The Gift Of A Christmas Robin

This morning I stood at the patio door waiting for Charlie to come back in. And I saw, in the distant trees, a bird.

I grabbed my camera and zoomed in. I thought at first it was a cardinal. But no, it was a robin.

robin in tree

It was a beauty with its pretty distinct markings. Perched in the tree that overhangs my patio eating berries.

This made me smile. Because the visit from the robin was my Christmas gift. And the berries it found here was sort of my gift to the robin.

robin eating berries

There are all kinds of gifts in this world. Some are more luxurious than others. There are expensive gifts and handmade gifts. 

My most treasured gifts are free and right outside my door.

Everywhere I look, from the mostly barren trees to the birds that inhabit them, are a gift bestowed upon me every day.

robin eating berries

Charlie, Ivy and I wish you a wonderful Christmas Day. I hope the gifts you receive, whether wrapped in pretty paper or found outside your window, bring you joy.



  1. Merry Christmas! What a wonderful post! I will never forget the “Christmas Robin”. I am sure that I will think of it every Christmas and smile! To me, it is a sign that no matter how many troubles life throws our way, there is a place of peace. We just need to look out of our door.

  2. A beautiful gift, indeed! You were blessed! I hope your day with Charlie and Ivy were everything you wanted. Christmas Hugs, Brenda!

  3. Hope you had a merry Christmas day,peaceful with Ivy lou,Charlie ross and sweet memories of Abi…Such a beautiful shot of that robin,we won’t see any of them for quite awhile in this little corner of N.Y.S.
    We’ve been seeing a lot of eagles,so majestic!
    Love and hugs,
    Pat,Bella and Buddy

  4. Merry Christmas to the 3 of you.
    You sound like you had a wonderful day. Isn’t nature wonderful!!! Every day is a surprise.

  5. Your Christmas robin reminds me of two things: here in the South we’ll get big flocks of red-winged black birds coming through. Those flocks can be big and right in your backyard! I love seeing that.

    I remember about 20 years ago, I was working at a job I HATED. I had a window by my desk, and cedar wax wings came in droves to feast on the holly berries (I think it was holly). My, they are named aptly and are beautiful. Such beauty right outside of my window gave me hope. I haven’t seen any cedar wax wings before or after.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas. Hope your day was fabulous with Charlie and Ivy.
    We would love to see a Robin here in Illinois that would mean Spring is near!!!! Nope we will not be seeing any Robins here for quite a few more months.

  7. It’s the wonderment of these little things that occur that makes us all blessed to appreciate why we love our lives. I don’t need cruise tickets or a piece of bling to remind me what really matters in this season of giving.
    It’s just sharing and opening our eyes and minds to a life well lived.

  8. What a wonderful gift to see today. Merry Christmas Brenda, Charlie and Ivy Lou.

    Carol and Molly

  9. What a beautiful gift from Mother Nature to you, Brenda. And your photographs of the robin are spectacular! Thank you so much for sharing them, they’re beautiful. If I’m lucky and the winter is relatively mild this year here, I may see robins toward the end of January, but not before. And if the winter is a bad one, as I fear we may be headed for (the dreaded Polar Vortex that brings weeks of never-ending sub-zero temperatures and no sunshine), we may not see robins until the end of March or even into April. But I wonder – this morning, as I was in my wake-up foggy haze coming to consciousness, I thought I heard a robin singing. I remember distinctly thinking “that can’t be a robin, not this time of year.” It didn’t last very long, not like a robin’s summer songs, for sure, where they start singing at 4 in the morning and sing right through sunrise hours later. So I wonder, did I really hear it, or was I just semi-dreaming it? Now, to see your post with your Christmas robin miracle – wow! Just – wow! Merry Christmas to you and the fur babies, and to all of your fans.

    1. Merry Christmas Brenda, Charlie & funny girl Ivy. We are enjoying a very relaxed afternoon. Kitchen is closed!! Everyone had a yummy breakfast + lunch. Brenda, I love ? your sweet robin photos! The berries are interesting. Haven’t seen in Chicago. Time to relax now. Was so nice to read your Christmas 2018 post.
      Marcee ?

  10. Thank you for the gift of the robin’s photos. It is eating privet berries. I’m sure the robin appreciates its Christmas dinner. We are having a very slow, peaceful day today and I’m just sitting here enjoying looking at a cute little set of snowman salt and pepper shakers my mom gave me on Saturday. Merry Christmas!

  11. Merry Christmas Brenda, Charlie and Ivy! From Marilyn, my two Irish Setter walking companions, Jul and Ronan, and my English Setter, Zoey.

  12. A very Merry Christmas to you Brenda, and Charlie and Ivy………from Ann and
    Fancy Marie and Dixie Diane!!!!

  13. Merry Christmas Charlie, Ivy and Brenda! This is the perfect gift! You are so right, the best gifts in life are free.

    I hoe that you have a wonderful day!

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