So I wonder how much more light I’ll have on my patio this year .

  8. Love the picture of Ivy, I so want to stroke her and take her in my arms, she is such a beautiful cat.
    I like the idea of a book review page, I am looking forward to it.

  9. I, too, love the idea of just an added page rather than a new blog. You do whatever works for you. Keeping that decision stress free is best.
    I’ve always loved the quilt on your wall. The yellow cushions are a perfect accent.
    I immediately noticed how big Ivy has gone. Wowzer!!!
    Can’t wait to see your fat quarters and embroidery floss. And, don’t fret about what you can and can’t do – relax and enjoy the journey.

  10. I’ve always loved that quilt of yours. It’s so pretty. You should try counted cross stitch. There is so many types of patterns out there. I think there may be a cross stitch store near you. Or try fat quarter shop or Etsy for supplies. I love all the photos of Ivy. She seems like such a character .

  11. Your quilt is so beautiful. I love how you are using it as art. Really is super cozy looking! I know you don’t want to do printables individually but why don’t you try making an ebook of photos to sell as a whole? Sounds like it would easier to manage and another source of income. Or, write a short story ebook and use your own photos,too! People would buy.

  12. Things are looking up for u Brenda! I’m happy to hear that!

    I wish my fav supermarket had delivery bc that would make it easier, but they’re not interested! They want ppl to go in the store and buy more. The other store jacks up the prices for the delivery, so it’s not worth it. I’m going to get my car back on the road come spring bc I’m sick of asking for help. I don’t want ppl to feel obligated to help me either! Sigh!

  13. Another vote for not having a separate blog! I hope it will still send me an email when you post to the book and movie page? (I’m including movies in that comment because I do like to hear about what you’re watching as well as what you’re reading!) I didn’t realize that it costs that much either. Glad you found a way to provide the content without extra costs!

  14. I also like the idea of NOT having a separate blog. I occassionally check out your Lovely Reads at the top of the page so maybe you could add it there. I probably would never have looked at another blog for book reviews.
    I too have quilts on my walls. I have so many I change them all out for each season.
    Linda in super cold with icy roads, Keno, Oregon

      1. Just a side.note with hanging quilts on the wall…when we purchased our home there was an air conditioner in the wall. Boy did the cold air come through that! I covered it with plastic but it looked terrible…. quilt to the rescue. I place a curtain rod with those clips on in and hung the quilt. Now we can pull it back in the summer to run the air and bundle up again in the winter.

  15. Love, love that springy quilt behind your sofa! I’m going to change up decor in my new place once I land there (staying with family in rural East Texas right now). I want to have furnishings & art with an Asian influence. But looking at your floral art, I might need a floral kitchen!

    Glad you found a way to incorporate your new blog here! I would love to embroider again, too, but last time I tried I had neither the dexterity nor patience. I did a lot of embroidery & cross-stitch when I was young. Now I prefer easy crochet projects.

    That Ivy hanging off the couch made me laugh. I hope to have a cat again. That would make me happier.

  16. I like your quilt and how the yellow pillows on the sofa pick up the yellow in the quilt. And love the photo of Ivy. She’s so happy and comfortable in her kingdom.

  17. $100 a month to host a website? Holy cow. Adding a page to your current website makes sense, it costs you nothing more. My house is winter-decorated, I drape a fuzzy soft and warm throw over my shoulders and legs at night when I’m streaming shows or reading and wearing 2 to 3 layers of tops daily, depending on what the temperature is outside and how cold it feels in the house. It won’t be spring-ish here until late April/early May.

  18. Brenda, I think a separate page is the perfect solution for the cozy book nook. You sure know how to think things out well and carefully.
    Your quilt just is so beautiful and cheery! I love it. Your whole room looks lovely.
    I did a lot of decluttering and a couple of trips to Goodwill last week – it is so freeing! And more to do. I have to tackle my bookshelves and another closet. Too much stuff.
    Love the Ivy photos and tales/tails! She is so beautiful, your big girl.
    Sending all good wishes to you.

  19. That’s a great idea to incorporate the book blog in with this one! The quilt looks great on the wall. You have two special young men helping you out.

    1. It was starting to wear on me, wondering what costs would crop up next. It’s been ages since I started this blog, so I was surprised too. I feel like a weight has been lifted knowing I won’t be paying for something and getting no revenue from it.

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