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  1. 1c9c3fee-a593-11e3-a648-000f20980440 says:

    Beautiful! I have a coneflower that changes color over time. It came from Walmart and was called a "Tennessee Coneflower." Mine hasn't bloomed yet this year; I'm in Virginia.

    Blogless Peggy

  2. Nice flower photos! I get those white-to-lavender petunias every year if I see them at a store. They are one of my favorites. Coneflowers, anything daisy-like, are my favorites, too.

  3. Please, please don't make us wait until tomorrow to see you kitchen….

  4. Your garden blossoms are heavenly, Brenda.

    Can't wait for your kitchen reveal, you have worked so hard getting your new home perfect for yourself. : – )

  5. Just lovely Brenda! I had some petunias that were like that at one time.

    Looking forward to the kitchen reveal 🙂

  6. All your flowers are beautiful but how I love the daisey! They just make me smile. Can't wait to see your kitchen!

  7. All beauties, as I'm sure the kitchen is!


  8. Impressive flower photos!!! That rose one in particular….stunning!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  9. You are SO good with flowers, Brenda! You should write a book on plant care. I do remember in one of your posts you said you can do more harm by over watering than under watering with plants. I've never forgotten that tip. I can't wait to see your kitchen!!!

  10. The cone flower is beautiful as are all of your flowers. I know the kitchen will be a knock out!

  11. We are all SO READY to see your reinvented kitchen! Can hardly wait!!

  12. Our Roses were so vibrant and fragrant and full of blooms.
    Now… it is bare. The 'hoppers are making a slow comeback
    and they usually devour everything! …I'm starting to think its a curse. :/
    Looking forward to seeing your kitchen. — Pat

  13. I don't know what I like more, Brenda, looking at your beautiful flowers or knowing how happy they make you. I'm a big fan of pink roses, so that photo stole my heart. Looking forward to your kitchen reveal. 🙂

  14. Your flowers are beautiful! We planted a variety of coneflower called Pow Wow. They hot pink or fuchsia. So pretty!

  15. Brenda, You must have a magic thumb….your flowers are wonderful and two colors of petunias on one plant. I love how your plants look. I bet your patio smells so good. Can't wait to see your finished kitchen. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  16. I love cone flowers in every color… but yours are extremely soft colored… VERY NICE!

  17. Pretty flowers! Love the cone flower color!! Can't wait to see the kitchen!!

  18. I just love seeing pictures from your garden! The color of the cone flower is very pretty. Kind of a peachy pink on my screen. I've never seen a petunia develop an additional color like that! Very lovely. Really looking forward to your kitchen reveal tomorrow…

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