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  1. A much more benign but still gripping version of the same plot is Searching for Shona by Margaret J. Anderson. It's a YA novel that starts at the beginning of WWII. It's a good read even for adults.

  2. sounds interesting.

    I get all my books free using Kindle Unlimited. thousands of new titles every month and as much as I enjoy reading, probably close to 300.00 a month saved,versus buying them.
    I know folks talk about Holding a book in their hand but the difference in what I save since obviously, I'm used to looking at a pc screen anyway, makes it great for me and my budget..
    Plus if I ever move I have nothing to box up except my computer:) and don't have to find storage areas around my house the rest of the time…Now that's what I call.. frugal.. oh yea, when my time on earth is done ,no one else will have to deal with what would have been, all those dang books..

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