1. This summer I am loving iced Tazo Passion. It is blend of hibiscus, orange peel, rose hips, lemongrass, and passion fruit. So refreshing.

    I enjoyed reading about your trip to Spiritual Rose. My kind of place.

    Keep sharing and never mind the naysayers. If a few readers left because of a few rocks it was just their time to go. More like-minded and enlightened souls will find their way to your site. If those readers’ hearts are so angry and closed then obviously they don’t have all the spiritual answers to life either.

    Try the Tazo–I think you will like it!

  2. I’ve need tried infused water before but my daughter drinks it. In the summer I like Peppermint tea. I think it is refreshing.

      1. Brenda, on my laptop I just have a very (and I mean very) faint “menu” way above your header in the center of the page. Click and it drops down for your options. Maybe that will help her. pam

  3. Hi Brenda, I believe it is Ball Canning Jars that makes an insert especially for infusing. I know you can use fresh fruit in it because I have done it! You can find it online or in stores.

  4. I drink a lot of water and always keep a glass pitcher in my fridge with lemon water (using cut up lemons). I sometimes add cucumber to it, too. Strawberries in water is also yummy. And yes, mint! I agree with Lynx, to try mudding the herbs first. I commented above about tea…we love a glass of iced tea in the afternoon. So I have another glass pitcher in my refrigerator that I keep hibiscus and berry in.

  5. I’m trying out Turmeric and Ginger Tea in tea bags. I heard it was good for arthritic pain and other health problems. I added lemon and sweetener Stevia. Not bad, and I did feel better and the first night got good sleep.

  6. Hi Brenda,
    We’ve come across a Tea iAnd LaDonna Jonesn the grocery store that is close to the tea purchased at Panera bread. It’s made by Tazo. It has the hibiscus and raspberry I believe or some type of berry in i. It comes in a pre-mix that you add water or you can buy the teabags. It’s very good and caffeine free.
    Hope that helps.

  7. I bet if you look on Pintrest you would find tons of recipes! Let us know what you come up with!

  8. I found this recipe from Martha Stewart for Hibiscus and Ginger Iced Tea – caffeine free and from what I understand reading up a little on hibiscus, it naturally lowers one’s blood pressure and also contains melatonin so it helps one sleep.


    You can also use Rose of Sharon (common hibiscus or “Althea” that is hardy in climates that have below-freezing winters) dried blossoms to make the beverage.

    I also found a couple different recipes for making an actual brewed tea (so it has caffeine in it) that people say taste like the Panera hibiscus tea. I didn’t include those links.

      1. Yes, hibiscus tea is great for lowering blood pressure! My integrative doctor is the one who told me about it. It’s bitter and honestly doesn’t taste very good on its own – so I brew it along with another fruit flavored tea. We always have a jar of hibiscus and fruit tea in the fridge to drink in the summer, and then we will drink warm when the cold weather hits.

  9. I make mint tea with my mint and lemon balm! Cut and strip about 1 cup leaves.. ringed add to boiling water .. remove from heat and let steep about 5-6 hrs. It is delicious and so refreshing iced!

      1. I make cups of tea in my coffee maker. put 2, 3, 4 tea bags in coffee basket, add as much water as you want and let it make the tea just like coffee. It’s quick and easy way to make a whole or half pot of tea and will stay hot as long as burner is on or pour over ice to make ice tea. I get ReaLemon in bottles at grocery store and use as much or as little as I like in ice water, tea, hot or cold.

          1. Please don’t use ReaLemon or any other similar products. They contain several preservatives. (Of course – how else would lemon or lime juice stay fresh on the shelf?) It’s so easy – and much healthier – to simply use real fruit. Just take a lemon, cut it up, and squeeze the juice in your water or tea.

  10. I love cucumber water, but it gives me heartburn. I drink lemon infused water often. Cucumber and mint would be good, and cucumber/lime/mint even better! 120 in the shade??? No thank you!!!

  11. All natural lime juice comes in bottles and it’s in the liquor section, yellow bottle and I put a squirt into my drinks. Nothing more refreshing than lime.

  12. Hi Brenda. A refreshing drink would taste good today! I’d like to suggest that to bring out the flavor of the mint and other herbs that you use, that you do something called “muddling.” When you place the herb leaves into the glass, before you add anything else, gently push onto the leaves with a wooden spoon or some other blunt utensil to break up the leaves a bit. Not too much, or you will get pieces of leaf floating through the drink. Just enough to “bruise” the leaves, really — leaving them intact but a bit dark looking. Muddling will help to release the oils from the leaves, and when you then add water to the glass, the water will pick up more of the herbal flavor.
    If you look up recipes for mint julep drinks — a Kentucky Derby must-have — you can find more information about muddling, which is done to the mint before the ice, simple syrup and bourbon are added. Some recipes will tell you to add a bit of sugar in with the mint leaves when the muddling is done. But if you don’t want a sweet drink, just don’t add any sugar or simple syrup. And of course, don’t add any bourbon unless you want to have a julep and cheer for your favorite horse!

    I hope you discover a great flavor combination for your hot weather drink. My favorite is unsweetened iced tea made with black tea, with tons of ice and maybe a lemon slice. It is a bitter drink, but I find it to be brisk and refreshing. I just put some decaf black tea bags into a mason jar with some water, cap it up and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. I use at least five tea bags for a four-cup jar or three bags for a two-cup jar. It’s got to be kind of strong to withstand the melting ice. I do have some mint out in the yard and sometimes stick a spring of mint into my drink, mostly just to smell the fragrance coming from the leaves as I take a sip.

  13. I have used cucumber, orange and lemon. I liked it. So refreshing.

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