Butterfly Bush Blooms & Happy Birds

The butterfly bush in the water garden is blooming now.
The hostas have begun to bloom as well. 
An abundance of purple.
These morning glories are growing everywhere. Through every little crack in the cement! 
I love the relaxing sound of water trickling down. 
And the birds love the solar bird bath.
All is right with my patio.


  1. Brenda- you have created an outdoor haven where everything is thriving.
    There is nothing more satisfying.
    Have a wonderful weekend in your garden,

    Thoughts of Home

  2. Brenda,
    Your retreat, your haven, your glorious garden filled with beauty, nature and joy!
    I love it all!
    So great to have you share this with us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday too.
    Thank you ever so much,

  3. I love how you made your patio into such a lush garden area! Beautiful and peaceful. I believe your "butterfly bush" is a Milkweed plant.

    1. Melanie…I was also inking, it didn't look like a butterfly bush to me. The butterfly bushes I've seen usually have purple blue flowers….but then again maybe I was looking at a different plant.

    2. We call it butterfly weed as well as milk weed here in the Ozarks. I think the scientific name of what we call butterfly bush is Buddleia. It's a much bigger plant, some get as big as lilacs. I have heard folks call them summer lilacs, though they really don't look like them at all to me, other than having a long-ish flower.

  4. Brenda, everything is beautiful and healthy-looking; congrats on your green thumb!
    Coincidence here…this morning in the newspaper there was an ad with photo of what they called a Texas Lilac bush. Below it said Mexican Chaste Tree. It looked just like your beautiful purple flowering bush in one of your photos this morning. Is that what your plant is called, too? At our previous home, we had a sage bush with the identical purple flowers that had somehow gotten itself planted into a row of evergreen hedge. The flowers did not smell sweet like lilacs but had a very strong odor that I did not enjoy.

  5. Your garden looks lovely. Mine is a mess now. All the heavy rains have beaten up my flowers and the snails have eaten my hostas to the ground 🙁

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  6. How gorgeous! I'd love spending time on your peaceful patio! Morning glories have reseeded all over my veggie garden – should be a great show in a month or so!

  7. What a beautiful place to relax and listen to the sound of water trickling amongst those gorgeous plants and flowers! You create lovely spaces, Brenda!
    Helen xox

  8. What a beautiful place to chill out and relax to the sound of the water tricking. I bet when the sun shines on your colourful gravel and glass in between the paving slabs it must look gorgeous!! Enjoy x

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