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  1. There must be hummers in the area if your neighbors have feeders out. If you want to see one, wear a red shirt when you are out sitting or gardening. Be prepared to be startled because their wings hum very loudly when in close proximity. I always “jump” when I’m not paying attention and one get close to or tries to land on me when I’m out digging in the dirt. Another fun bird to hear in the garden is a catbird. I always forget about them and think a lost cat is nearby and then I see the grey bird lol.

  2. I love watching the birds. This year I planted a meadow in our circle driveway and the birds, bees and other pollinators love it. It’s fun to see them hop around, and splash in the birdbath.
    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend Brenda.

  3. We have 2 male cardinals who are constantly pecking our windows – and they’re not even clean. We don’t clean our windows, because we live out in the country, and birds fly into them and die.

  4. I love watching birds . This year a pair of geese had babies by the pond behind me . The pond is nothing great it’s a retention pond . Then on one side of me on my neighbors outdoor light there’s a robins nest . And on the other side on top of the rain gutter there was a morning dove nest . My neighbors 2 door down feed the birds so I often see cardinals , blue jays and other small birds .

  5. It’s funny how a cardinal will attack its own reflection. I saw that happen on a walk in the neighborhood. A cardinal was attacking itself in someone’s car side mirror. It made me laugh, and of course, I had to take a video and some pictures of it, lol.

  6. Love to see the different birds around the country! Growing up near the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach County FL we were also only about 12 miles east of the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, the northernmost remnant of the FL Everglades (Everglades National Park spans over 1.5 million acres in total).We would visit at various times of the year and it was very special to visit when the migrating birds alighted en masse , taking a break from their journeys in the protected wetlands:-) It was truly a wondrous sight! But I loved visiting at any time of the year as well.Thanks for sharing the beautiful birds of OK with us!

  7. Birds are amazing…we lived in a very heavy crow area a few years ago. Rarely saw other birds tho…cause those beasts do not appreciate other birds either. But they are interesting…and excessively smart. Everyone warned us not to do anything against them that the crows could figure out. They were sitting on our bedside window area and aiming their poops at our car…and YEP, excellent aim too. No reason to do that as we had not done anything to chase them off. So hubby got online and found some fake crows…one hanging upside down wings spread out like dead. SO he hung that as close to our car as the porch roof reached…ha…no more poops, crows stayed away from that area entirely. However the so-called shrinks under us complained it bothered their patients to have that hanging there…no mind that come Halloween that office was decked inside and out, to the hilt…I guess that was different. So we had to remove that crow…life is stranger than fiction!!

  8. Brenda, I enjoy all your posts and doubly so when they are about creatures of all sorts. I live in a rural area in north central Oklahoma and see several of the species you wrote about as well as the scissor tail flycatcher. I did not the mourning dove had the capacity for such speed! We are visited by hummingbirds all day long. We have two feeders for them, so having a feeder available does draw them in more closely to your windows. We have actually seen six or seven drink simultaneously together at one feeder! There aerodynamics are such fun and they at times aggressively assert their territory, which is also a fun social phenomenon to observe.

    1. My neighbors all around me have hummingbird feeders, but I still haven’t seen them.

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