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  1. I buy fabric from Amazon, calico prints and even home decor patterns. They have great prices and fun finds.

  2. Sorry, your pain has returned. When do you see your doctor? Perhaps he will be able to help you.
    Happy crafting!

    1. A helpful note about Amazon, the larger amt. usually order is very economical! I ordered 6 yds. for much less money! [email protected] Thanks

  3. ELizabeth says:

    Looking forward to all the ideas you come up with…hope you find some things that you are yet able to accomplish. I am wondering as to the quality of the fabrics you might get from Amazon. I have a stash of fabs yet, so have not shopped for any in a great long time now. Last I did, I noticed that the better feeling ones came from Japan and Korea (south Korea I assume).

    1. I just searched for 100% cotton and hoped for the best.

  4. Lovely fabric colors. I particularly liked the yellow with the orange and blue flowers, but they are all beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you make with them. I, too, have never heard of bowl fillers. I need to look them up as well. That is great that you have people who are willing to come help you out with moving furniture and decluttering your closets. The last thing you need to do is over do your ankle and reinjure yourself. You’ve worked too hard for so long to risk a major setback. I am so sorry your ankle is hurting. Maybe once you get all your fabric, and your all set up in your comfy chair, you can relax your ankle while you work on all your projects. I’m looking forward to seeing them.

    1. I hadn’t heard of bowl fillers till 5 or so years ago. They’re just smalls arranged in a container, like wooden a bowl.

  5. Debra Friend says:

    Never heard the term bowl filler until now. Had to look it up on the internet. BTW, the yellow fabrics were dreamy, especially the pattern on top.

    1. Bowl fillers I hope will be fun to make because I could embellish the top layer in my recliner, stuff them, and then sew them together. I look forward to embellishing, like embroidery, etc.

  6. I forgot to mention there are lots of ideas and patterns on pinterest.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been looking there. I don’t really need patterns. I’ve always just drawn them myself.

  7. I just made 100 wool Christmas bowl fillers. appliqued little houses on 41/2×61/2 rectangles. embellishments were buttons, ribbons, and embroidery. then made 3 sets if hearts, and 3 sets of Easter ones as well. I used silk ribbon embroidery embellishments, beads, and pearls. they are addictive.

    1. Oh, send me photos! You’ve been very busy!

      1. I don’t know how to email photos, however I do know how to send by way of a text if I have your info. I can send photos that way.

        1. you just “attach” the photo file. Somewhere on the email you are composing it will say “attach”. You click on it. A window will pop open & you find the photo file, click on it, then hit attach. Not to hard. HTH

  8. Chris in SW Ohio says:

    What is it about fabric/textiles? Love everything about it, right up there w/ my love for everything about food. Only difference is you can easily see the results of the second one, not so much the first! I really don’t sew but have lots of old notions displayed in an old cupboard (glass doors on upper), you might say I love the “notion” of sewing! Doesn’t come easy for me, struggled during the sewing portion of freshman home-ec and mom had to come to my rescue more than once. My sister is a wiz, featured in a national sewing magazine years ago. Back then she even got into smocking! Made three gorgeous christening gowns for her boys. My most recent project was probably ten years ago when I made valances (mounted inside the windows) and even lined them. It took me a long time, I have to really study and be sure to stick to the “measure twice, cut once” rule. Love texture as well, especially in soft-scaping/decoration. Just seeing your selections today really made me happy and so hoping you can get back to this particular love in your life. I well remember the adorable owls you made. I bought a little basket of kitties years ago and currently displayed on a shelf w/ other bits and bobs of my liking. You go girl and maybe this weekend I will read instructions on how to fill a bobbin again and get to a stack of mending that has been waiting on me for longer than I am willing to admit.

    1. Maybe touching fabrics are kind of like touching a baby’s cheek. They’re often soft to the touch. Plus they’re pretty. Once I get started I kind of become addicted to fabric and am constantly looking at them.

  9. Lovely colors in the fat quarters you bought. Amazon used to have a site called and sold all sorts of fabrics. The “sewing community” was up in arms when they suddenly cancelled it and only sold thru Amazon (they were selling thru Amazon before, so these were competing sites.) sold a whole range of qualities, so people knew the types of fabric they were buying without having to touch the piece (that’s why you go to a fabric store to touch the fabric, look at the weave, etc.) Making only craft items you probably are not concerned with quality, rather only color, perhaps design and the fiber content. Incidentally, this only happened in the past few weeks. I am still a little concerned about the Amazon fabric, and have not ordered directly from them since this all went down. I do admit, it is great having fabric delivered to your door…as long as you recognize the manufacturer. Good luck with your sewing projects. I saw your old sewing machine that I presume you got rid of…a Singer Featherweight. Absolutely THE BEST for quilting and doing small projects. I know women that travel hundreds of miles to get one.

    1. I didn’t know this! I no longer have the Singer Featherweight. It was too much for me to lift these days. But I hated losing it. I didn’t think I’d be doing anymore sewing due to the condition of my hands. But I’m going to give it a shot! I prefer hand sewing when I can.

  10. Its good to find something that excites us! Good for you. I won some little shabby pumpkin bowl fillers a few years ago…they are so sweet and sit in my basket year round…they are cream and pink, so pumpkins can be for anytime! Same with hearts. Little quilted fabric balls are also cute as well as fabric eggs for Easter. Lots of fun little things to make from fat quarters. Can’t wait to see your craft and sew area. I’m so sorry about the pain you’ve been having again. Marilyn

    1. Bowl fillers can be switched out on a whim, a season, or a holiday.

  11. Sounds like you have been busy! It is always a blessing when something peaks our interest and brings us joy. Good for you and the other readers who are working on projects. I love the fabric and prints and I don’t sew but I can buy double sided placemats and make pillow covers to change out seasonally. The combination of yellow and blue is something I’d like to have for spring. I also have a mostly neutral palette which makes it easy to change with colorful accents. Have a good weekend.

    1. That’s why I have a mostly neutral palette too.

  12. Joy Kaiser says:

    I’m 75 and have extreme neuropathy and have take the Gabapentin you are taking before. I have now neuropathy in my feet, legs and now throat. My hands and feet were killing me when a friend told me sometimes that med makes the pain worse and kinda stings. I work hard to walk small distances so I can still walk but not as easily but have less pain. Check with your doctor see if it’s bringing back the feelings and the feeling are your pain.

    1. I will ask Greg today when he comes. There is no sting, just pain like I had before.

      1. Also depending on the dosage you are taking, if you are not at the max you might be able to increase.

  13. Wow, such lovely fabrics Brenda! It never occurred to me to search for cotton quilting fabric on Amazon. I’m looking forward to seeing what you will be making with them. Hope your ankle feels better tomorrow.

    1. If you look for it on Amazon, I’d just make sure it says 100% cotton. I don’t like to work with anything but 100% cotton.

  14. Those are lovely cotton prints you ordered from Amazon. You are going to enjoy working with them. Can’t wait to see your craft corner but trust me, you’re going to love sitting in your recliner with your stitching. That’s exactly how I enjoy my days. 🙂 I enjoy ordering fabric and such from Amazon. In fact, I like to say that Amazon is my “Bestie”. LOL There should be some fabric and a set of templates arriving today. I’m finishing up some Valentine’s bowl fillers. 2023 is the year of the ‘smalls’ in my home. Small bowl fillers and small quilts. If you’ll send me your mailing address, you may find a little surprise in your mailbox sometime soon. 🙂
    I’m sorry you’re experiencing so much pain and discomfort. Ugh! I hope it lessens very soon.
    Try to enjoy your day – pet your new fabric.

  15. So sorry to hear that your ankle is acting up. I think a craft area will great and I can’t wait to see what your room looks like.

    1. I know, the pain had gone away with Gabapentin. But now it’s come back. Thus I had to find a distraction to look forward to so I made it the craft area. It’s hard to find something to look forward to when you’re home bound pretty much 24/7.

  16. Keep me in mind should you get to a point you want to sell some of your goodies. I sure would be interested in bowl fillers or whatever you make. You are so talented.

    1. I have no idea what I’ll come up with. I don’t use patterns, I just draw and make my own. I’ve made cloth dolls and all kinds of things. But when I even look at a pattern, my eyes just glaze over. I can’t figure them out.

  17. Beautiful, tasteful choices and colors! In my own head, I think the swatches are missing a stripe!
    I’m sorry about the pain……

    1. Stripes and plaids are coming. I just didn’t show photos of them.

  18. Love the fabrics you ordered Brenda, all very pretty.

    1. I’ve always loved fabric. The fabric bug has bitten me again!

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